Revealed... the PROVEN Way to attract more customers and to get paid what you DESERVE

The SECRET Process Of Gaining Customers.......Without Spending A Fortune On Endless Ads

I was contacted recently by a business owner who told me he had hit rock bottom.

You see, he had a great business but there was a serious issue.........he was getting no leads.

He had spent a small fortune on a website and a logo. 

He had great business cards.

He went to almost every networking meeting he could, often leaving home at 5 am to make these 'breakfast meetings'.

He did everything that he was told to do by the 'so called' experts.

And still nothing.

The result was that his business bank account was empty and he was working nights in the local supermarket because he didn't want anyone to know he had failed.

But they aren't alone........

Over 60% of Small Businesses Fail In The First Few Years

There is a problem facing every business owner right now.

That problem is NOISE.

The average person is bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every single day.

And not only that, it seems like there are hundreds if not thousands of people offering the very same products and services that you do.

The result is that 2 things happen.

1. You struggle to have your business seen by your target audience.

2. When you do manage to gain leads.......they just don't want to pay what you deserve for your products or services.

This is the perfect breeding ground for what we see each and every day..........a race to the bottom.

So people do what the 'guru's tell them.

  • They spend money on Facebook Ads........but that doesn't work.
  • They write blog posts.........but only your Mum reads them.
  • They try networking.......and meeting others with zero cash who have no intention to buy.
  • They post on social media.........and barely get any traction and never get any sales.

But not everyone is struggling.

In fact a lot of businesses are thriving

The Secret Behind Businesses That Magnetically Attract Customers

I am sure you have seen them.

You look around and you see business owners that just seem to have all the luck.

They get leads with zero effort.

They charge two or even three times what you do and offer less value with their products or services than you do.

You wonder "how can they get people to pay those prices?"

But they get paid these FAR HIGHER prices.........again and again.

How Business Owners Charge More And Deliver Less.......Yet Have Happy Customers

It doesn't seem fair does it.

Here you are, with a great skill set, honest and passionate about what you do.

But struggling to get work.

Struggling to get paid what you deserve.

And when you do land a customer they don't appreciate what you do or the products you sell. 

You see, this happens in every industry.

E-Commerce, Freelancers, Small businesses, coaching, B 2 C and B 2 B.........every business model there is.

It doesn't matter what the industry is, there are businesses that are thriving and far too many barely surviving.

What you NEED is the EXACT PROCESS that shows you how to go from ZERO to HERO with your business.

And today I am going to reveal THE 3 SECRET TECHNIQUES that allow these people to gain the success that you deserve.

But first let me tell you how I discovered these secrets.

It Took Me 3 Years, A Lot Of Failed Attempts But I finally Found A Proven Process To Get Leads And Get Paid More Money....Without Spending A Fortune On Ads

Hi, I'm Andrew Holland.

It's I am known as the SEO and Marketing guy that has produced created generated over 1 Million website visitors to client websites and over 19 million client video views online.

And that's not all.

I was hired as the marketing trainer for the Chambers of Commerce, lectured on marketing at a prestigious University, worked with SIX FIGURE BUSINESSES and even been featured on huge marketing blogs such as Backlinko and I am ALWAYS at full capacity with clients.

In fact, today my greatest business problem is creating systems that allow me to be able to take on more clients. 

But it wasn't always like that.

In fact my turning point came in December 2015.

Sorry...We No Longer Need Your Services

I started my business in April 2015 by total accident.

In fact, my early beginnings couldn't have been more different than my life now.

At the tender age of 18 I joined the police as an Constable and spent the next 17 years doing a job I loved.

But I had an issue......around the age of 34, I developed Chronic Asthma.

I literally couldn't leave the house without struggling for breath.

And my life changed forever when a top Police Doctor was so concerned he told me that if I was to run around the block....I would die.

Needless to say, he sent me to specialists and my Asthma got under control but it simply wasn't compatible with being a police officer.

And I was told by the Police Doctors that I could no longer go out and patrol the streets again.

So in 2015, having done a bit of blogging as a hobby, I left  the police and set up my own PRO BLOGGING service.

And I managed to gain some clients immediately.

So I was happy........but that was short lived.

Because over the next few months all of the clients started to drift off (as they were struggling to pay me) and at Christmas I had just 1 client left.

The simple truth is that my business was about to crumble and I had just enough money in the bank to last me a month.

And so I did everything the experts told me to do.

I attended numerous networking groups.

I boosted a few Facebook posts.

I got more business cards and messaged people on sites such as LinkedIn.

But still nothing.......I was out of clients and nearly out of time.

Then Suddenly..........It All Changed And I Had More Clients Than I Could Handle

I admit I was starting to panic.

I had just got through Christmas and with 2 young children it had cost me a small fortune.

