The One Sentence Link Building Course

I am sure you will agree that in SEO (search engine optimisation), building links is perhaps the most sought after skill and service.

But building genuine backlinks is both time consuming and requires a degree of high skill.

So, to make life easier for you, I have created The One Sentence Link Building Course to help you build backlinks faster and more efficiently by focusing on the right type of content.

So, if you are ready, let's dive in.

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Warning: Read This First

I get it. 

You want to dive in and read that single one-sentence that I am talking about.

But if you scroll down the page to find it, you will actually reduce the effectiveness of the course, so I urge you to read the article in the order on this page.

Link Building Psychology: Why People Link Out

The big question we need to answer before we move on is simple, 

'Why do people link to other websites?'

Linking to websites is a free thing to do, it takes minutes, and yes, a backlink from a relevant, authoritative site can help a website to surge up the organic listings in Google.

Yet, despite this being free to do, it has created a multi-million-pound industry where people try and gain links both for free and in many cases buy them.

So.....what is the core reason people link out to other content from their own?

People link to other websites because they believe it will help them to gain what they deeply desire.

And there you have it.....the REAL reason people link out.

This is because even though to add a link in your content to another person's website takes seconds and is free to do, we all know that there is a lot more going on in this situation.

Let's take the freelance writer for example.

They are hired to write an article on a business website or perhaps for a large media outlet.

Their deep desire is relatively simple, they want to get paid, and they want to get hired and paid again!

When they link out to other content, they do so because they need to 'qualify' what they have written, so an editor can see they have done their research and the article is not made up nonsense. 

So for that type of writer, linking out helps them to prove what they are saying and raises their status by showing they are a writer that has knowledge and researches to make sure their work is accurate.

For this kind of writer, link building is a signal to the person that pays them, and it is a signal that shows they cared enough about this article to research prior to writing it.

It shows they are a professional.

And it is for this reason that gaining backlinks is damn tough.

Because for the vast majority of websites, you have absolutely nothing you can offer them that the person who has to add your backlink deeply desires.

There is absolutely no benefit to them for linking to you, the webmaster gets paid regardless of if they link to you.

They come to work and go home and linking to your content gives them absolutely zero gain.

In fact, linking to your site is actually more work for why would they even bother?

They couldn't care less about your great article.....they just want to make sure the site is working and if it is working, they are happy.

And this is why broken link building remains one of the most powerful ways to build backlinks.

Because fixing a broken link is a priority of most website owners, because broken links make them look bad.

So, broken link building will always be one of your easiest options to build backlinks.

But what about when there are no broken links.....what then?

Well this is what our once sentence link building course is all about.

The One Sentence 

The one sentence isn't designed to suddenly end your link building problems, but to act as a guide when creating content that is intended to gain links or indeed when conducting outreach.

Yes it could be expanded on and indeed many experts have superb articles and courses on link building, this isn't that.

It is a mindset that you need to have when starting any link building, because your aim is to make your content more'link appealing'.

So here it is.

"People will happily link to your website if you help them to prove their point, help them to promote their content, you are an authority in your field and if you can help them to raise their status"  The One Sentence Link Building Course

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So, let's break this down.

People will happily link to your content if:

You help them to prove their point......

We all have a point to our content; otherwise, it would be pointless to create it in the first place.

And when creating your content, you need to add facts and sources that support what you have to say.

By being a source of these facts, statements, ideas or statistics, you have a chance to be linked to.

Help them to promote their content.........

When you link out to others, one of the first things to do is reach out to those you have linked to. 

Why? Because if they like your content, they will share it to their audience.

This helps to fuel further links, get you visitors to your site and is like having an influencer endorsing you.

I knew of a mummy blogger that used this very tactic to gain thousands of backlinks for free.

She told everyone that if they linked to her site, let her know and she would tweet the article out to her audience.....for free.

Crowd sourced articles are a superb example of this process in action and why they work so well.

You are an authority in your field........

When people are creating content, they look to industry authorities for information, ideas, support and of course approval.

As such if you are an authority, you will expect to find people linking to your content and website because of those reasons.

So, a good idea is to become an authority.

How do you do this? 

