Product Launch Case Study 

Backed by Hollywood Superstar Liam Neeson,

Defence Lab  is a global Martial Arts Franchise and when they decided to launch their Online University they came to Zoogly for help

This is how we did it!

Defence Lab have been a long time client of Zoogly Media and have used both our social media management and  content creation services for a number of years.

However when they decided to create and launch their online university they trusted Zoogly to get the job done and that is exactly what we did.

Sales Page Editing

Defence Lab has their own internal marketing team that is capable of creating great sales pages.

However they understand that you also need to 'edit' the sales page to ensure that it packs the maximum punch.

That was our first task, to ensure the sales page converted and as such we edited the page to make sure every word was the RIGHT word for their audience.

Email Sales Sequence

Defence Lab has a huge email list full of dedicated followers of their brand.

After all their founder Andy Norman has trained Tom Cruise and Christian Bale to name but a few.

They say the 'money is in the list' and to a certain extent that is true but only if you can get the money 'out' of the list andthat is where effective email marketing comes in.

Working with Defence Lab we crafted a series of emails that would ensure that their audience understood the benefits of being a member of their online university.

The goal was to nurture the list members towards a purchasing decision.

Facebook Ad Management

Although Defence Lab has a large email list we needed to ensure that the University was seen to others not on this list and as such we created a Facebook ad campaign using a series of long form text and image based adverts along with video adverts.

In total over 20 adverts were used and each was tracked to look at results of both reach, engagement and conversion.

The Results

The campaign was an incredible success.

The Defence Lab Online University launched to around 500 members and very few have left the platform since launch

How We Can Help You

If you have been reading this and thinking 'I wish we could have results like this' the good news is that you can.

Zoogly Media is a performance focused marketing agency that has qualified copywriters and certified SEO specialists.

We are able to create bespoke product launch and email marketing  campaigns for your business.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.