And with only a few weeks left until I had to close my business down this happened. 

I went from having virtually no visitors to my website, to having over 16,000 in a few months.

And that period of time saw my business grow to such an extent that I had to hire others to help me.

I grew an email list and people started to follow me online.

So.....what happened?

What caused this huge growth at record speed?

I discovered the power of Story Marketing.

You see.....In a world where 'so called experts' tell you to post on social media 3 times each day, to blog weekly, vlog and even start podcasts, there is a huge problem.

Because all this does is create more noise online.

Noise your potential customers don't want to hear or know about.

Instead.....people make sense of the world through STORIES.

And they want stories that can not only read but be part of.

It was this breakthrough that suddenly changed my life and business forever.


And This Is What Happened After This Breakthrough.........

After I discovered the power of Story Marketing I started to learn more about it myself.

And then continue to test and apply what I had learned both for myself and clients. 

First I started to use it on Facebook

I then started to use it with blog content and the results kept coming in.

The better I got with telling stories the more results I gained........

And as I refined this system, the more powerful it became.

Please Don't Think I Am Bragging........I Am Nothing Special

Let's look at the facts....a few years ago I was struggling to gain clients.

I was like every other type of freelancer out there........struggling to get attention, struggling to get leads and struggling to get paid what I deserved.

I followed the advice of the 'experts' and got nowhere fast.

But now I never worry about finding clients and I never worry about getting results for clients.

Because I Have A Proven Framework To Follow

As you know I have tested my process over the last 3 years and refined it so that anyone can both use and benefit from it.

You see, this is half the problem.

Most people don't have a proven framework to use for their marketing.

The result is that they do a bit of everything.

Some weeks they blog.

Some weeks they post on social media.

Other times they go to networking.

The result is that they just create noise or even worse......they lower their perceived value in the minds of those they want as customers.

Instead, what you need is a proven process that will allow you to be seen as the best solution in your marketplace.

You need a framework that allows you to charge higher prices and for customers to be happy paying you.

And you need a step by step plan so you can start to gain leads without worrying where they are coming from.

And having studied and worked with some of the biggest names in marketing, I can tell you there are 3 secret techniques that separate the high performing story marketers from those struggling to get paid.

And these 3 secrets are precisely what my process is based on.

This is what most people do.

They create content and share it on social media and then they hope.

They hope that people read it.

They hope that people sign up to their newsletter or download a PDF.

They hope that they call or email their business as they need their services or products.

I call this 'hopeful marketing'.

What If I told you that I regularly gained leads and made sales from simple social media posts.

Video, blog post, Facebook posts, Tweets and LinkedIn posts are your weapons in rapid growth.

But there is a problem.

Most people are busy trying to go viral or use the 'Traffic and Conversion' Formula in the hope that more traffic equals more sales.

What you need to focus on is 'connection' with your target audience.

And you do this through telling stories.

You see, our brains are hard wired to learn through stories. 

If we see a good story we engage with it, we put ourselves in the position of the central character....we identify with them.

And we connect with them.

The problem is......generally we aren't good at telling stories.

Most Blog Posts And Social Media Posts Flop

I am sure you have seen, your friends and colleagues put something on social media or share a blog post and it barely gets it a glance, let alone clicks on it.

Well, this goes on all the time because you aren't good at telling stories.

But it's not your fault.

I was terrible at telling stories.

We generally all are, I mean the last time I even wrote a story was in junior school.

And that is why I have spent years learning from the best story tellers on the planet.

And I turned what I know into a proven framework anyone can copy.

It All Starts With A Story

Do you know what separates successful businesses from those that fail? 

A great story.

But this is where most businesses go wrong.........they think the story is all about them.

Newsflash.......customers don't care about you, they care about themselves. 

They care about who they become when they use your products or services.

The customer is the hero of their story.

They don't want another hero to steal their glory.......they are the hero.

So, if they are the hero, where do you come in?

You are their guide.

You are their Gandalf, their 'M' (James Bond folks), their Yoda, their Merlin.........and so on.

You take them from where they are now to where they want to be.

But there is a problem with just can't talk about yourself all the time and how you can help them.

This would be really boring and uninspiring.

And no one wants to read another boring story.

You see, every business does this.

They talk about their customer and how they can help them.

And this ends up being a race to the bottom.

Because if business A says they can help you and business B says they can help you, most people will opt for the cheaper option if there are no other factors in play.

You need to stand out from the crowd.

And to do that you need to develop a different type of story.

A Shared Story Is A Power Story

This is why I developed The Power Story Framework.

A step by step method to uncovering the story of what makes your business great, finding out your customers story and then combining them both into one seamless shared event.

And once you do this and learn to tell that POWER STORY, suddenly you stand out from the crowd.

People see you as the ONLY solution for them.