  • Write a book 
  • Speak at events
  • Build a large social media following
  • Become a Vlogger
  • Write a white paper
  • Gain a qualification
  • Create a course
  • Become endorsed by a person or brand that has high industry status
  • Create incredible content
  • You have case studies
  • You are successful
  • And many other ways

If you can help them to raise their status......

This last part underpins the entire course because each preceding statement in the course adds to this.

As humans, the urge to seek higher status is embedded in our DNA.

We want to be seen by others as the best version of ourselves, and this is why money is linked to status.

Wealth allows people to have a bigger house, go on better holidays, have a better car and so on.

And on a more primal level, the statement 'who eats first' is an excellent indicator of status going all the way back to our caveman days.

So, yes.

An individuals status matters greatly and as such people will link to you with glee if they think there is even just a morsel of chance that in doing so will increase that status (because if you link to a higher source of status, they might just share your content).

The result, very often we link out to those we aspire to be like and in the process, we hope that will get us on their radar and maybe even get them to talk about us.

So, if you are someone with a higher status, you can expect to be able to gain backlinks far more easily. 

The 3 Things You Need To Concentrate On To Become A Link Building Machine

So, what do you need to do now so that you can apply this course to your link building efforts?

Well, I have narrowed it down to 3 key activities.

  1. Create content that supports views
  2. Build a social media following
  3. Become an authority

Create Content That Supports Views

Remember, when it comes to linking out, people are looking for a way that helps them to tell their story better.

It might be the story of them being more professional or the point they are trying to make within their article.

So content that is supportive in nature will always do better.

  • charts
  • statistics
  • quotes
  • facts
  • ideas
  • controversial comments/ articles
  • survey results
  • maps
  • data

There are probably others that I haven't included yet, but needless to say, you have enough to get on with there.

Build A Social Media Following

Yes, if it were easy to build a following, everyone would have a considerable number of followers and it would cease to be valuable.

But you don't need to have a colossal following; you need to have a valuable one.

If your audience is just 100 people, but those 100 people are chairpersons of the top 100 companies in the world.....suddenly your following becomes insanely valuable.

But my suggestion is to build a specific type of following.

A following made of Shareaholic's.

Shareaholic's are: 

  • People who will share your article because it gets a reaction. 
  • People who want to share your content because they like to share valuable and intelligent information (often based on their career goals)
  • People that want to connect the right people to content that matters.

If you build an audience and following of these type of people, then you will see your audience become insanely valuable, and people will definitely link to you more often.

Become An Authority

People make the idea of becoming an authority far harder than it sounds. 

And yes people hack 'authority' all the time.

They say and feature things on their websites such as;

  •  as featured in......(insert industry leaders website)
  • winner of .....(insert industry award)
  • as used by.........(insert large number) of users.
  • Join over.......(insert insanely large number) of email subscribers

You can have a photo stood next to an influencer/ another authority and as such, instantly gain authority.

If you focus your time on becoming authoritative, you will gain links far more easily than before.

Email Outreach: The One Sentence Link building Course Method

As humans, we have a whole range of understated desires, but in most cases, we seek to increase or raise our status in life.

Indeed, social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook are primarily populated by 'status increasing updates' designed to make people seem, wealthier, more interesting, more beautiful, a better parent and so on.

And the business of backlinks is the same.

Because a backlink is much more than a line of code, it is a way to raise the status of the person you want the link from.

Don't believe me? How did you feel the last time you got a backlink?

Pretty happy I am guessing.

And as a result, if you build links you know one of the best emails to ever receive is:

"Hey, I just linked to your article on....."

Followed by a personal and relevant message that shows they are genuinely interested in what you created.

Every decent webmaster and blogger I know would respond to an email like that.

Because even if a business or website owner doesn't know the value of links or even what they do for their site, by linking to them, you have gone a step further than just saying 'you like something' you have actually connected your site to theirs.

And as humans, we all seek connection. 

In simple terms...building links helps you to develop connections, and again we build relationships so that we can gain more of what we deeply desire.

But there also comes a problem.

How to you gain backlinks for yourself?

How To Gain Backlinks in 2019

If we recall, people link out to other websites because they believe it will help them to gain what they deeply desire in life.

So put yourself in their shoes.

You send an email like this:

"Hi, I was doing some research and came across your site.

