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In this article, I will give you a complete review of the Grow Your Blog Fast course by Brian Dean.

I will also tell you what the course includes, my opinions on each module and give you my results from using his strategies.

Ready to learn more?

Let's dive in.

What Is Grow Your Blog Fast?

Brian Dean is perhaps one of the best copywriters on the planet in his own right (nudge for a future course, Brian).

And because of this, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the course is all about.

The name says it all.

It is a course for people who want to grow their blog fast.

And yes, I guess that is an excellent way to sum it up because unlike his SEO That Works course, this is not about gaining backlinks or rankings in Google.

This course is all about building an audience through blogging.

And when I first took this course, I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

As someone heavily involved in the SEO industry, I can tell you that building backlinks is damn tough right now.

So, an approach and a course that demystifies the way to build an audience and a successful blog is what you need.

But who exactly is Brian Dean, and why should you listen to him?

Who Is Brian Dean And Why You Should Listen To Him

Brian Dean is the man that took blogging about Backlinks and turned into a multi-million dollar business.

He founded Backlinko (his blog) and quickly rose to the top of the SEO industry. 

He was getting higher rankings than many companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets and as such became one of the worlds most sought after SEO experts.

But as if that wasn't enough, he has created not one but several 7 figure revenue courses and even has a hit YouTube channel.

And I think anyone in marketing would agree that he produces some of the best online content there is.

So, he knows his stuff.

But what does the course cover?

The 5 Modules To A Successful Blog

The Grow Your Blog Fast Course is laid out over 5 modules, each designed to make your blog grow.

So, let's break them down.

Module 1: Jump Start Your Blogs Growth

This module is perhaps one of the killer strategies in the course that when you learn what it is, you will have a lightbulb moment.

I am not going to sugar coat this, the work involved in module 1 is backbreaking.

But it is pretty amazing once you do the work (I will show you my results later in the post).

The premise behind the tactic is to create a blog post the likes of which no-one in your industry has seen before.

In terms of size, scale and impact, this post format has the power to change your blog growth.

The post is something called an RLL, and the module breaks down everything from finding a proven subject you can write about, to breaking down the topic and of course finishing your RLL

The module has 4 videos, worksheets and additional training in areas such as copywriting, finding proven blog post ideas and positioning your blog.

And being honest there is enough in this module alone to be a course in itself.

Module 2: Publish Amazing Blog Content

The second module provides you with 6 videos, each going over a type of content that you should use to grow your blog.

You will see the style of content he suggests featured all across the Backlinko blog, so you know these post formats work.

The bonus resources cover things such as how he writes 30,000 words a month, design tips and blog tear downs.

But for me, the first module is where you get eyes on your blog, and this module is how to keep making your audience come back for more by producing fantastic content.

Module 3: Promote Your Blog

OK, so what came first, the visitors or the rankings?

The biggest issue with growing a blog today is that to grow your blog; you need traffic.

But you can't get traffic easily until you get rankings on Google. 

And you can't gain rankings on Google unless you have backlinks.

This is the biggest issue facing bloggers today, and this module is all about promoting your blog, so you start to gain those much-needed visitors without the need for backlinks.

There are only 3 videos in this module, and they break down very effective blog promotion tactics that don't come across as spammy or 'link desperate'.

The additional training resources in this section are the least so far and consist of an outreach email teardown and a PDF on advanced outreach methods.

Module 4: Build Your Email List In Record Time

This module is again 3 videos but is perhaps one of the most valuable in the entire course because it gives people the thing they strive for most.

An email list.

The growth of your email list is perhaps the most crucial part of any blog because it allows you to talk to your audience both repeatedly and for free.

Just imagine, you have a blog that has an email list of around 40,000.

With a press of a button, your next blog post goes out to all of them and gets shared, on social media further growing your audience.

Of course, that is easier said than done...or is it?

This module gives you the key tactics used by Brian to grow his blog audience (which I think is over 100,000 subscribers).

The additional resources are some teardowns and extra tips to use this process, but in all honesty, the whole module is a bit like having a lesson in email list growth by a seasoned expert.

Don't expect magic bullets here but tried and tested methods.

Module 5: How To Launch Products To Your Audience

The final module covers how to launch products to your email list.

This section reveals the Brian Dean approach to launching products to your email list in the most profitable way possible.

