LinkedIN Marketing Management 

Making LinkedIn Work Like Rocket Fuel For Your Business

Did You Know: That LinkedIn has over 250 Million Active Users

and 40% Of Those Users Use LinkdedIn Daily!

It Is Time For Your Business To Tap Into The Power of LinkedIN

Enter Zoogly: LinkedIn Marketing Specialists

We Build You A Following On LinkedIN

In 2017 I decided to use LinkedIn seriously as a way to gain leads for my agency Zoogly Media .

Rather than rely on what the 'so called experts' were saying, I took the choice to test out a range of strategies and techniques.

Here is what I discovered. 

I was able to have my posts seen by hundreds of people each day (even with having a small following).

I was able to turn these 'post views' into inbound leads and then sales with ease. 

I kept using this process to gain results day in and out. 

Just look at the video below to see the real results my own recent LinkedIn post views:

We Drive Leads From LinkedIn To Your Business

Social Media is fun for those who use it but when you are a business you need social to deliver customers. 
Our LinkedIn management service is designed to do just that.  

I discovered that through posting relevant 'mini blog posts' in my LinkedIn feed that my business was exposed to hundreds or thousands of people every day, and yes this gained me the one thing we all want....inbound leads.

Just take a look at the messages I get

Yes, inbound leads coming in daily by the simple act of sharing valuable content in your feed.

But this process is time consuming,

It means spending time away from your business creating content that your target audience loves.

Time you could use on other essential tasks.

And for this reason we have created a bespoke LinkedIn management service designed to get you the results you want.

All you need to do is handle the leads that come into your inbox. 

And the best part, this service comes with no tie ins.

So if you want to leave, or stop you are free to do so, at anytime.

How Does Our LinkedIn Management Service Work?


Step 1: SET UP

Our service is fast paced.
There is no lag time here, once you come on board we will have a meeting online to learn more about yourself and your business.
This service is 100% manual and as such requires a human touch.
We want to learn about what makes you (either as a person or a business) stand out. 
Once we know this we get the ball rolling and our team goes to work.


Step 2: Content

Our team of copywriters who have produced thousands of pounds worth or revenue in sales pages are deployed on either your business or personal LinkedIn feeds.
We post every day of the working week. 
That is 5 posts per week and every post is packed with quality words.
The aim is to have your business or company seen as 'experts' in your field. 
Every post will follow a range of formats we have used to get great results.


Step 3: Growth

Each day we look to grow your network on LinkedIn with quality connections that are designed to grow your business.
We aim to send at least 10 connection requests per day to your target audience/ clients. We do this manually on your behalf and never use 'tools'.
Our approach is no different than if you were to do this yourself, we just save you the time.


Step 4: Results

Each month we review and refine to see what is working and what isn't.
We report on the results to you and also suggest where we can improve.
Our process is always looking to improve on results, through careful monitoring and using proven content frameworks we can deliver incredible results.

Who Is This For?

The LinkedIn accelerator service is for anyone in business who wants to build either their company or personal brand.

It is for those looking to increase their leads in the B2B marketplace.

It is for the busy company director or CEO who simply does not have the time for LinkedIn but understands the importance of the platform.

This service is not for people who want to spam others.

We don't do that, our aim is to share value with your audience and to grow your connections.

This is exactly how we are gaining so many leads and how you should too.

The Price


Perfect for those that want to grow their brand and increase leads

From £1000 per month

  • 1 x Long form post on LinkedIn each day Monday to Friday 
  • Written by expert copywriters
  • Unique content each day
  • Approx 20 Long form posts per month
  • Cancel anytime

So What Now? 

Get in touch with us via phone or email so we can discuss how Zoogly Media can help you to grow your LinkedIn.

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