They see that you understand what they need and what they want to achieve.

They realise that you are on their side and can help them to gain success.

And finally they understand and appreciate the value that your products or services deliver.

No more quibbling over price.........they understand what you are worth.

And you have connected with them on a deeper level.

Now I am not going to lie.

Story based marketing is nothing new.

The likes of Seth Godin have been teaching story based marketing for years.

But the problem is, even if you have a killer story that connects your business to your target audience,  they will never read it.


Because it is either not told correctly and or.....they never get to read, watch or listen to you tell it.

Think about it.

After your customer has spent hours at work, on the phone, email reading and writing and then you rock up into their feeds or inbox with a story to tell.

Their first response is to think this.........."I don't need this".

Content fatigue is real.

And people fully expect you to be the same as everyone else.

So, to change this you are going to need 2 things.

Proven, tried and tested methods to 'frame' your story.


Proven, tried and tested methods to distribute your story so it is read.

And as you would expect I am going to teach you step by step how to craft your content so that it uses your Power Story in a way that is intriguing and interesting to the reader.

And not only that.

You are going to learn how to maximise your reach so that more of the right type of customers read your work and discover your business.

Because the secret to growth lies in a great story + great distribution

Now, here is something that the 'guru's' never tell you.

They got where they are because they hired experts.

It is true, experts make everything easier and that is why people seek my services out today.

But I am guessing that you don't have the funds to hire a YouTube SEO expert, an SEO specialist, a copywriter, a Facebook Ninja or a viral marketer?

The good news is that to get the results you want and need, you don't need to do this.

You see, when it comes to marketing there still requires what I call 'conversion mechanics'.

Because even though you have a great story, and it is told well and you can distribute it.

There is still the problem of turning your new connected audience into customers.

And this is where conversion mechanics come into play.

Because what happens if you don't use conversion mechanics is that all your hard work is wasted.

Visitors Slide Off Your Site And Into The Abyss

I have consulted for small business and six figure ones, start ups and family empires and the ones that do well have what I refer to as 'grip' on their websites and social media accounts.

The 'Grip Factor' is all down to having a clear and visible process so that your leads find it easy....and almost compelling to act upon.

It is this step by step process that I will teach you, so that you can turn your website and social media profiles into lead generating machines.

Because your content consumer needs crystal clear direction.

And when done will find that any marketing you do has a far greater chance of gaining you leads and sales.

But in order to utilise these 3 techniques you are going to need to be shown how.

Introducing POWER STORY 'beta'

Today you have the chance to join the Power Story Beta course.

This is the beta online version of my flagship programme that has already been tried and tested at a private 3 day seminar.

And now, for a limited time just 10 of you can join my course in this beta stage.

But be under no illusion, while this is a beta version, it is packed with over 13 hours of training content .............including the recordings of that same 3 day seminar.

I know what you might be thinking.............not another marketing course.

I get that, I really do.

And that is why I created POWER STORY.

A course that teaches you the one thing that can make a difference to your life, career and business.

And that thing is how to harness your narrative and tell a story to that connects your business with your target audience.

But we don't just stop there.

You are going to learn how to distribute your story to your target audience.

Is Power Story For You?

You might be this course right for you?

Well, I totally understand this, there are a lot of courses out there, so you need to make sure this one will be the course that makes a huge difference to your business.

And to help you, just read out the questions below and if you answer yes to any of them, Power Story is the right course for you.

  • You are a small business owner and are looking for a way to market your business online and stand out from the competition 
  • You are a freelancer and want to be paid what you deserve for your services and find more (and better) clients that are happy to pay you.
  • You are a digital marketing agency and are looking for a method to make your customers achieve greater success. 
  • You are a copywriter that wants to wow clients with a simpler and more powerful message (while learning how to get more clients for yourself)
  • You are a web designer that wants to have more clients banging on your door.

  • You are a coach or personal trainer and you want customers coming to you, rather than you trying to chase them.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this course is for you.

So what is included?

Module 1

How To Create A Story About Your Business That Attracts Customers

By the end of this module you will be able to uncover and create content a story about your business that magnetically attracts customers.

This story will underpin your marketing from now on and will tell anyone that comes into contact with your business exactly what you are about and why they need to do business with you.

For example, you will learn:

  • 4 proven frameworks that instantly communicate the value your business delivers to potential customers. 
  • The 15 Infinity Elements that will showcase your business as the ONLY choice for your target audience. (discovering this changed my business in weeks)    
  • The secrets of super powerful websites that you can copy to gain more clients. 
  • The POWER STORY FRAMEWORK that makes it easily to create a story that brings your business to life like never before.

Module 2

How To Create Content That Drives Customers To Your Door

By the end of this module you will be able to create content that drives high quality customers to your door.

