Most Businesses Struggle To Generate New Customers 
We Have A Proven SEO Process That Generates Any Business Highly Targeted Leads

A Search Engine Optimisation Company based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Zoogly Media was founded on a vision fuelled by two complimentary passions:

The first passion is to assist and empower our client's businesses with steady streams of highly targeted, eager to buy visitors using our proven SEO strategies; enabling them to compete with much larger competitors in their industry.

The second passion is to protect hard-working entrepreneurs from unethical and dangerous SEO practices that are common place.

Good SEO not only creates consistent web traffic, but it also protects and builds the credibility and reputation of a company. 

This is the core of what we do on behalf of our clients.

Some Of Our Clients

What Is SEO and
Can It Help My Business?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of helping a website to rank higher in search engines such as Google and Bing for the search phrases that matter for that business.
We use a proven SEO process that is designed to get your business the results that it needs.
As experts in SEO we will guide you through our process and explain exactly what we are doing for your business and we guarantee an increase in rankings.

SEO = More Leads & Sales

SEO can assist your business in gaining stability through an increase in website traffic. 

With the cost of adverts rising dramatically SEO can help to provide relevant traffic to your website from those that are searching for a business or service like yours.

The great thing with SEO is that costs are a lot lower than adverts.

What Results You Will Get When Using Zoogly

At Zoogly we are able to guarantee that we WILL INCREASE YOUR RANKINGS.

But how?

Our SEO is built to last by giving Google and search engine users what they want; a great web experience.

Our process is honest, ethical and transparent; we simply put the work in.

Good SEO takes time and hard work

The 3 Step Approach That Will See Your Business Turn Into A Lead Generation Machine



Book in for a free 30-minute consultation



We create an in-depth SEO strategy for you



We execute the strategy and the results start to come in

We Use A Proven Process To Gain Results

SEO is one of the best investments you can make for your business and here at Zoogly Media we know how to get results using our proven 3 step process

This 3 step SEO process works no matter how big the competition is and will get you the results you need.

It has been developed over the last 7 years and has assisted us to gain over 1 Million page views of client websites. 

It is an SEO approach that works for any industry and any website.

And we guarantee to increase your rankings or we will work for free until we do!  

Let's take a look at our process.

Step 1: Book A 30 Minute Free Consultation

To make sure we can get you the results you need we first have to learn more about your business and goals. 

So your first step is to get in touch for a FREE 30 minute consultation. 

Step 2: SEO Strategy

Every client who works with Zoogly first undergoes an SEO strategy.This is what sets us apart from 99% of the competition.

You wouldn't build a house without a plan, you wouldn't have surgery without first having tests and you shouldn't conduct any type of Search Engine Optimisation without a plan either.

And to make sure our plan delivers results this is what is included:

 In-depth Keyword and market research: 
We look at what keywords your website is ranking for and what it needs to rank for.
Keyword mapping: 
We map out your website and look at what pages we will rank you for and how.
Technical SEO Site Audit:
We take a look under the 'bonnet' and see what is happening with your website and how it can be improved.
Backlink profile analysis:

Backlinks are the currency of the internet. The quality of your links (not quantity) make a huge difference to your site and we look at your links in detail.
Competitor analysis:

We look at how your competitors are performing online and break down precisely their process for gaining traffic to their website 
Content performance audits:

We discover what content is performing well,  And what should we produce more of.
Content is a major ranking factor and we will spend a lot of time here.

Stage 3: SEO Strategy Implementation 

With the documented strategy in place, now it is time for us to get working. 

Over the course of 6 to 12 months we will implement the research driven SEO strategy for you.

And if at any time you aren't happy you are free to leave.

We never lock our clients into contracts so the pressure of results is firmly on our shoulders and that is the way we like it.

Each month we will provide the following:

  • ​Monthly website performance report
  • Monthly activitiies breakdown
  • Keyword rankings data
  • A list of planned work for the next month

Cancel at any time: No Locked In Contracts



Book in for a free 30-minute consultation



We create an in-depth SEO strategy for you



We execute the strategy and the results start to come in

The Difference Between Good And Bad SEO (You Need To Know This)

SEO Stoke on trent
We know that there a lot of businesses out there selling SEO services but some can actually harm your website and you need to know the difference.
There are two types of  SEO service, the first is called White Hat. 
This is SEO that is both legal, ethical and lasts a long time. It is the type of Search Engine Optimisation that Google approves of (and you want their approval!)
The second type of SEO is called black hat.
This is the SEO that uses tactics that go against the terms and conditions that Google requires.
Often a company that sells black hat SEO services will try and get you fast results and rankings using spam and dangerous link building.
However Google regularly creates updates that go after websites that use black hat SEO and this has cost many business owners thousands of pounds to deal with, and in some case sites have been removed from Google entirely.
For this reason Zoogly Media only use white hat SEO techniques that work on a long term basis
But why trust us?
Simple, we have trained with the best and we have a track record of delivering Search Engine Optimisation for both large and small websites

What Makes Us So Good?

Zoogly Media is not just a business that talks a good fight. We have come up through the trenches. 

We have written articles that have ranked on page 1 of Google and delivered thousands of social media shares and website visitors for our clients.

In addition we are certified experts in SEO and are graduates of the world's best content marketing and SEO Courses.​ We believe in providing an honest an ethical approach to Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation that will deliver you results.



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So What Now? 

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