I created an article that I think you will enjoy, it would be great if you could link to it as well.

Let me know what you think"

Obviously, this is a shocking email to send but it is very much like most outreach emails.

You want a backlink, they know it, you know it and as such, they also know that you aren't really interested in them.

So we need to change this up. 

The rule of thumb for gaining any backlink is this:

Linking to or sharing your content MUST raise the status of the individual or business you are asking for the link.

So how would their status be raised?

  1. If you are telling them a link is broken and have given them a way to fix it (their status is retained/ increased to others because the website doesn't have broken links).
  2. You are giving them something that PROVES their point of view.
  3. You can help to promote their website/ content.
  4. You have created something that get's people talking.
  5. If you are an industry authority and the simple act of reaching out means the world to them (and raises their status).

The aim is simple.

To send outreach emails that when opened makes the life of the recipient better.

So, let's break this down bit by bit.

1. Fixing broken links

No one likes a broken link on their site, it is an itch that you can't scratch, it makes your content look bad and if you are a webmaster, it could make you look bad if your boss or client sees it first.

So telling someone about a broken link helps them to maintain their status/avoid a loss of status. 

Just think about it, if your boss walked in and start saying 'My friend says a link on the site isn't working, please fix it'.

Deep inside you won't look good to them.

This is why broken link building is so effective.

2. Proving Their Point Of View

I have never met anyone that doesn't love to be told they are right.

It is a super powerful way to get anyone on your side in a second. 

And this is why POV  (Point of view) link building is the best-kept secret in the world.

So what is it?

Simple, you go out there and find some content of someone you want a link from and create your own content that supports their views.

Here are some super easy ways to do this:

  • Write an in-depth review
  • Write a case study
  • Collate statistics
  • Find data
  • Create a survey (where the answers would prove that persons POV correct)

3. You can help to promote their website/ content.

Imagine you get an email from someone who says to you 

"Hey, I am going to share your content with my email list and my social media following"

I am sure you would be happy.

Well, that is what you can offer people if you have a following and or a large email list.

So, how would that outreach email look like:


I was doing some research for my site and read your article on (insert subject).

I loved it, and I particularly enjoyed the part about (insert interesting POV).

Well, I created an article that backs up what you are saying, it's here (leave the link to content).

It would be great if you would take a look and let me know what you think

Thanks "

The great thing about this approach is that if they go to your site they will check the content and also check YOU out.

And pretty quickly they will see that you have the power to open doors for them and expose them to more people.

Once they see this, they will quite probably link to your content and ask for the social share....but if they don't, don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

4. You have created something that gets people talking

Do you know what raises status faster than anything.....being helpful.


Because when you help others to discuss their topic of interest, debate and improve their knowledge they will link to you.

Take Brian Dean's 200 Google Ranking factors article.

Over 35 people linked to it with  anchor text such as 'great article', 'in-depth article' and so on.

Or take this article on how to claim unemployment benefits.

Numerous sites linking to the site by describing it as a guide.

If you get people talking you stand a great chance of gaining links and anything that fuels conversation is likely to be shared by others and linked to by others as well.

5.If you are an industry authority and the simple act of reaching out means the world to them (and raises their status).

If Seth Godin gets in touch and says to me 'Hey Andrew, could you do me a favour and create a review about my recent course'.

Well, guess would be done in the next hour.

And that is the power of authority.

Just the simple act of reaching out to someone in your niche is enough to get them to share your content and link to you.

And this is one of the reasons you should seek to not only build your domain authority but your overall perceived authority.

By connecting with others in your niche you have the power to make someone's day and in the process build a connection.

And so, if you are an authority, just asking for a link via an email is incredibly successful.

Of course, you need that authority first, but if you have it, don't be afraid to use it to ask for links.


So, there you have it.

The one-sentence link building course.

Google has made it clear; they want websites to display their expertise, their authority and their trustworthiness (known as E-A-T).

Yet despite these clear guidelines, website owners only focus on things such as 'how can I gain links from high authority domains'.

Instead, it is time to focus on why people link out, and my hope is that this free course has inspired you to change your link building tactics.

So, ask yourself this.

Are you just trying to gain backlinks all the time, or are you building an online presence that attracts links?

Andrew Holland


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