You will learn how to create blog articles that not only get read but encourage buyers to fall in love with your business and your messaging. 

For example, you will learn:

  • The simple test that you can use to create content that instantly grabs your audiences by the eyeballs and gets them desperate to read your content. 
  • How to Go Viral. With over 19 million video views and 200,000 article shares, I will teach you how you can go viral easily. 
  • The core content frameworks that bring in leads and help to make sales (these content frameworks will make you an better writer instantly and give you a proven process to follow that makes creating content a breeze)
  • How to supercharge your sales by figuring out what your audience really desires and the process I use to do this (hint, when you do this, even a handful of traffic can convert into sales)

Module 3

The Secret Process To Gain Leads And Sales From Social Media

This module is going to be rocket fuel for your business because it will teach you the proven process I use to gain leads and sales from social media.

You will learn exactly how to tell your story online (without spending a penny on ads) in a way that has people desperate to learn more.

For example, you will learn:

  • The social selling formula I use every day that encourages customers to come to me. 
  • How to create POWER OFFERS that make doing business with you the easiest decision a customer will ever make.
  • The essential item that you need to offer to take your closer to buying from you.  
  • The 4 step story formula that will help you to create social media posts that bring in leads and sales 

Module 4

The Technical Ways To Grow Online

This module is going to be all about the technical things you need to do to grow online.

Specifically we cover two important areas. 

1. Local SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION).  In this training I show you my secret process for ranking your business online and what you need to do.

2. YouTube SEO. We all know that YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world, and in this training I teach you my formula that has seen me gain millions of views online and help clients grow well past the 100,000 subscriber mark.

You will learn:

  • The tools I use to rank businesses online and how you should use them . 
  • The little known way to get your brand listed online in hundreds of places
  • ​How to find proven content ideas via YouTube in minutes  
  • The 3 step method that will turn YouTube into a traffic and customer driving machine for your business.

Module 5

Putting It All Together

In this module we cover how to put everything that you have learned together to create a super powerful marketing machine.

You will learn what tasks to tackle and in what order, and  how to use your Power Story immediately.

You will learn:

  • The 7 steps you need to take to start making the most of your power story 
  • The Pyramid of content that shows where your customers are and where you want them to be in the buying cycle. 
  • The one thing I suggest all of my clients do straight away to gain traction faster than anything else.
  • The super fast social media post formula that you can use to gain leads and sales today (and these work even if everything else isn't in place.

But wait.....there is even more.


Bonus 1 

Recordings Of The 3 Day Power Story Live Course

Power Story Live was a workshop delivered over 3 days to business owners looking for an edge.

And we recorded the sessions just for you.

People paid over £497 for these recordings and to be present at the event and you are going to get access to them at no extra charge. 

And because this is a live event, you will see me answer questions and go deeper into the Power Story material than ever before. 

  • Around 8 total hours of footage covered in 12 videos 
  • See me break down the Power Story Course content and answer questions live.
  • All videos were filmed  by a professional videographer, hired for the day. 
  • Watch me come up with ideas for real business owners on my feet. 

But don't just believe me.....see what others said about the event and the content you will get to see.

Bonus 2

Over The Shoulder Viral Facebook Page Training

Facebook is a traffic machine for people and in this bonus module I will take you over my shoulder and show you how to set up and create your own Viral Facebook page.

  • See the exact page start from zero and go to 3800 followers in days (and how I did it) 
  • Watch as I deploy a video that gains over 150,000 views
  • Learn all the tactics I use in 7 over the shoulder bonus videos 

Bonus 3

4 Weeks Unlimited Email Consultation 

You are bound to have questions on this course and the content, but don't worry. 

Included in the course content is 4 weeks of unlimited email consultation with myself.

If you have an issue, question or are not sure how to refine your power story then I am just an email away.

Finally A Process That Works.....

Remember I have been where you are right now.

I did what the so called experts said and it failed. 

And eventually after a lot of trial and effort (and expense) I found a repeatable, scalable process that has driven high quality leads and customers to my door....without paying for ads.

And I want the same for you.

And I am so certain you will be blow away with Power Story Beta, I will put my money where my mouth is.

If for any reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied with the content in Power Story Beta you can ask for a full refund within 28 days of questions asked.

So, what is this course going to cost?

For the launch of the Power Story Beta course the cost is just:


Payments will be via paypal

Order Now

Remember.....this course is open to just 10 people. Once we have received over 10 sales we will close the doors.

This is the Beta launch of this product and anyone who purchases will have access to Power Story 1.0 and all future variations once they are launched.

To get instant access, click the button below and create an account on the Teachable platform and once this is done, you will be forwarded to a checkout page.

If for any reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied with the content in Power Story Beta you can ask for a full refund within 28 days of questions asked.

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