Over the last 4 years I have tested almost every type of landing page creator there is and in this article I put 2 of the most well known head to head.

They are of course, Thrive Architect and Lead Pages.

I will walk you through the creation of landing pages using both tools and also give you my verdict as to which tool you should use and when.

Ready, let's dive in. 

Thrive Architect Is The Best Landing Page Builder

If you are in a hurry I am going to be quite clear with you on this....Thrive Architect is the winner.

Yes, Thrive Architect by Thrive Themes is the best landing page builder on the web, in fact almost all of their tools are incredible. 

But from this point on I need to explain and justify how I have come to this conclusion. 

So, let's walk through how you use each one. 

How To Create A Landing Page With Thrive Architect

Firstly, Thrive Architect is a WordPress plugin, so that means that it only works with WordPress websites, but in all honesty, unless you are running an e commerce site you should be using WordPress. 

So, if you are using Wix or any other alternative I urge you to shift your site onto the WordPress platform.

My reasons for this are quite varied but here are my top 3:

  1. It will allow you to make changes to your website quickly and easily.
  2. It is easier to enhance a WordPress website for SEO purposes.
  3. There are a wide range of plug-ins you can use to enhance your website.

OK now we have that out of the way, let me show you how easy it is to create a landing page using Thrive.

Once inside your WordPress Editor I create a new page and once I have done this I press the launch with Thrive button.

Once inside the page you have a bar on the side that you can access with a click, this is where all your options are (we will come back to this shortly)

From there you have access to a large database of landing page templates you can use in seconds. 

There is everything you can imagine here, from download pages to full website home pages, the library of landing pages is incredible. 

For this example I have created a 1 page website for a dog walker.

And yes it really is that easy....I have created a decent looking website in seconds.

Now that I have done this I can use their page builder tools to alter anything on the page that I don't like and add things I do.

The great thing about the page builder is all the things you can add to your page. 

And here are just a few items:

  • Images
  • buttons
  • countdown timers
  • custom menus
  • Facebook comments
  • icons
  • fill counters
  • email sign ups
  • Google maps
  • Video
  • and a lot more.

Once you have the tool bar open you can literally drag and drop elements and have a great looking page set up within minutes.

So setting up a landing page with Thrive was super quick and it had a lot of customisation options.

Let's take a look at LeadPages

How To Build A Landing Page With LeadPages

OK, so we are now looking at the same process but using LeadPages.

If there was a phrase I would use to sum up LeadPages it would 'simplicity'. Because LeadPages is extremely straight forward.

In contrast to Thrive, this is not a plug in (although they do have the ability to add any page you create to your WordPress theme using a plug in, however LeadPages hosts the pages you create for you directly on their platform, so in essence you can have a website up in minutes with zero use of coding or web designers/ developers.

Even if you know how to set a WordPress website up, it takes time to set it all up correctly, with LeadPages you can be up and running in minutes.

To start, the platform will ask you for your goals.

This is pretty useful for beginners and businesses who are new to online marketing because it will give you templates based on your goals.

Because we just created a mini site with Thrive I will aim to do the same here.

And just like Thrive, LeadPages has a range of Templates:

For this example I am going to check out their fitness template.

Once the template is loaded you have a great looking site that is ready for your to customise.

The LeadPages site has a very similar set up to Thrive in terms that you have a Widget Bar and can pretty much add all of the same things as you can with Thrive.

Ultimately you have a pretty decent looking site that will no doubt get you results.

LeadPaged V's Thrive On Price 

You have probably realised that both platforms are easy to use and can create you a variety of web pages in seconds....so why is Thrive better?

There are a few reasons but I will sum up the first...price.

Thrive Architect (personal licence)

$228 a year

LeadPages Pro

$576 a year

You might be able to get some deals, pick up variations of the products that are cheaper but ultimately if you want the full packages with both platforms you will be spending more on LeadPages...but it is still a lot cheaper than having a web designer sort out your website for you.

So are there any other reasons I prefer Thrive? Yes there are.

How Are People Going To Find Your Website?

The second reason I prefer Thrive largely has to do with your marketing plan.

If you intend on using organic traffic from Google it makes absolutely no sense to use LeadPages. 

I am not saying you can't rank a page on Google built with LeadPages...because you can, but they own your site.

It is their hosting platform,  their code and that will make SEO very difficult over the long term. 

With a WordPress site, even if you deactivate your Thrive Plugin you have all the written content still, but none of the design, if you do this with LeadPages you lose it all. 

The other issues come as you start to grow. With a Thrive membership you can access all of their products such as their quiz builder, their online course builder and many more tools so you have a far wider range of options as your business grows.

LeadPages on the other hand is great for those looking to use Adverts to grow their business. It comes with Facebook integration that allows you to create adverts directly within LeadPages for the platform.

Of course, you don't need this integration but the idea is that within minutes you could have a website up and running and driving qualified traffic to a landing page and gain clients/ sales almost instantly.

Start With The End In Mind

When I meet with clients I often ask them a question...."In five years time from now, how many sales will your business be making and how are your customers discovering your business".

I always get a range of answers such as ' £250,000 a year, word of mouth, social media, Google etc'.

So I ask people to break that down for me and even go as far to ask them how much traffic their website needs to be gaining for that sum to be correct.

Very often they don't know, which is why my digital strategies are so powerful and popular. 

When we break that figure down, I ask them where their traffic is coming from to have created such a growth in online sales?

And at this stage people start to look vacant. 

Traffic to websites costs money, (unless you know how to do SEO).  Either you pay for adverts or you get yourself listed in the organic results on Google.

If you intent to do both (and that is what I advise), it makes no sense in using LeadPages. It costs more and WordPress is far easier to perform SEO tasks within. 

You might as well start as you mean to go on, by building yourself a web presence that is fuelled by both organic traffic and advertising.

So, when would I suggest using LeadPages?

LeadPages is a great tool if you want fast results.

For example, let's say I was to create a new online product that needed a website and landing page created. If my product was ready to go I could start generating leads in a few hours using a combination of Facebook Ads and lead pages.

I wouldn't need to get my own domain, sort out hosting, create a website and all of the things that go with that.

I would be up and running in minutes and not days.

However I can safely say that those moments are rare in a business and for that reason I advise that for most business marketing online, Thrive is the best product you can acquire for your business and I highly recommend you making the switch today.

So, do you have any other views on this? Could you see reasons why Thrive is not as good as LeadPages?

If so let me know.

Thanks for reading

Andrew Holland

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