101 Digital Marketing Courses and Certifications (Both Free and Premium)

Are you looking to enhance your knowledge of marketing?

If so, you are going to love our list of digital marketing courses and certificates (and we added a few traditional ones as well).

Some of the courses on this list are free and others you'll have to pay for.

But regardless, you are bound to find the course that is right for you.

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Table of Contents

General Digital Marketing Certificates 


Digital Marketer Funnel Optimisation Certification

With on-demand workshops and masterclasses. This funnel structure allows you to sell, without selling and the course costs $495. Click here to learn more. 


Digital Marketing Pro

Created in partnership between the Digital Marketing Institute and the American Marketing Association, this course covers all key aspects of digital marketing. Find out more here.


Google Digital Garage

A free course operated by Google accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. Over 26 self-paced modules that cover all the basics of digital marketing. Click here to get started.


Digital Marketing Institute Certified Digital Marketing Professional

With three different types of certification, these offer different lengths and depths. All the courses are certified from global certification up to an Accredited MSc. Get more details here.


GetResponse Digital Marketing Program

With 136 lessons, 19 teachers with 13 hours of content. The course covers Landing pages and Conversion Optimisation, content marketing inbound sales and more. These five courses for complete digital marketing training costs $199 each. Click here to take a look. 


MarketMotive Masters in Digital Marketing

For people looking to further their digital marketing knowledge. This course has several core modules and then a choice of electives you can make the course your own.  Find out more here.


Duke Digital Media and Marketing Certification

This self-paced program allows you to enhance your knowledge or even enable you to kick-start your career in digital marketing. With an all-round knowledge, this will ensure you start on the right foot. Click here for more information.


HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

Inbound marketing is a technique used for drawing customers to your products, how could you not need this training? Find out more here.


Create Your First Website

A free course that will show you how to build your first website! Taught by Chris Farrell, he will show you all the basics, start with no experience and end with understanding page formatting and setting everything up. Click here to check it out.


Build Your Website

Learn more fundamentals with this course, including CSS and site structure. Find out more here.


Diploma in Web Design

A contact point for potential customers, a website reflects your brand. Learn how to make a website design that is effective and looks good. Check out this free course.


Joomla Training by Build a Joomla Website

An alternative to WordPress, you can use Joomla to build a new website or edit an existing one. Find more info here.


Website Promotion Course

 An overview of everything you can do to promote your website, everything from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to Marketing and Measuring results. This course lasts six weeks and costs $100. Click here to find out more.


Analytics and Data Mastery Course by Digital Marketer

A 7-hour course that enables you to tell what is a good investment. What is the point of spending money when it isn't earning you anything? For more info, click here.

Social Media Marketing


The Business of Social

With flexible deadlines so you can attain your certificate around your schedule. This course will tell you the legal considerations of social media marketing, how it can drive business results and how to create a sustainable, budgeted program. Get more details here.


Facebook Blueprint

This free online training is provided by Facebook, and ensures you are a Facebook and Instagram master. Learn more here.


YouTube Certification

You must now meet certain criteria for this one, but this course will transform you into a YouTube Guru. Get more details here.


Hootsuite Platform Certification Program 

Want to prove you can work one of the most recognized platforms in social media? Well, you can now get Hootsuite accredited for a $99 one-off fee. Click here to learn more.


Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certificate

This industry-recognised certification means you can demonstrate your social media marketing knowledge and apply all the new information you have learned on the course! Find out more here.


Twitter Flight School

Designed by Twitter, for Twitter. This free course covers everything you could need to know for the Twitter platform. Click here for more information.


Pinterest Marketing Certificate

With over 40 training videos, learn everything you need to know about Pinterest. With downloadable content to help, this course goes from beginner to advanced topics. Learn more here.


Pinterest for Business

CPC accredited, this course will help you optimise your Pinterest account so you can sell your visual products and services. Find out more here.


Social Media Monitoring

Researching keywords allows you to target the right people. This FREE course teaches you how to filter keyword phrases and how to validate the right keyword to monitor, along with so much more! Click here to learn more.


Social Media Ethics

Will any tweet do? No. Learn about how to meet ethical guidelines and how to avoid provoking a negative response to your content, and your brand. Learn more here.


How to Use Social Media to Attract Clients

This course is free online and is focused on attracting focused, motivated clients through Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. Click here for more info.


The Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint

Starting with free access for 30 days, you can learn about how to take a customer through the sales funnel using Facebook. Optimizing your digital presence is the aim of the game after all. Find out more here.


Marketing in a Digital World

Learn how to persuade, distribute and set the right price in the world of digital. With shareable certificates and quizzes with feedback, you can really test your knowledge. Click here for more information.


