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The Marketing Seminar is an online course created by legendary marketer Seth Godin, and in this detailed review, I am going to tell you why it is one of the best marketing courses on the planet.

Why The Marketing Seminar Turns E-Learning On Its Head

When I signed up for The Marketing Seminar (called TMS for short) in the summer of 2017, I was a little nervous and wasn't sure what to expect.

As a huge fan and follower of Seth Godin, I had the feeling that it would be money well spent no matter what the course was like.

And from day one I was shocked because unlike any other online course I had ever purchased this did not come with lifetime access.

Suddenly a cold sweat appeared, and a veil of panic slid over my face.


Lifetime access for online courses is pretty much a given these days, so to see this from Seth shocked me and also scared me a little.

So every day for (I believe 30 days) I needed to pay attention and put my mind into this course.

It was not going to be one of those courses that you flick through.

Instead, this was a course with no tests and no lifetime access.

This unique concept meant I had to show up if I was going to get my money's worth and it couldn't be a course that I purchased and placed in my 'will do this course one-day' folder.

I had to start this course NOW!

In addition to the course, there is an online forum attached to it, here you can meet fellow students and conduct your homework (yes, you get homework most days). This is another unique aspect of the course.

Unique, as Seth himself, is actually in this forum. He drops by and posts in the forum, and yes, I got a fantastic comment from the man himself.

It all adds to the feeling that this is much more than an online course, it is a University.

Ok, so once I had adapted to the pressure what was the course actually like?

Daily Seth Godin Knowledge Bombs

Each day Seth shares an online video, sometimes two that lasts around the 8 to 10-minute mark.

And this is Seth Godin at his best.

I made over 200 pages of written notes on this course because every sentence is a gold mine of marketing information.

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

What marketing is, positioning, what people want, market research, culture, worldviews and personas, why people don't choose you, how to get the word out, trust and tension, empathy in B2B marketing, status roles, desires, PR, modern marketing plans, pricing, brand building, storytelling, testimonials, permission marketing, tribes and a lot more as well.

I have never been on a course that is more detailed and also more valuable.

In addition to all of these various subjects, Seth walks you through plenty of case studies, taking a real-life business and walking you through how they have applied his various concepts to great success.

Seth Godin Has An Incredible Way Of Teaching

The way that Seth Godin teaches makes everything sound so simple, yet in this course, Seth also puts some real meat on the bones of his concepts, many of which he has written books about.

For example, Seth walks you through the Rogers Curve and explains why people become early adopters and how to reach this audience.

He also goes in-depth and talks about the actual history of PR and if you should be using it for your business, and of course, Seth talks about his famous Purple Cow approach and exactly how that came to become a success.

This course is incredibly detailed yet equally entertaining. Seth's amazing presentation style is a pleasure to watch.

I can't remember an online course I have been on that is so captivating.

How The Marketing Seminar Helped My Business

If you are like me, I took this course to help to grow my business, and without a doubt it did.

Yes, I have taken other courses online, and they too have helped, but this course has provided myself with tangible benefits.

I have been able to focus my marketing efforts, reducing any waste of my budget and time.

It has allowed me to redefine my business approach and yes, more money has come as a result.

This last year has been my best year ever, and it has everything to do with the impact this course had on both my life and my business.

So what exactly did impact my business?

I am sure you want specifics, and yes I can give those.

The Marketing Seminar helped me to focus what I do as a business and the price I charged.

Rather than become a business for everyone, I chose to narrow down to a small yet viable audience.

As an example, I now tend to work with businesses who have the budgets for serious SEO and copywriting work to be done. These are businesses that understand the importance of SEO and also content.

How did I do this, well, in a nutshell, my approach to my own marketing changed, I became generous by posting educational content on LinkedIn every day.

I created a free course, wrote long blog posts that were more like books and as a result more of the types of customers I desired have come looking for my services.

And that was just one of the ways that the course has impacted on my life and business.

So you could say that Seth's course had an incredible effect on both myself as a person/ marketer and on my business.


I can't promise that this course will make you rich or indeed change your life, but as a direct result of strategies from The Marketing Seminar that I have  implemented in my business, I have seen significant and tangible improvements in both the quality of leads coming into my business, my conversion rates and of course my income.

But more than this, the course made me focus my business down a path that is increasing my revenue, my enjoyment of my role and more importantly it has allowed me to help my clients more effectively.

Take this course; you won't regret it.

Thanks for reading.

Andrew Holland

posted January 30, 2019

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