Case Study:
How We Have Gained 10 Million
Video Views

What We Did

Video Marketing is key to gaining attention online.

You don't need me to tell you this and our viral videos pack a punch. We use the very latest in Viral science (yes there is such a subject) to ensure our videos have the best chance possible to be seen and shared by others.

The Story

Over the course of  the last 2 years Zoogly Media has been asked to create videos for a range of clients and these soon add up.

From quick one off Facebook videos to video adverts for business owners we have done it all.

Animated short videos to 3 minute long 'story videos', we have become know for getting results.

The Results

While we are not going to post every video result here that made up our 10 Million views were are going to provide a short selection that shows the range of our work.

Louder Online

Australian based digital marketing agency Louder Online came to Zoogly Media to look at using social media marketing to get their message across and video marketing in particular.

The company has many leading brands as clients (including Coca cola) and is owned by leading marketers Aaron Agius and Neil Patel.

They wanted a short video that packed a punch for their Facebook audience and as such we looked at combining the story of Muhammad Ali with 'speaking out and being louder online'.

Despite having a company Facebook page that was not gaining fan engagement this video gained 65,000 video views and over 270 shares.

World of Martial Arts Television (August Productions)

We have worked with World of Martial Arts Television (parent company is August productions) for a number of years on their Facebook however we have achieved  tremendous  results creating several bespoke videos for them.

A few of those results are below:

Our Bruce Lee self defence video created using a range of footage has gained a huge 2.9 million video views and used in 12 social media posts.

The above results are from a single post and shows over 1 million unique viewers of the video with the top audience being in England

Our 'Why Your Family Should Train In Martial Arts' was one of  the first videos that we did for August productions, this video was created using a combination of existing footage and footage owned by August productions. 

Used in just 4 posts the video has had a total of 425,000 video views and a top audience of men aged 25-34 in England

Another video we delivered for August productions was this 8 Benefits Martial Arts training gives our children.

A 3 minute 52 second long video that gained over 485,000 organic views.

Of course video views are one thing and engagement is another, fortunately this great post gained over  13,000 shares and 28,000 likes

Over the course of 2 years we have created many videos  for World of Martial Arts Television with other videos ranging in to 50,000 to 1 million video views  range

Stoke Is Great

At Zoogly we like to practise what we preach and as such you can find evidence of Viral videos on our own Facebook page.

The Stoke Is Great video was created to prove the power of viral marketing for a small area such as Stoke-on-Trent. The result was (with a small boost) 251,000 video views, 85% of which was organic.

Harrison's SDR Appeal

Zoogly Media had the pleasure of helping this young man out with his campaign just prior to Christmas 2017.

Harrison requires a life changing operation and Zoogly were asked by a friend of the family if we could create a video for the campaign to fund Harrison's £30,000 operation and care.

We did not charge for this video and also donated to the boost fund. We are pleased to say that the video gained 44,000 views and we have been told that it is believed that the video helped the campaign. We are also pleased to announce that they also have been able to gain enough money for the operation from a range of donations.

How We Do It

If you are looking  at the results and thinking 'how have they done this' we are more than happy to share the details:

Creativity, hard work, viral science and trial and error.

We never guarantee viral success with a video but using our unique approach we are able to create dynamic videos that have a great chance of going viral.

How We Can Help You

From Viral videos to Faebook adverts we are able to create a range of videos that are both shared, viewed and above all else promote your brand.

Facebook is the equivalent of a TV station and as  a result you need content that matches.

Get in touch to char about how we can help your business to gain attention online