Complete Guide to Instagram Growth

Needing no more than the Instagram app on your phone you can learn how to gain real targeted followers (which you can work on converting!). Find more info here.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


SEO Guide For Beginners

If you have little to no understanding of SEO, this may be the course for you. Starting with the basic building blocks and working their way up, the content is easy to understand. Click here to learn more.



SEO Content Writing Course by The College of Media and Publishing

With unlimited support from an expert, this online course allows you to take as long as you need. Learn about how to write fantastic content on this accredited course. Find out more information here.



SEO Essentials

This essentials certificate is an instructor-led, six-part course that gives you everything you need to implement the use of Moz Pro. Take a look here.


Technical SEO Certification Series by Moz

Created by leaders in the field, this course teaches you what technical aspects to look for in an audit and how to improve them! Find out more here.


Google Analytics Certification

Google has built a free Google Analytics qualification. What could be better than learning how to leverage software from the developers themselves? Click here for more details.



An industry-leading company run by Brian Dean, this course currently has a waiting list. Learn about how SEO can drive more traffic and sales in this ultimate SEO training course. Learn more here.


Keyword Research Course with Greg Gifford

A free course that in just one hour shows you how to prioritise and search for your keywords, create your list and how to look at your competitors. Click here for info.


SEO Training including for WordPress

 Looks at general SEO but also provides in-depth training on SEO within WordPress, so if you have a WordPress site this is an ideal course for you. Find out more here.


EMarketing Institute SEO Course

This free course provides an eBook with 156 pages of content. This course is built for beginners and will turn you into an expert. Click here for more information.


Distilled SEO Course

With content provided by professionals that are industry-leading tutors, you can learn a lot, at your own pace and in your own time. Get more information here.


Online Marketing Institute Level 2 SEO

This Level 2 course teaches you about SEO tools, strategies and best practices, including a module on Local SEO. Click here to find out more.  


Advanced SEO

25 hours of learning with downloadable workbooks, the Advanced SEO course offers 360-degree learning on all SEO concepts. Learn more here.


SEO Specialisation Course

This Specialisation course will teach you to optimise website content for the best search engine ranking. With a flexible schedule and 100% online, you can take this course anywhere. Get more info here.


W3Schools Certifications

Learn about HTML, CSS and Python and many more to establish your knowledge on web development (at $95 per course).  Click here to find out more.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay-per-click)


ROI Revolution

Purely for beginners, this course will introduce you to AdWords, set up, basic terminology and more to give you a full understanding of AdWords and PPC. For more information, click here.


Google Ads Certification

Another free course from Google (cannot complain!), you will know Google Ads inside out and back to front by the time you complete this course. Don’t worry, it is built for beginners and will work its way up! Find out more here.


IDM Pay-Per-Click Course

Designed by the Institute of Digital Marketing, this course teaches how to gain high-quality visitors to your site, to effectively retarget and to boost your PPC performance (plus a lot more!). Click here for more information.


Advanced Pay Per Click Training

A certification aligned with Microsoft and Google that is approved by the Online Marketing Certified Professional this course covers several skills and focuses on how to get users down the funnel. Learn more here.


SEM and PPC Course by The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Written by the CIM, this one day course will teach you how to optimise your PPC campaigns and reduce time on keyword research, plus a lot more. Take a closer look here. 


Adwords PPC and SEM course by Great Learning

This Introduction to Digital Marketing course covers all the basics, provides you with a certificate and it's totally free. Find out more here.


Search Marketing Professional Course

This course covers several areas of pay per click including SEO, PPC, Google Adwords and Microsoft Ads. With the ultimate goal of teaching you strategy and techniques that will allow you to speak to billions of people (if the budget allows). Click here for more info.


Microsoft Advertising Training

Learn how to get the most out of your money when initiating PPC campaigns. Develop an understanding of how to increase your Microsoft Advertising proficiency all on this free course. Learn more here.

Content Marketing


MarketerSeal PBN Private Blog Network Specialist Certification

Teaching everything blogging this course fills up fast and is packed full of information in an easy to understand format! Click here to find out more.


Copyblogger Content Marketing Certification

Learn how to devise and implement a content strategy, as well as how to craft the best content out there. For more details, click here.


Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Certificate

With enrolment periods across the year, you will receive six courses plus over 50 hours of content from top industry leaders. With this course, you can just learn the basics, or dive in and learn all things content. Find out more here.


Content Marketing for B2B Organizations

Heard about all the ways content marketing benefits B2C organisations? Well, this free course will teach you how B2B companies can use content to drive leads and sales! Click here to learn more.


