How Snacksurprise Generates 28,800 Annual Visitors with a WTA Homepage

With our Growth Through Content case studies, I don’t just like to focus on mega traffic sites.

Sure, they are interesting, but rarely where great SEO tactics are found.

And so, keeping with the idea of giving you real-world tactics, today’s case study will focus on a single home page.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a WTA landing page that drives traffic from organic search queries.
  • Why micro-niche research could be huge for launching your next business.
  • And how I’d grow Snacksurprise using lean SEO.


Let’s dive in. 


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What is Snacksurprise?

SnackSurpise is founded by 2 brothers in 2019 who wanted to provide worldwide snacks to people.

It’s a subscription-based business that allows customers to choose an option based on their needs.

What Are Their Traffic Levels?

The current traffic levels stand at around 4,000 visitors per month.

But what’s interesting is that they are generating most of those searches to their home page.

And the crazy part...most of their home page searches are not branded terms.

And the growth has come quite quickly.

So, how are they doing this?

Let’s find out.

The Key to Their Success: a WTA Home Page

As a copywriter and SEO specialist, I am always annoyed at the split between search and conversion that occurs.

Long story short.

If you hire a copywriter to create a high converting landing page, they’ll do so, with little or no consideration for search engines.

And for good reason, they aren’t paid to think about traffic, they are paid to think about conversion.

But there is a sweet spot.

A type of page that tends to do well.

I call this a WTA Page.

What’s that?

“What They Are” Style Homepages

Sometimes they happen by accident, sometimes they happen through design.

But a ‘what they are’ home page is possibly the most powerful way to generate results for a business without hiring an SEO agency.


Because they are designed based on your entire business model.

The formula goes like this:

What you are:

What you do:

The reason this style of home page works well is that it’s completely designed around what you offer and not trying to rank for some kind of high volume search term.

In this case, it’s 

What we are: SnackSurprise 

What we do?: Each month we deliver a box of snacks, from a different country to your door. 

And of course, their search presence has the same message.

You’ll notice that there is no ambiguity here.

It’s clear what you get and the site tells search engines exactly what they are and do.

The result is a home page that ranks for over 1400 keywords and variations.

If you make your site content focused on clarity of positioning, you’ll automatically go to the long tail of search queries and open up a world where you are on the first page.

But is it just a case of creating a good title and a strapline?


The rest of their site reinforces what they are and offer.

The page leaves no one in doubt about what they offer and what they are.

In contrast, I know a lot of SEO and marketing agencies that you’d never know what they do.

They have super creative sites that look great, but they don’t stand out from the crowd or indeed you can’t make out why they are different from all the others.

Of course, Snacksurprise hasn’t only grown using search.

They have used influencer marketing to drive massive growth on platforms like Tik Tok.

There’s no doubt, Snacksurprise operates in a micro-niche.

But could you find your own micro-niche and dominate?

The Riches are in the Niches

It’s a tale as old as time.

Niche down.

Well, in the world of the web, you can.

Snacksurprise demonstrates that there are niches all around us.

But how do you find these micro-niches?

Well, I call it ‘isolation keyword research’.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Take your broad industry.

Step 2. Write down a list of all the things involved in that industry. For example, Marvel can be broken down into ‘films, comics, toys, rides, figures, clothing etc. 

Step 3. Pick one of those broader elements and break them down further and head over to a keyword tool.

For example, let’s take Marvel Legends Action figures.

That’s a whole niche of its own.

And let’s change the example to something even more niche.

“Action Figure Subscription service”

Suddenly we open up a whole new world of business potential.

Here we have Transformers. Gi Joe and Marvel action figure subscription ideas. 

Of course, you don’t have to use this approach for just products.

It can be the same for B2B or B2C services and products.

Just keep niching down.

But how would I grow a service like Snacksurprise or indeed any similar model?

Here’s how.

Lean SEO Scaling

If I was to grow Snacksurpise I’d look at using what is known as Lean SEO.

It’s not a term I came up with, it’s from Pat Walls at Starter Story.

But I’d start with their core term.


And look for a content type that was doing well.

Here, after playing around I decide to go for “country + snacks” such as Japanese Snacks.

This makes sense and after some playing around I see this page.

It’s a list page post ranking on the first page of Google for over 1500 keywords around the term Japanese Snacks.

Here’s what that post looks like.

With this in mind I'd set about creating lean list posts.

Probably about 10 to start with. They’d be thin, lean lists posts on snacks from different nations.

It didn’t matter if they sell the snacks or not.

The content is on point and we are seeing if Google will rank them.

Wait 30 or 40 days and see if you get any traction.

If so, expand this process, possibly improve the posts and you will soon see an increase in traffic across the board.

The idea of lean SEO is that you aren’t wasting a lot of time and resources on this.

You find an angle, test the theory without spending a fortune in time and money and then, if it works, invest.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it.

A clarity focused, “What You Are” home page that makes it clear to search engines and customers, what you offer.  

Can drive organic traffic because you are going after long-tail searches and often searches with little to no competition.

In essence, stop trying to game Google and use them to your advantage. 

By being honest about what you offer and embracing this you'll be surprised at what search terms you can rank for.

But this is how you empower your home page and turn it into an income-generating machine.

And don’t forget. 

Micro- niches are all around us.

Go find one and dominate.

Thanks for reading.



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posted December 2, 2021

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