How We Took The Self Defence Expert
To 1 Million Page Views
Using SEO

What We Did

SEO is often considered a dark art and most people who say they can do SEO rarely offer any shred of proof.

We are different, we offer total transparency and in this case study we are going to show you exactly how we gained 1 million page views for this website and the story behind it.

The Story

The Self-Defence website is how I (Andrew Holland, owner of Zoogly Media) learned SEO.

It started simply as my way to write about my passion, martial arts and self-defence.

After a short time the blog was having very little readers/ traction online and views. So I decided to learn everything  I could about SEO and digital marketing.

Eventually this site would help me to launch my own business but it started with ZERO visitors, not a single one! It was the first website I ever purchased and at the time I had ZERO knowledge on SEO or digital marketing

I learned via online courses, trial and error along with experiments and for this reason I know what makes a website work.

I  have learned in the SEO trenches.

The Results

The traffic shot you see is a true reflection of the work we have done over the years. The site now gains around 12,000 organic visits per month without writing a single word of content.

This has grown over the years but in combination with the growth of an email list (over 2000 subscribers) and a Facebook page (over 5,000 fans) along with a Facebook  group (1800 members) we have been able to vastly inrease traffic on demand

A  highlight of this was achieving 37,000 visits in a single day

Traffic is growing organically on an almost daily basis and we have had over 1 million pages of our site viewed by over 418,000 users

How We Did It

We achieved these results through a dedicated combination of content creation, basic SEO practises and good keyword research

There is no smoke and mirrors here.

The great content has attracted links, and our on site SEO has also helped to grow the site. 

The key factor is our in depth content that has grown our traffic organically and because of the nature of the content attracted large social shares.

Our Facebook page and Facebook group also allow for instant traffic generation to an audience that wants to hear from us.

How We Can Help You

You may read this and think 'I want 1 million page views', great because we can help.

It won't be easy and it will take dedication and effort but there is no reason why you cannot increase your traffic.

Our SEO, content and social media services are ideal for anyone looking to gain an increase in site visitors

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