What is Content Marketing and How to Start by HubSpot

This free course will teach you a content creation framework to create the best content regularly. It will also show you how to repurpose content, optimising your content and generating stuff that both humans and search engines will love. Find out more here.


Content Marketing Toolkit

This free course will give you hints and tips that will turn you into a marketing pro and will cover content research, distribution and performance management. Click here for more details.


LinkedIn Content Marketing Foundation

Content marketing itself is huge, learn your fundamentals or your mind might boggle. You have to start somewhere right? Take a closer look at this course here.


The Strategy of Content Marketing

A free course offered by the University of California, who has partnered with Copyblogger to bring you 16 hours of hard-hitting content that will help you with your content marketing strategy. Find out more here.


Developing Profitable Content Marketing 

Learn how to utilise marketing to add value to your business, that’s why we do it right? This training will teach you how to develop those campaigns to make them profitable. Click here for more details. 


How to Vlog

Learn to create influential vlogs that will skyrocket your brand, and tips and tricks that will help you along the way. Get more information here.


Being a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is great in all sorts of situations! You can learn how to target blogs and write articles for high-profile, high traffic ones when you sign up for this course.  Learn more here.


Blogging Course Level 3

A 1-year level 3 diploma that can be done at your own pace with instant feedback on mocks; this really will develop and test your knowledge. Find out more here.


The A-Z of Blogging

With several course options available to you, this can teach you everything from the basics up to mastering the latest techniques so you can gain subscribers and set the stage to generate an income from it. Click here for more.


Brand and Content Marketing

Your brand is your identity to the customer, learn how to use branded content to effectively tell a story to your customers and retain their attention. Learn more here.


The Power of Podcasting and Storytelling

A 2-week course that will introduce you to the different genres of podcasts, the process of being discovered and the equipment involved. This gives you a good overview of all this podcasting (plus it is free if you don’t want the certificate). Get more information here.


GarageBand Podcasting

Set up by LinkedIn, this course has 27 videos and teaches you to use GarageBand to produce high-quality podcast content, all for £25. Find out more here.


Professional Podcast Production, Editing and Blueprint

Showing you how to set up and how to master the art of sound this course instructs you on how to make your podcast sound professional and prevent headaches in the future. Click here for more details.


Blogging and Podcasting for Beginners

Want to start a blog or podcast? The thought can be daunting… this online course for beginners will show you the way. Learn more here.


Animated Infographics and Data Visualisation

Want to create something that can inform and spark the attention of others? Infographics are the way forward. This course will show you how to create amazing ANIMATED Infographics using After Effects. Get more info here.


How to Publish an eBook

Publishing a book allows you to call yourself an author, gives you more credibility right? Well if you haven’t got a clue where to start, this course will show you how to publish your own eBook. Find out more here.


Creating Information Products and Online Courses

Showing off your expertise can is a great way to attract customers or clients. Do this through creating online courses yourselves! This course will teach you how to create online courses and resources. Click here for more info.


An E-Book Product Launch for Beginners

E-Books can be a great lead magnet. Whether you are using it to bring people into your sales funnel or selling it you still know how to launch and advertise it correctly. Learn more here.


Creating Images for Businesses

Images can be striking and catch a user’s attention, so learn how to create images for your business for this course. Click here for more.

Email Marketing


Wishponds Email Marketing Masterclass for Beginners

Find  all the information and resources you could need for email marketing in this fast-paced course. Learn more here.


Email Marketing Essentials

This 1-day course only has six delegates at a time allowing focused training and key support throughout the day. Learn about growing your list and effective segmentation up to landing pages and resources.  Find out more here.


ClickMinded Email Marketing

Many people say the key to multiplying your clients (or sales) is using email marketing, well learn how to on this course! Click here for more info.


Advanced Email Marketing Training by Emarketers

This advanced email marketing course will build your knowledge from a strategic and tactical viewpoint so you can leave the course with actionable skills to help your campaign. Take a closer look here.


Econsultancy Micro Learning Email Marketing Courses

They describe email as an important way to talk to people, and they are not wrong! Learn how to improve your email marketing results and build a quality list with their microlearning courses on email marketing. Get more info here.


 Email Marketing by HubSpot 

Focused on creating an email strategy that will grow your business and your career, this free course is one not to miss! Find out more here.


Email Marketing Principles

Designed by the CIM recognized course will teach you everything you need to know about delivering an effective email marketing campaign. Learn more here.


The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course

One of the largest email management platforms, become an expert with this online course. Get the details here.


Email Marketing Masterclass

Learn how to plan, design and write elegant but effective emails, grow your email audience and get more traffic to your website. For more information, click here.


