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Zoogly Media was founded on a vision fuelled by two complimentary passions:

The first passion is to assist and empower our client's businesses with steady streams of highly targeted, eager to buy visitors using our proven Content Marketing, SEO and lead generation strategies. Enabling them to compete with much larger competitors in their industry.

The second passion is to protect hard-working entrepreneurs from unethical and dangerous SEO practices that are common place.

Good Content Marketing and SEO not only creates consistent web traffic, but it also protects and builds the credibility and reputation of a company. 

This is the core of what we do on behalf of our clients.

Powerful Content Marketing Strategies Once Used to Capture UK Criminals…Now Used to Bring Any Business Streams of Highly Targeted Leads

Hi, I'm Andrew Holland, the founder of Zoogly Media.

It’s true… today, I am known in the UK as the Content & SEO guy who has delivered his clients over 1 Million website visitors, over 175,000 social media shares and countless page 1 rankings on Google that give my clients leads, sales and position them as industry experts.

But my abilities with SEO and content creation go much further back…

All the way back to fighting the darkened streets of UK’s criminal underworld.

For 17 Long Years, I Fought the UK’s Underworld

For 17 years I was a UK Police Officer.  All of my life I have felt “called” to protect people.  That may sound self-righteous, but it’s true.

Protecting others is where my heart truly beats and I’ll do it until the day I die.

During my time as a Police Officer, I learned how to use SEO to catch the bad guys. My role in police intelligence allowed me to study criminals and then create content for our intelligence systems that would be discovered by operational police teams.

The purpose was find out which criminals needed to be targeted and to give officers the information that allowed them to take action. And when they did, we put the criminals away.

{Note: I apologise that I can’t be more specific about what I actually did. But the strategies using SEO to catch criminals are still being used by UK Police, today.}

After serving my community as a Police Officer for a major part of my life, my wife and I finally decided to start a family. When my first child was born, my priorities had to change.

I had to start thinking about what was best for my family.

As I said, I have always had a heart for keeping people safe. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than trying to live your life on your terms while feeling unsafe, at risk or threatened in any way.

So when I left the police force to become an entrepreneur, I wanted to take my passion (and my SEO and content marketing skills) for protecting others, with me.

My friend and I started a self-defence school with the aim of teaching others how to defend themselves and stay safe on the streets.

But things didn't work out the way I fact it quickly became a living nightmare.

I know How It Feels When You Do Everything The 'So Called' Marketing Experts Say And You Get No Results

The recession hit with full force and everyone was struggling, both businesses and families were hit hard. Staff were let go, people had less money and here was me, trying to start a business.

Like most entrepreneurs, we jumped in with both feet first, and didn’t think to check what our local sales opportunities might be.

We had middling success, and every single pound we spent on marketing had to count so I turned to the so called marketing experts for advice and help. 

We did everything they told us to, we paid for expensive leaflets and had them hand delivered in the local area, we paid for an expensive website and it did nothing for the business, we paid for an expensive advert to be designed and then printed in the local newspaper.....and we got NOTHING from our efforts.

The thing is, I didn’t yet know how to use my existing SEO and content skills to create website traffic! 

I know it sounds obvious, but I had only ever used SEO or content marketing for police purposes. Business was totally new to me.

With our sales sputtering, we were about to call it quits. But I had been writing a compelling self-defense blog for our business, and SEOing it over time…

And one day it finally clicked!

Wow, Everything Changed For The Better
(Thanks BBC Radio)

After SEOing and creating content for our self-defense blog for months, something miraculous happened. Well, it felt miraculous at the time. What I learned later, is that when you have powerful SEO this can become totally normal for a business: 

A radio show producer called me and asked me to give an interview. That interview was on prime time on BBC Radio 2, and so my small self-defence school was advertised for free to 8 Million listeners.

I can’t imagine what buying that same promotion slot would have cost me.

Others Came to Me, for Help

Not long after getting so much free publicity, other business owners approached me to start working on their content  marketing and SEO. 

They too needed help getting people into their place of business.

So much so, that the former head of creative and social media marketing at Sony said that we should be on the front page of every marketing magazine in the UK. 

It was then that truly began to I realised my SEO skills could actually help other business owners.

We decided to close up the self-defence studio, and nearly overnight I began an SEO and content marketing agency. And I’ve never looked back!

The 3 Step Approach That Will See Your Business Turn Into A Lead Generation Machine



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We execute the strategy and the results start to come in. All you need to do is sit back and relax.


Over the past 4 years Zoogly have helped many businesses to increase their revenue, so we collected the best 8 strategies that you can use to double your sales in the next 60 days.

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Some Of Our Clients

Sadly, not all Content Marketing and SEO agenices deliver high quality results and over the years I have discovered something truly shocking about content marketing and SEO agencies.........

The Dirty Little Secret I Learned That Most SEO  and Content Agencies Will Never Tell You
(The 'BIG OFFICE' Illusion)

Let me give you an extremely valuable insight that I share with all of my clients.

Just because a business is set up in a swanky, expensive office...doesn’t mean they actually know what they are doing.

It means that they are great salespeople.

It doesn’t mean they know how to get SEO results.

Let me explain how this works…

Every day, thousands of SEO and Web Agencies that sell SEO and content services, actually outsource all of their work to others.

Usually cheap “overseas” labor forces that don’t keep up with the latest insights and strategies. These companies are more about “churn and burn” than high-quality work and long-term results.

They quite literally profit from not doing any work, making the large staff and swanky office buildings nothing more than an illusion, an illusion funded by the cash of their unsuspecting clients.

