SEO That Works Review

Welcome to the review of Brian Dean's premium training programme SEO That Works. The course is an on line training programme from which is designed to increase your knowledge of SEO and content marketing.  In this article I will explain:

  • What SEO That Works Is all About
  • Tell you if it is worth the price
  • Explain my results both before SEO that Works and Afterwards including a page 1 ranking for a 65,000 searches per month term! 
  • Suggest some alternative blogs with courses that may meet your needs better

SEO  That Works

Who is Brian Dean? 

For those of you who do not know Brian is perhaps the best SEO expert in the world and he ranks on Google for some of the most competitive keywords around.

Take "keyword research", a phrase that gets 12,100 searches per month and Brian is on page 1 of Google. Now that is just one of many searches where Brian has out ranked hundreds of SEO companies that would love to have his rankings. The guy knows his stuff and that is, of course, all before you consider he once ran a blog that made 10 k per month! 

I know what you must be thinking "that's great but how does it help me?" Well stick with me and later in the article I will share my results and I personally think you will be able to achieve similar results by using  the proven formula that Brian Dean teaches. 

SEO That Works: What is it?

My blogging stats over the last few years

Well, the SEO that works course is a premium product that Brian has put together to help others learn how to repeat his success. I am not new to blogging either and run a few sites that generate 10,000 to 17,000 page views per month and as such I have paid for my fair share of on-line courses. I also run my own SEO and content marketing agency (you are reading my agency blog) so I knew a fair bit already.  

Now although I have had some great success with my work in the past, I struggled with consistent results. I would often just write what I thought or felt would do well after some keyword research and publish, then share to groups I had developed and connected with. This did well most of the time but not all my posts worked out the same. I often spent ages on a post and got low returns. I was hoping Brians SEO That Works course would help to fix this.

Price: Is it Worth The Money? 

This is a premium course and is not cheap, in truth I did not purchase  it when I first saw the course for sale. I  actually purchased it some months later which gave me chance to read his blog in more detail

When I started reading Backlinko  (Brian's Blog) I was hooked, the articles, the free guides and videos all made me enjoy it so much I became a fan. Then when Brian offered his course out again  I took the opportunity and did not regret it,  I only wished I had jumped at the chance the first time. 

I have paid for lots of $27 courses and shiny gizmos that I felt would be the next breakthrough and not one has made a difference to my business or blogging. So I saw the price of SEO that works and thought that this was too expensive. I guess I had been trained via repeat purchases that SEO courses should be less than $30, however looking back most of  those cheap courses were a mistake to buy.

That is where I was with internet courses; I had stopped buying them because I had stopped enjoying them and failed to find them useful. And in many ways I felt that Brians course would be much like my experience of other courses. So I declined the first chance I could have gone into the SEO that works course.

Several months later I got my chance again and it was not long after the launch of my business so I decided to take the plunge. I had of course been reading Backlinko for longer at this time however that is not what made me decide to go on the course.

What actually convinced me was that Brian had a page where you could ask him questions,  so I did this and asked him some questions based on my concerns and the answers impressed me. That combined with the money back offer if you are not happy with the course, and I was secure enough to take the plunge.

I am pleased to say that it was worth every penny, and it shows that there is a huge gulf in class between these $27 courses out there and premium ones. As a result  I will not be buying anymore 'shiny' $27  courses and saving my money for the better courses when they come available. 

Inside The SEO That Works Course

When I entered the course, I was impressed. It has a great look and feel to the site; it is very professional and I tested it on both a laptop and tablet and it worked fine.

You do not get access to the whole course right away; this is a format where you get new material each week and Brian calls these modules and each one is packed with videos and material.

Now when you go to a course and it has this week by week thing you get annoyed because you want it all now. Well, this couldn't happen with this course. You would simply be overloaded with tasks and information. I could not keep up the schedule. However, it is cool because you have access to the course forever and you can take your own time.

The videos in the course feature a combination of over the shoulder and Brian Dean teaching on white screen background. It is very stylish and Brian speaks clearly so you can understand exactly what he says.