Email Marketing Training by Educba

Know how to build a quality list of recipients, increase responses and obey the law plus much more, creating a perfect recipient for your email marketing campaign. Learn more here.


Facebook Marketing - How to Build a Targeted Email List

Building a social list can help you reach your audience and promote conversion. Designed for beginners, you will learn how to do this easily with this online course. Find out more here.

Influencer/Affiliate Marketing


Influencer Marketing with the IDM

Learn to work effectively with influencers to transform your marketing. This course will show you how to integrate an influencer into your wider marketing plan and make the most out of it! Get more details here.


Hiring the Right Influencers and Tracking

Knowing how to spend your marketing budget to get the highest ROI is tough. Well, if you want to see how you can use influencer marketing to sell your products and services and how to retarget these people, look no further than this course! Click here for more details.


How to Grow Your E-commerce Businesses Using Influencers

Heard that influencers can have an impact on your business? Want to know how it works and how to achieve it? This course will teach you just that!  For more info, click here.


Social B Influencer Marketing Course

If you know that hiring an influencer is the right choice for you, then good for you! But do you know the process? This course will explain the process of finding influencers, securing a contract and measuring the results.  Learn more here.


Setting Sail on an Influencer Marketing Program

If you are at the start of building your influencer marketing strategy, then this course is a great place to start. This course will help you understand influencers, setting goals, defining conversions and more.  Click here to find out more.


How to Become an Influencer

Want to become an influencer? No idea how? This course will teach you an A-Z strategy on how to get there! Find out more here.


Monetise your Instagram as an Instagram Influencer

Social media is a tool you can use to convert customers and every platform has a slightly different audience. Learn how to convert on Instagram with this training course.   For more info, click here.


Fashion Influencer Marketing

This online short course will show you how to stand out in the fashion industry using the power of influencers, which includes practical assignments and personalized feedback.  Learn more here.

Viral Marketing


Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

With free enrolment, you can see exactly how to create the ultimate viral content. Brand awareness I am on my way! Find out more here. 


 Viral Marketing Diploma

Looking at everything from its elements and recent case studies this course will show you how to get viral marketing right and what the future entails. For more info, click here.


On-Demand Viral Marketing Social Media Online Training

Viral Marketing combined with social media training means you keep up to date and utilise the latest changes in digital marketing to your advantage. Click here for more details.


Viral Marketing

Using videos, tutorials, and seminars with an instructor to support you, this course covers forms of viral advertisement as well as elements. Working on projects and with the latest case studies, you can understand how to apply viral marketing to your business. Find out more here.

Radio, Television and Mobile Advertising


Diploma in Creative Radio Advertising

Radio often means the users are focusing on not much else so creating a perfect advertisement is essential. Learn how to influence listeners on a subconscious level, convince your clients to say yes to the idea and how to ensure it isn’t confusing. Click here for more info.


Creating Audio Commercials That Sell

Want to capitalise on radio advertisement? Learn how to write radio adverts and (and even produce them). This course covers advertising for podcasts, streaming services and more. Learn more here.


Film, TV and Creative Media Level 3

Designed to tackle the practical rather than the theory, this course will give you the skills to create films, television programs and online video content. You'll find more info here.


Television Production Degree

Television production requires serious commitment if you want to get into it. This degree provides a placement option and provides you with a professional accreditation.  Click here for details.


Mobile Marketing by the London School Of Digital Marketing

Created by experts, this course will show you how to capitalise on the fact everyone is on their mobile! Learn more here.

 My Personal Recommedations 

OK, so this is my personal list of awesome digital marketing courses. 

1. The Marketing Seminar By Seth Godin

This is one of the best courses on marketing ever created. Click here to read my review.

2. SEO That Works

If you want to learn how to create amazing content that builds links, this is an amazing course. Click here to read my review.

3. Grow Your Blog Fast

 Another course from Brian Dean, this is pure content creation to grow a succesful blog. Read my review here.


4. Visualise Value

This course is an amazing design coure that will help you to...you guessed, to visualise your value. But much more than this, it will help you to show your ideas, processes and workflows in ways that you never dreamed possible. Click here to check it out.

5. The Blueprint training

If you are looking for an SEO course that will help you to grow your agency, then this is pure magic. Click here to check it out.

6. SEO Blueprint

The SEO Blueprint is among the best SEO courses ever created. Packed with ideas, processes and indeed strategies to grow any website, build links and create content. Click here to check it out. 

OK, so that's the list. Phew, a lot of courses for you to upgrade your marketing skills.

So, what next? If you're looking for great advice, tips and case studies, then susbrcibe to our newsletter by clicking the button below.

Thanks for reading.

Andrew Holland 


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