An illusion that you might have been funded with your money.

I have spoken to countless companies and individuals that had been 'scammed' by these so-called SEO services.

These companies had taken their clients trust and abused it, delivering next to nothing and in some cases, had their clients website banned on Google due to outdated and shady SEO tricks.

Make No Mistake: Bad SEO and Content Can Kill Your Business

When you hire someone to do SEO or Content  Creation for your business, you give them not only your trust and hard earned money - but you put your business in their hands.

If your SEO person doesn’t know all the latest ins and outs of Google’s algorithm, they can really screw things up for you in a big way.

And if they don't use the best content marketing strategies then you simply lose the respect of your target audience if you ever get them to read your content.

You are too busy to watch every move that the SEO or content agency is doing, and you just don't have time to study the intricacies of the Google algorithm.

Bad SEO and content is no laughing matter.  

I am here to fight back against it, making sure that I protect my clients from SEO and content scams and serve them the best possible SEO results.

Avoid The Predators: 
Choosing A High Quality SEO & Content Marketing Agency
4 Things To Look For

(And Insist On)

I hope that one day you and I can work together.

I would love to lend my expertise and proven results to your business.

But in case that never happens, I still want to protect you from predatory and unethical agencies.

Make no mistake - SEO  and Content Marketing is a complicated business, and if you are not careful, people will use the complexity  to confuse you and above all else to make you feel out of your depth in conversations with the agency.

So, to help you here are the 4 critical factors that you NEED from any agency for your investment to pay off and to ensure your business is safe.

1. Zoogly’s Must-Have Requirement: Ethical Standards

In SEO there are generally two styles of Search Engine Optimisation: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO are activities that do not breach the Google terms and conditions. Black Hat SEO are the exact oppositeBlack Hat is SEO that places your website, it's ranking on Google, and of course your income, in jeopardy by trying to “cheat” the system. And countless big agencies are using it, right now.

Years ago, cheating worked for many online marketers. Google’s system was easily “gamed” and yes, a lot of money was made.

Today, Google has become too smart. WHEN caught (and it really is just a matter of “when), they will ban a Black Hat SEO’ed website for life.

At Zoogly we only adhere to White Hat SEO and are never drawn to the dark side. 


Because we have known entire websites to be wiped off Google completely due to the use of black hat SEO tactics and techniques. In one case we know it cost a company over a ¼ of £Million to rebrand their business and start again following the hire of an SEO company that utilised black hat strategies.

Black Hat SEO can put your business, your company and your brand in jeopardy.

2. Zoogly’s Must-Have Requirement: Long-Term SEO And Content Strategy

The worst thing that any SEO or content marketing agency can do is jump in feet first to start your SEO / content work, yet sadly, this is exactly what 99% of them do. 

You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, and a surgeon wouldn’t operate without tests, X-rays or scans would they?

And so, SEO or content marketing should never be attempted without first creating a bespoke strategy. Every business, website and niche is different, therefore an SEO strategy that is right for YOUR business requires a unique approach that is aligned with your business goals.

If your SEO isn’t being implemented with a proven strategy, specifically developed to get you the results for your business, then how can an agency know what they are doing will get you the results you need?

You should never spend a penny on SEO unless there is a documented and detailed strategy in place.

3. Zoogly’s Must-Have Requirement: High-Quality Content That Builds Expertise, Authority, And Trust

In 2018 Google rolled out yet another huge update that saw many sites take a dive in the rankings. With this update, Google made it clear they want websites to focus on creating great content.

Great content is often talked about but rarely delivered, because it takes a lot of time and effort to create content that people love.

And for that reason, 99% of SEO agencies will avoid paying for high-quality content.

High-quality content is the key to SEO now and in the future. Any decent SEO will prioritise content because it is epic content which will elevate you as an expert to both Search Engines and customers alike.

Great content will help to position you as an industry expert while building trust with search engines and consumers, and it must be a priority.

4. Zoogly’s Must-Have RequirementTechnical SEO Support

Everyone is selling SEO and content marketing  these days, from SEO copywriters to PR agencies. What separates the beginner who has read a few blog posts and a true SEO specialist is the final piece of the puzzle: technical SEO.

Sure, your website might have cost you more than the price of your last car but that doesn’t mean it is ready to fight its way up the search engines.

Technical SEO requires experience and you guessed it… technical skill.

So, if your current SEO supplier couldn’t tell you the difference between the Robots txt and an LSI keyword, well, it is time to jump ship.

Technical SEO is about making your site stronger, fitter and ready to fight for its place on Google.

"We want to turn your website from an expensive leaflet that does very little for your bottom-line, to a full-time employee that never takes a break, never goes on holiday, won’t leave you for another job and becomes your company’s greatest marketing asset."

Our Zoogly Promise To You

Zoogly Media is obsessed with providing high-quality, high-performance SEO services for our clients. 

With over 14 years of SEO and content marketing experience, we have gone from using SEO to fight crime to helping business owners to grow online.

But SEO is much more than that. It is about establishing yourself as an expert and building trust with both search engine and customers.

We want to turn your website from an expensive leaflet that does very little for your bottom-line, to a full-time employee that never takes a break, never goes on holiday, won’t leave you for another job and becomes your company’s greatest marketing asset.

SEO is one of the most powerful marketing methods in the world, so if you are ready to talk to an SEO provider that will treat your business as if it were their own, guarding your brand and creating trackable growth, let’s chat today.



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