If you have ever been on the Backlinko email list, you will have been on the receiving side of this process, and of course, the videos in this section break it down as do the additional resources.

This section doesn't tell you what products to make for your audience, but it breaks down the system for you on how to launch them.

Is Grow Your Blog Fast Worth The Price Tag?

The course is a premium course with a premium price tag of over $2000.

So, is it worth it?

The short answer to this is yes, without a doubt.

The long answer of course is, yes it is worth it BUT only if you are prepared to put the work in.

As a person who has earned his living FULL time from the internet since 2015, I can tell you that the tactics inside the course are solid...rock solid.

But they require work, often backbreaking work.

So, if you are looking for the latest shiny object that will help you to grow a 7 figure blog, then this isn't for you.

But if you want to put the work in, you have a proven system to generate results time after time.

I Own A Business, Is This Course Right For Me?

Does this course work for business blogs?

The answer to that is yes. It works perfectly for businesses, and I really wish more business blogs would produce great content.

If you need examples of great business blogs, check out the Sumo Blog or the Hook Agency.

High-quality blogging for business is something that I feel is a massive gap in the market now.

And using the tactics in this course will help your business to get more targeted visitors to your site.

Is This Course About Content Marketing?

The course is about growing a blog, and yes, that does involve content marketing.

The course never mentions content marketing (that I can recall), but that's what blogging really is.

What Doesn't The Course Cover?

There are plenty of things that the course doesn't cover such as boosting your content with Facebook, growing a following on social media etc.

But it doesn't really need to. It is dedicated to growing your blog and of course, your email list.

It doesn't take a genius to boost a post on Facebook, and there are plenty of courses out there on social media growth.

It is all about growing a blog to be proud of and that people love.

Does The Course Feature Any Training On SEO?

The answer to this is no.

And as I have said, that is a nice relief.

In the current internet marketing world, people are ONLY interested in content that gains them backlinks and traffic organically from Google.

There is little thought or effort into building the most important thing you need. 

An audience.

This course turns this on its head and put the content and the audience first, which is excellent. 

Brian has SEO that works for anyone who wants to learn how to gain organic traffic and backlinks.

But this is an audience, and email building focused course.

I have SEO That Works, Is There Any Cross Over?

If you have spent over $2000 on SEO That Works, you might be wondering if this course covers the same tactics.

Well, yes, there is a tiny bit of cross over with a few of the content types in module 2.

But that is all.

If you have SEO That Works and Grow Your Blog Fast, you have the most unstoppable formula in online marketing.

So, while there is some minor cross over content, it isn't big enough to take away from the value of the course, and both courses have very different goals and strategies.

What Were Your Results?

As someone who has been on the client side of work for some time, I haven't had much time to focus on my own marketing.

But I did manage to produce 1 piece of content from the course, and that was my RLL.

This RLL was in the form of my 117 LinkedIn Marketing Tips, Strategies & Techniques post.

So, how did this do?

Well, the post took me a lot of hours to create.

I am going to put a low estimate on it and say 50 hours.

Initially, the post did well in terms of some social shares, and several influencers shared it.

Since that time, it has been responsible for picking up 2 high authority links but also allowed me to build relationships with several key names.

I was even given a free course by one of these.

Organically, it is starting to move up the rankings, and the post generated me over 3000 visitors to the site.

You might be thinking, 'that's not that great for 50 hours'.

Well, that is only if you think of this as a one-time thing.

The post has had incredible feedback and gave birth to a 'beta' course on LinkedIn marketing that I launched a few days ago.

Also, the post helped to land over £15,000 in contracts for my agency so far, and when I share it to a new connection on LinkedIn, I immediately get positive feedback.

And I haven't promoted it with any degree of seriousness.

More importantly, it sends a massive signal to anyone looking to hire me for content marketing and SEO that I take my work seriously.

I was so happy with the initial results that I created a second RLL on how to advertise your business locally.


If you want to grow your blog in the fastest time possible, I would strongly recommend that you buy this course.

As far as I am concerned, it is the best course on blogging out there (and I have taken a lot).

But, it isn't a course that promises results without any hard work. Brian tells you several times about the work required during the course.

I was thrilled with my results from the course, and I am using the techniques and tactics to help clients with their online growth.

And I am sure if you use the tactics in the course you will see amazing results too.

Thanks for reading.

posted May 1, 2020

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