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We are a performance focused digital marketing company based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Our core services are based on 4 areas:

Content Marketing, Viral Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media.

Our goal is to get you seen, drive traffic to your website and help you to connect with your customers 

We have helped our clients reach over 21 million people online using SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing

How We Can Help Your Business To Acheive Growth With Performance Focused Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media and Viral Marketing

Content Creation and Marketing

Zoogly Media has a unique approach to SEO and Content Marketing because it is very difficult to do one without the other. As such our services often interlink depending on the client and their industry. 
As experts in digital marketing we are able to show you exactly w​hat you need for your business so that you can reach your goals. Our focus is in delivering an end result not just a service!
After an initial meeting to discuss your needs ​we will craft a bespoke digital strategy that involves our four areas of expertise, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing.
It is this individual approach to every client that has allowed Zoogly to achieve such great results. We Know that no two businesses are alike and for this reason you may need a combination of services to get your business the attention it deserves. 
Please read our approach to core services below to find out what makes us different​:

Our Content Marketing Process

We use a proven formula to ensure we gain results for our clients.

This 4 step method is designed to increase the attention on your business, drive traffic to your website and also increase search engine rankings.

Step 1: Market Research And Technical SEO

We focus our strategy around you. First, our certified experts take a technical look at your site, then we research your industry to see what is working and finally we look at your competitors to see how you can overtake their internet presence. 

Step 2. Proven Content Frameworks

Once we have a strategy mapped out we set about creating great content for your business using proven content frameworks. This means we focus on creating content that is designed to get you attention and links to your site, because without great links you cannot gain better search rankings. Our content however is designed for humans first and foremost because you need to create compelling and engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

Step 3. Social Media Marketing And Growth

Having a great social media marketing plan is not only a good idea it is essential in the modern era. We use viral science to grow both the reach of your content and your social media engagement. 

Step 4. Outreach And Link Building

This is where the rubber hits the road. Using our proven outreach methods we build genuine back links and build relationships with others. This is SEO that works, creating great content that both people and search engines love. The result; your business gains more rankings and increased search traffic

Our Ethical Approach To SEO

SEO That Works

SEO (search engine optimisation) is often over complicated by many people for their own gain. At Zoogly Media we believe in providing an honest and ethical approach to SEO and deliver a solution that gets results. 
Our SEO services are focused around a distinct 10 stage system that will give any business the advantage over it's competitors.
We start by taking a detailed look at your market to see just what 'keywords' both your own site and others are ranking for.
We will then take your website through our process that involves backlink analysis of both your own web property and your competitors, content analysis and creation and also link building.
By the end of this SEO process your website will be achieving higher rankings in the search engines and you will also be gaining more traffic and brand visibility.

Social Media Marketing That Works

Social Media Marketing

We believe that Social Media is not a something that you should consider a burden, in fact the modern world relies on social media to communicate and you must now have a presence to be noticed, gain internet traffic and also the trust of consumers.
Our performance based approach to social media management has  allowed out clients to  reach over 1 million people each week using social media​.
We treat each social media channel like a TV channel because to many other people that is how they see them. 
People go to each social network so that they ​can consume content and for this reason our social media services are focused on giving followers a great experience.  
From visual meme creation to micro videos and live feeds, our social media services have been tried and tested to bring you results. 

Viral Marketing That Gets Everyone Talking About Your Brand and Business

Viral Marketing

Your business deserves exposure and there is no faster way to achieve this than through viral content. At Zoogly Media we specialise in creating content that spreads for all the right reasons and puts your brand in front of more people.
We have created videos that have been viewed by millions of people and in the process given brands the exposure they rightly deserve but struggle to gain in an era where attention is fought for.
From Facebook to YouTube and beyond, we can create written and video content that is shared and liked by thousands of people.

More About Us

Zoogly Media was founded by Andrew Holland in 2015.

We are located at Keele University Science Park in Newcastle Under Lyme (Just outside Stoke on Trent). Andrew is also a mentor and trainer for the Chamber of Commerce in Digital and Content Marketing 

How This Will Help Your Business To Grow

At Zoogly Media we make your business visible to the right people.

Using a combination of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Creation and Social Media Marketing we grow the traffic coming to your website and build you an army of lunatic followers who go crazy for your business. 

Any business website needs traffic, and ​for most people this will come from either social media or search engines search as Google. Our services are designed to get you traffic from both sources.

What Makes Us So Good?

Zoogly Media is not just a business that talks a good fight. We have come up through the trenches. 

We have written articles that have ranked on page 1 of Google and delivered thousands of social media shares and website visitors for our clients.

In addition we are certified experts in SEO and are graduates of the world's best content marketing and SEO Courses.​ We believe in providing an honest an ethical approach to Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation that will deliver you results. 

So What Now? 

Get in touch with us via phone or email so we can discuss how Zoogly Media can help you to reach your business goals

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