Product Description Case Study

How We Helped Lease Car To Increase Their Organic Traffic With SEO Product Description Copywriting

In late 2016 we were contacted by Central Contracts Ltd to help to grow their online presence by writing bespoke and edgy SEO focused product descriptions for their new websites Lease Car UK  and Lease Pick Up UK

Both were new websites and as such we were requested to create over 250 pages of unique content.

Why Product Descriptions Are So Important

Product descriptions matter for two very good reasons:

1. They help to gain a website traffic

2. They help to convert site visitors into buyers

Both are easier said than done.

Product descriptions are the tip of the sword for any later SEO work and if they are wrong then your entire SEO campaign is never going to work.

Imagine if your business wants to rank for a term like 'Gibson Firebird Electric Guitars', you would need to create the right pages that have that specific key phrase inside. 

Often a business will neglect it's keyword research and end up with a phrase such as 'Electric Guitars For Sale' and this makes life a lot harder for Google to understand what your page is about.

Therefore good product descriptions are essential to give you a fighting chance to gain traffic and a good product description writer will insert these keywords naturally into your text.

Of course there is no point in gaining traffic if you cannot convert that site visitor into a lead or sale and this is where the second element comes in.

The idea behind copywriting is to entice someone into taking action, other wise it is merely 'writing'

This is where good copy comes in, you want  your buyer to read the text and understand the deep emotional benefits that will come from buying your product, after all we buy based on emotions and then justify with logic afterwards

Product Description Writing That Works

Lease Car required great product descriptions for their site, as does every serious business as such we concentrated on 2 very important areas.

1. keyword  Insertion

2. Emotional Impact

With over 250 product descriptions to write our dedicated Copywriting team was given the task of writing fresh, bespoke copy that made the products stand out to anyone reading and also the search engines.

 At Zoogly we are certified and experienced copywriters that also have leading SEO qualifications. This enables us to create copy that drives traffic and also converts visitors

How We Did

product descriptions

Don't worry we are not going to go through 250 pages of content but you can see an example of the web copy we used here in this Land Rover page

The copy focuses on using what we call a split layout. As such the webpage has introduction copy at the top followed by the ability to view various models, followed by closing model copy

As you can see with the bottom product copy there is a strong focus on the deep emotional benefits of driving the vehicle 'get used to admiring looks' mixed with benefits and also a call to action.

But ultimately we need to know how this page performs for SEO

SEO Performance:


If we use a  professional SEO tool such as Ahrefs we can see that the page is gaining traffic for over 144 keywords and drives a low estimate of 499 site visits per month.

Remember that this is one of over 250 pages!

When we examine the keywords we see the amount and type of phrases the page ranks for:

As you can see at the time of writing this case study  that single page ranks on page 1 of Google for a wide variety of words including number 5 for a search term with 2500 monthly estimated searches.

Of course this page is part of  a larger SEO strategy used by the team at Lease Car however it shows the importance of creating SEO focused product descriptions for your goods.

How We Can Help You

If you have been reading this and thinking 'I wish we could have results like this' the good news is that you can.

Zoogly Media is a performance focused marketing agency that has qualified copywriters and certified SEO specialists.

We are able to create bespoke product and services pages for your e commerce or business website.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.