Web Design 
That Drives Sales

We will help your business to be found in the internet jungle

We craft digital experiences that excite, inspire & convert

You have a great business and your business deserves a fantastic website.

But much more than this, your website should be a lead producing machine that is an integral part of what you do.

We believe that a website should not just 'look pretty'.

In our world a website has to work for your business.  

You see you don't need a new website, what you need is a web hero.

Enter Zoogly: We Don't Build Websites, We Build Web Heroes

A website should not be a 'pretty thing' that you look at once in a while, it should be one of the team. In fact we expect a website to be an invaluable part of any business.

Your website can and should do more and it is right that you DEMAND more from your site. 

At Zoogly we know how easy it is to get lost in the internet jungle and  your business needs a digital hero that will protect, care for and support you in the thick of the web.

We are going to give your business its very own Tarzan.

Your Tarzan website will swing in and save the day making life easier for your business.

What Your Website Will Bring To Your Business

Performance & Strategy

We believe that a website should be a careful blend of performance and strategy.

This is not just about design (although great design is essential), this is about user experience, the words on your site and the way your customers feel when they land on your website. 

You visitor will think 'this is for me', 'they get me'

Design & Speed

Your site will be agile yet beautiful, flexible yet strong.

It will load fast, look great and strike a quick message to your customer.

The second they arrive at your site your visitor will know they are in the right place. Functional design combined with strength is what you will gain. 

Experience & Power

Your website will showcase your industry knowledge.

Our expert copywriters will craft your web copy so that your business shines. We take the art of writing seriously because words speak to people.

Your customers will know they are in the right hands and in turn your website will have the power to convert those visitors into leads. 

From state of the art lead generation to 'click to call' buttons and video backgrounds. Your business will  have the power of a great website behind it.

How We Create Your Personal Web Hero (a.ka. your website)

Our Web Design Process

We use a proven formula to ensure we gain results for our clients.

This 4 step method is designed to drive traffic to your website, increase search engine rankings and to increase the conversion rate of those visitors. 

Step 1:Competitive Analysis

We focus our strategy around your competition. 

We find out what traffic the top ranking sites in your industry are getting and how they have obtained their rankings. 

We then follow this with in-depth keyword research to ensure we have a plan for success. 

Step 2. Functional Web Design

Once we have a strategy mapped out we set about creating a high performing website for you.

Our web design is focused on SEO, User Experience and Conversion.

We build you a site from scratch that uses the latest technology which provides a combination of aesthetic appearance and performance, because a website needs to look good on both the inside and out!

Step 3. Digital Strategy

You now have a great website but that is not enough.

You need this site to be part of an ongoing strategy.

Before we release any web design we provide you with a 12 month digital strategy that will show you step by step what you need to do next so that you can reach your business goals. 

Step 4. Ongoing Testing, Support And Training

We want you to succeed and to do so we ensure your site is fully backed up but that is not all. We include with every website 6 months of traffic generation training.

Over the next 6 months you will sit down with us for 1 hour per month and we will teach you how you can gain clients and increase your web traffic. The cost of this is £780 and we include it for free!

We also include unlimited phone and email support.

Case Study

Click the button below to learn how we helped our client Neil Adams MBE with his digital marketing and took him from zero to 130,000 website visitors

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