How an Online Tool Generates 964,000 Monthly Visitors

In this article, you'll discover how a site has grown to reach nearly a million visitors a month.

You'll learn:

  • The glossary content strategy that works for any industry.
  • The easiest (and most powerful) link building technique today.
  • And an angle that skyrockets your website in record time.

Let's dive in.


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How Capitalize My Title Grew to 964,000 Monthly Visitors

It seems almost impossible.

To grow a site to nearly a million monthly visitors.

But that's what Capitalize My Title did.

It is an affiliate site that’s actually my go-to resource to make sure my headlines have the right capitalisation.

So, how did they grow to so much traffic?

Simply put, they built FREE tools and created content.

This really is the basic model for most SaaS businesses and we've seen this in past Growth Through Content articles.

Building small tools that are relevant to your industry is a great way to attract people to your site.

By providing these tools for free (or certainly limited access) you are able to not only rank, but also increase time on site and actually be useful to people.

And Capitalize My Title has a lot of online tools.

But this wouldn't be a Growth Through Content case study if we didn't dive into their content strategies.

The Glossary Content Strategy that Works for Any Industry

In every industry, there is a glossary of terms.

My friends at Embryo created a huge SEO Glossary.

And glossaries are great for links and traffic.

But what Capitalize My Title did was to take this to the next level.

They rank for over 9000 keywords with the word 'WHAT' in the search query.

What does WSP mean?

What does ong mean?

And many others.

This is a very unique approach by almost breaking up a glossary and creating content for each item.

And with over 54 million search terms with the words 'what does mean' in the query, you can be sure to find ones for your industry.

But there are plenty of variations you can use such as 'what is, who is, how is'.

Can, does, is, how, who, why...

These are very simple questions with very simple answers, but your audience is likely to be asking these types of questions, so expanding on a glossary is a great way to be sure they come to you for the answers.

OK, so what about their backlinks? How are they building their authority?

The Easiest (and Most Powerful) Link Building Technique Today

Link building is hard.

The idea that you'll send an email to someone asking them to add a link from their site to yours, because in some way, shape or form it will make their post better, is pretty ridiculous.

And yet, a lot of SEO is based on that concept.

Sure, it worked once but today, it's rare and probably not worth the effort for most people.

Capitalize My Title has employed possibly the best SEO link building strategy that anyone can use in 2022.

What is it?

Build an online tool.

As we can see, sites with superb authority are linking to them because they happen to be a good tool, and I'm sure that they’ve done this without spending a penny on link building.

We see this all over the place.

This baby name generator has over 400 backlinks from 155 domains to the URL alone.

This wedding budget calculator has links from 372 domains.

In many ways, the best approach for this is to go as niche as you can.

Tax bill estimator, pet dog name generator, viral headline creator, small garden design tool.

The tool, of course, has to be useful.

That's really the whole point.

Animalz created their tool 'Revive' which measures which content on your site needs updating.

Bryan Harris built a tool called Smart Bribe in just 24 hours that helps to generate more leads/social shares.

And remember, you don't have to be original.

Creating a tool that already exists makes a lot of sense because you know people will want to use it, and it will help people who land on your site.

The point is, if you are going to do the whole outreach thing, sharing a tool that people find useful will actually be better.

This brings me on to a cool outreach lesson that I assure you will help you to get more links.

Natural Outreach: The Secret Weapon of Link Building

Building quality links can be tough (no matter what people say).

Here's a quick example.

Write outreach emails that people naturally send to friends.

For example, I reached out with this email to a friend of mine.

It's a simple email, where I saw a tool they'd love.

So, here's a tip.

Go to your 'sent' boxes and look at the emails you send to people.

And go to your inbox and look at the emails that you open.

(Do this for both your personal email and your business account).

What stands out?

Well in my emails, what I send tends to be:

  • Feedback (positive and negative for services and products)
  • Things of use to people (websites I've found, articles that are great)
  • Questions

Please note that this doesn't mean that you need to copy and paste your emails word for word.

It's the sentiment.

So for example, you might have a tool that scans a website for typos and builds a list for the site owner.

Like this one.

Well, how cool would it be to reach out to people by telling them that you spotted a typo?

And then telling them about the tool that you built that they can use to check their site themselves.

That's going to open up a conversation and likely a link, or at least more users.

The more natural you can make your outreach, the more successful it can be.

OK, this is all well and good.

But people want growth and they want growth fast.

Here's a little technique that might help you if you try and use it.

An Angle that Skyrockets Your Website in Record Time

In these case studies, I like to pull something out that can help a website to be different and grow its traffic at speed.

And the best way to grow a site at speed is to find a high traffic search term that is low competition.

Well, here's a way to do that.

If we head over to Capitalize My Title again, I want you to consider one thing.

What one word describes the single biggest subject of the site?

For this site, it's the term 'words'.

Sure, you might have thought ‘titles’, but that's way too narrow.

So, have a think about your site.

Then head over to a keyword tool with your super broad word.

Once you've done that, alter the keyword difficulty settings to between 0 and 10 and the traffic potential between 1000 and 10,000.

Here we have over 12,000 keywords to do with words, with a potential traffic volume of 2.3 million.

And we have loads of contnt that we can create at scale.

This technique works because it goes against all of the advice out there.

Which is that you should niche down. And yes, that's great advice.

But if you want to build traffic quickly, then this is a great way to do it.

Look for broad, high volume and low difficulty keywords, and then create content that matches.

Final Thoughts


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OK, so that's it for another case study.

What's clear with this breakdown is that online tools are insanely powerful for both traffic and links, and indeed link building.

So, what tool can you create that people would love?

Answer that and you will have a very powerful way to generate links.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe.


posted January 20, 2022

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