Inside, you learn step by step about Brian's proven content frameworks and the science behind them. You will learn not only how Brian works but also how he promotes and creates his content on Backlinko. Along the way, you will see people talk about their examples and success in the course (I am featured in one of those examples).

You also get cool mini bonus videos under each module as well. No stone is left unturned and by the end of the course, your knowledge is lifted to a new level.

After you get your final module sent you will get access to the bonus content and this is pure gold. Brian gives you interviews with leading experts in a variety of fields and then you also get Brians guide to building a blog. You could spend the next six months just going back and forth through the interviews and making notes and putting them into action.

The final aspect of the course is the community. All people in the SEO course get access to a private Facebook community. It is actually a really nice group, polite, supportive and helpful. I have to say this is a great bonus as you get to see the work of others as they share their results.

SEO That Actually Works: My Results Are Proof

Now this is where you get to see the proof that this is SEO that really works, as I share my results from implementing the STW system for my clients.

One of my best results was a page 1 ranking for a  client for a search term that gets 65,000 searches per month. It was for the term Teddy Riner who is a world famous Judo player and my client is in that niche. We saw a huge increase in search traffic as a result for the client and even though we dropped  off the first page after several weeks (we were pushed off by news sites with huge page authority) we are still near the top of page 2. 

We have achieved quite a lot of other results for our clients using these strategies including a huge increase in email subscribers for one client  using Brian's Infographic advice.  

At the time of writing we have had as a direct result of Brian's training generated an extra 50,000 visitors to client sites in the last few months, 

Updated Conclusion and Alternatives

I personally think signing up for Brian Dean's SEO That Works course was the smartest decision that I have ever made for my business.

It is clear that the strategies and training provide results if you take action.  I know from being part of the SEO That Works community that many students are getting amazing rankings and exposure. We have seen content getting tweeted by Tim Ferriss, others have been featured on Hubspot and many other amazing sites. 

The SEO That Works Course is simply amazing, and I know that my results will increase for both myself and my clients.

That being said you might not want this type of course now, perhaps there are other areas of your business that you need to focus on first. As such I have a few suggestions below of blogs and sites that I trust, most of which have premium and free courses. These are not ads or affiliate links but each site has helped me a lot and I have gained a  ton of knowledge from them. I know they can all  help you too. 

So thanks for reading and please take the time to sign up for my newsletter where I share lots of information about blogging for business success. 

2017 Update

OK, so it has been a while since I first wrote the review for the SEO That Works course, so I thought it might be a good idea to talk about how I have gone on since 2015.

The course for myself was life changing, not only because I acquired more knowledge but because I went from being just 'another SEO guy' to actually being able to deliver consistent results for both myself and my clients.

So here is the bad news. SEO That Works is hard work! 

Yes, funny that, if you want to gain more traffic and higher rankings you need to put in the graft.

When it comes to SEO the vast majority of people are looking for a 'fast' or 'cheap' option. Some kind of magic wand that will make your website rank higher in the search engines. This is not SEO That Works.

What you do have is a truly effective process for delivering long term results; check out my own local ranking for my business: 

I rank position 2 and 3 for SEO in Stoke-on-Trent and to be honest I have only applied 1% of the SEO That Works course to achieve my results. 

I also am the top ranking website for Content Marketing in my area:

OK, that is for local but what about bigger search volume:

I applied some of the STW tactics to a client's website and created a piece of content that has delivered 36,525 visitors to their website.

One of the core areas that Brian Dean introduces you to on the course is the power of virality. This has allowed me to create both viral articles and also videos. 

The stats above are just for one social media client I have, but yes that is 4.5 Million video views!

Now this is  all well and good but if you are going to buy SEO That Works and are not willing to either spend your time or money on applying  the techniques don't bother.  Like I say it requires hard work!

However if you do, you will find me inside the STW community. To be honest that is one of the best reasons to purchase the course. You are going to join a private Facebook group packed full of the best SEO experts there is, and in addition you will find beginners, small business owners and company directors.

The community is the best I have seen in Facebook. Warm, welcoming and supportive at every step of the way.

So there you have it, my new review of the SEO That Works Course. I hope to see you inside because it truly is the best SEO Course there is. 


Andrew  Holland

Zoogly Media

posted April 7, 2017

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