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We are a performance focused UK SEO Service based in Stoke-on- Trent, Staffordshire. 

Our goal is to get you seen, drive traffic to your website and help you to connect with more customers.

SEO That Works

The Complete SEO Package

At Zoogly Media we make your business visible to the right people.

To achieve this we have a single performance focused SEO service.

That service is our complete SEO package.

It is a process that was developed over an 8 year period.

A process that ensures that your business gets the results that it deserves. 

Using a combination of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Creation we grow the traffic coming to your website and increase your website ranking in the search engine result pages.

To esnure the best possible results our proven process has 6 core stages. 

Stage 1: Strategy

Keyword Research
& Competitive Analysis

Whenever you look at SEO (search engine optimisation) you need to have a plan.

You wouldn't build a house without a plan, a Doctor wouldn't operate without first having asked to see the X Rays and test results, and you shouldn't start or hire an SEO service without a detailed plan either.

And our plans take our years of experience and use them to craft a road map to online success for your business.

This is where keyword research and competitive analysis comes in.

Keyword research is how we are going to discover what your ideal customers are searching for online.

Using professional tools we are able to dive into your industry and analyse not only your industry but also your competitors.  

We will discover what keywords they are targeting to achieve success and give you a plan to achieve better results.

Stage 2:Building a Solid Foundation

& Content Optimisation

After we spend time looking through your website, your industry and some competition, we move onto our SEO expedition by making sure your website is ready to be found. 

This is like giving your website a service. 

We will get your site ready for its journey to the top of the Google Mountain

Our first job is optimising what is already built.

We will examine your site page by page to ensure your website is fighting fit.

We will look at your content to see what is working well and what could be working better.

And we will whip your website into an SEO machine in the process.

Before you know it, Google will be sending you love notes!


Stage 3:

Content Creation

Your website is now ready to grow and grow it will.

At this stage we will start to create amazing content for your website that is loved by both Google and humans.

To ensure success we use a wide range of high performing content frameworks.

These frameworks have been tried and tested.

They deliver social media shares, backlinks and page one rankings.

They say content is King, well our content will make your business the King of the internet jungle.

Stage 4:

Content Promotion
& Link Building

Google has come out and stated that backlinks are one of the top performing factors when it comes to rankings.

Backlinks are the currency of the SEO world but it is not about quantity it is all about quality.

At this stage we take the content we have produced for your website and promote it for you.

This is about getting more of the right type of visitors to your site and in the process we build backlinks to your website.

Our proven and tactical promotion methods will give your business the boost it needs and deserves.

The end result is that  your business website  becomes a powerhouse.

Climbing the rankings and fuelling leads in the process.   

Stage 5:

Content Growth
& Topical Authority

We are nearing the end of our journey and at this stage we are aiming to give your site a boost.

We have take your website from the floor of the internet jungle now it is time to climb above the jungle canopy

At this stage we are pouring in the content to answer the micro questions that a consumer wants to have answers to.

It is all about keeping people onsite longer by giving a rich content experience.

Anyone landing on your site will know in an instant that you are the experts in your field.

Customers will have their questions answered before they decide to buy.

Your website will build consumer trust and set you apart from the competition.

And your website will go from being a glorified leaflet to a fully functional member of your team.

A member of your team that works 24/7, never takes a day off and is bringing in sales.

Stage 6:

Final Report
& Rank Hold

This was a long journey through the Internet Jungle and we have reached the end of our journey.

We climbed high, established our base camp, built our home but now is the time to make sure that your house can withstand extreme weather.

In other words we want our rankings to hold. 

Using our expert SEO strategies our final goal is to anchor you to your new rank, we do not want you to go down the rankings.

Following this we will prepare our final report so you can see how we have performed for you.

Our proven SEO process will see your business website become one of the most powerful assets you own.

Adding value to your business in the process and gaining you leads, consumer trust and industry authority in the process .

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