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If Your Business Is Lost In The Internet Jungle: We Are Your Search And Rescue Service.

Hi, I'm Andrew Holland, the founder of Zoogly Media.

Today, I am known in the UK as the SEO guy who has delivered his clients over 1 Million website visitors, over 175,000 social media shares and countless page 1 rankings on Google that give my clients leads, sales and position them as industry experts.

But it wasn't always that way.

I was a Police Officer for 17 years where I first learned the craft of SEO in my role within intelligence gathering.

Later I started a business and I followed all the advice or 'experts' and even hired agencies that delivered zero results.

That was until I started to believe in myself and use the techniques and tactics I had used to fight crime.

And it is those same techniques that still underpin everything we do at Zoogly. 

Today, Zoogly Media uses Copywriting, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, PPC and other techniques to generate our clients more leads and sales.

And I am on a mission to help as many businesses to maximise their digital marketing potential as I can.

And if you want to learn how your business can grow online, click below to book in for a free 30 Minute Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation where you will learn how to grow your business online.

How  We Deliver Digital Marketing That You Can Trust

We are an internet jungle rescue service like no other.

We don't see ourselves as a digital marketing company.

We are digital marketing guides. 

Our job is to map out a journey for your business and select the best route to make sure your customers find you.

And it is our unique strategies that make Zoogly so effective.

Built From Experience

Zoogly was created by myself, Andrew Holland.

And you need to know a few things about me as I oversee all our internet expeditions personally.

First off I learned how to navigate the internet jungle on my own. I built a successful blog that has now had over half a million visitors.

& Strategy

Using a proven system we get results time after time.

Over 10 Million client video views

175,000 social media shares for client content

Countless page 1 rankings for clients.

We combine creativity with digital strategy to maximise results.

& Satisfaction

There is a reason our logo is an Elephant;

Elephants form close bonds with those in their herds and this is exactly how we see our clients. 

We treat your business as if it were our own and we will guide you through the internet jungle back to safety.

We want you to be satisfied with your results and we aim to give you regular progress reports and updates.

Why Listen To Us?

"As a business owner you need to maximise every penny of your marketing budget and avoid waste at all cost.

The answer: You need experts.

I created Zoogly Media because I saw so many people and business owners failing to achieve online success and often loosing a lot of money in the process. 

My personal knowledge has been built up over the last 7 years.

My first ever website was exposed to over 8 Million people and featured on BBC Radio 2. 

At Zoogly we are not just another digital marketing agency, we are experts.

We eat sleep and breathe digital marketing.

It is our obsession and we are here to help you"

Andrew Holland: Director of Zoogly Media

The 3 Step Approach That Will See Your Business Turn Into A Lead Generation Machine



Book in for a free 30-minute consultation valued at £700 where we will audit your current marketing and give tips to improve lead generation and sales.



We create an in-depth SEO strategy for you that will show you exactly what needs to be done and the timescale it will take.



We execute the strategy and the results start to come in. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

Get in touch with us via phone or email so we can discuss how Zoogly Media can help you to reach your business goals

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