CAEM Shelving: SEO Case Study 

CAEM UK are a retail shelving supplier with a turnover of over £1 million a year. Their clients include the likes of Dunelm and Home Bargains. 

They came to Zoogly Media because they were looking to increase the amount of sales they were gaining online and rank higher in Google. 

As such we took CAEM through our SEO strategy process.

SEO Strategy Process

The purpose of the digital strategy is to investigate the digital marketing of the business, analyse their competitors and look for opportunities for growth.

Our strategy uncovered that CAEM'S website was ranking for a lot of keywords, however the site and pages were extremely outdated and didn't represent the products offerings that CAEM was selling to large chains and small retailers. 

As such it was decided that the entire website and content would be replaced with new content that reflected the business in a more appropriate way.

This presented a unique challenge, because their current website was already gaining traffic for relevant keywords, however the content displayed did not reflect they goals. 

In a nutshell, CAEM needed a new website, built from scratch. 

Keyword Selection

CAEM had a lot of pages but as stated those pages didn't reflect the business and their product offerings. 

So our goal was to replace their current website with a new one and get them ranking for a large number of their keywords they currently ranked for but with new web pages, different products and of course new content. 

To do this Zoogly sat down with the CAEM management who reviewed all of their keywords to decide which made sense for their business and their products. 

Once that list was established we could move onto website creation.

New Website Creation

Zoogly Media partnered with The Capture Factory to undertake this large project. 

With well over 55 pages of content, each one needed to be assessed and a decision made as to what would happen with the page, if it needed replacing or redirecting. 

SEO Copywriting

The mission as to create not only content for their site but also make that SEO focused so that they stood a chnace of rabking for their agreed keywords.

As a result, over 8300 words of SEO and conversion focused copy were added to the website. 

We even worked with CAEM to create their CAEM promise to show their commitment to customers.

Getting CAEM on Page 1 Of Google

With the keywords jointly agreed by CAEM prior to launch of the site we were able in a few short months to deliver the following results:

Supermarket shelving: position 8 (page 1 on Google)

Retail shelf lighting: position 8 (page 1)

supermarket shelving: Position 9 (page 1)

Gondola shelving: Position 9 (page 1)

Retail shelving: Position 11 (top of page 2)

(and still rising)

The Results: Double The Clicks And Traffic For CAEM

Although I can not display actual click through data I can say (and we have the evidence to confirm) CAEM has now doubled their web traffic and clicks to their website via organic traffic.

And this traffic continues to rise.

Given that many of the sales by CAEM are of considerable value the SEO project has set them up for considerable stability and growth online.

How We Can Help You

If you have been reading this and thinking 'I wish we could have results like this' the good news is that you can.

Zoogly Media is a performance focused marketing agency that has qualified copywriters and certified SEO specialists.

We are able to create bespoke product launch and email marketing  campaigns for your business.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.