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Your online presence isn't just a listing.

It's a measurement of the pride you have for your business.

Ranked so everyone can see.

You are the top of the pack and the leads just keep coming in.

The email keeps pinging and your phone keeps ringing, you are in demand.

And the best part, it costs nothing.

All this traffic, all these leads are FREE.

But it is much more than this.

Being on page 1 is a statement about your business.

It tells your competitors that you right there with them

Because the best businesses in the world are on page one of Google.

And your business is one of the best in your field.

Because a page one ranking is not just about leads.

A page one ranking is about pride.

There is just one issue.

You are not on page one

Are You A First Page Business?

Sure your business is doing well

You have grown through referrals because you are great at what you do

Your staff shine at networking events and everyone in the room knows your company

You have even been featured in the news or on a big website

You are doing all the right things

There is just one problem 

Your online presence isn't reflective of your success

The success you have worked so hard to obtain 

And while being on page 2 or 3 of Google is not a crime 

It simply doesn't reflect the quality and commitment to excellence that runs through the very DNA of your business 

Introducing Power Pages

A method of content creation that is strategically designed to:

* Rank on page one of Google,

* Drive traffic to your website,

* Increase leads to your business,

* Increase email subscribers,

* And increase social media shares,

It is a method of content creation that puts a business in front of potential customers.

Sure, you have done fine for all these years without much of an online presence.

But deep inside you know the future lies in digital marketing.

You know that the costs of adverts online are going up and the effectiveness of traditional advertising is going down faster than the water at Niagara falls.

Getting on page one of the internet for search terms related to your business is not vanity, it is smart.

Because your online presence matters.

It is your own piece of digital land that says 'we are the best and we deserve to be here'

Being ranked on page one of  Google shouts 'we are experts' to potential customers.

And that is why we created our POWER PAGE Creation Service.

A method for companies to have SEO focused content that delivers results for business owners like you.

A power page will help your business:

* Rank on page one of Google for multiple terms your customers are searching for.

* Increase the amount of leads your business gains at no additional cost.

* Allow you to reach out to potential clients in a non 'salesy' way, and give them something that they will find useful, something that can help their business and put you right in their good books and top of their mind when they need a service you offer.

* Gain attention on social media as your content is shared by your connections and potential customers.

* Help your business to increase the number of leads coming in.

* Help to convert those leads more easily because you are already established as an expert in their eyes.

* Improve the value of your website and make your website work for your business, long after you leave the office.

The bottom line:

Power Pages are the future of content on the internet and will make your competitors look like rank amateurs in comparison to you.

So when your potential customer lands on your website, they will know you spent time thinking about how they will interact with your business.

They will know that you care enough about your customers to help them understand more about what you do.

And they will know that the same care and excellence you put into your content runs in harmony with everything you offer as a business.

In essence your excellent business will now exude excellence online

So, what exactly is a Power Page?

A Power Page is a piece of content that weighs in at around 2000 to 10,000 words that gives the reader (your potential customer) the answers to their problem (the reason they searched online).

So you customer searches for 'How To...........' 

Or this could be any phrase that your customers search for. 

Your job as a business is to provide the answer to your customers problems.

Because people search Google for solutions to problems.

That is what the whole internet is based on, giving people the answers to questions they have.

And it applies to every business and every industry.

Don't believe me, lets just take the 'How To's'

For example, each month 19,000 people search 'How To Screenshot on a Mac'

Or what about the 35,000 people that search each month 'How To Get Rid Of Mice' (who knew there was such an issue).

And that is just the 'How To' questions that need answering.

Power pages can be anything from complete guides to industry tips, the list of options is endless.

Every business solves a problem for someone and in the internet era your customers go online first to find the solutions.

And now you have 3 options;

1. Let the customer figure out the solution themselves

2. Let the customer find your competitor who will solve the problem

3. Be on page one of Google, be discovered by your customers and show them how you would solve the problem.

And now we are in the era of modern marketing.

A world where we don't shove our business down someones throat

Because people hate to be sold to.

But they DO love to buy.

Power Pages educate the consumers, they show just exactly what is involved in what your business does.

And this creates connection and trust.

They trust you because you clearly know what you are doing.

They trust you because you  have openly shared your expertise.

But above all else a power page POSITIONS you as the best choice.

Because positioning is everything.

People will stand in line for latest Iphone because it is 'positioned' as the best.

People want to buy Rolex watches, not because there is  not a cheaper way to tell the time,

People buy a Rolex because the brand says something about the wearer.

It shouts 'this person is an achiever', it screams 'this person is successful'.

Positioning like this doesn't happen overnight but being ranked on the first page of Google is a start.

Being visible to your customers is a must. 

Not when you need them, but when they need you most.

People buy from who they know, like and trust.

A Power Page delivers this and more.

What Is Included

One hour kick off meeting

So we can get to know more about your business, your preferences and your business tone.

It is important that we completely understand your audience so that our power page gives the reader a truly great content experience

Full Article SEO

Everyone is an 'SEO' expert these days. However the goal of a Power Page is to make an impact for your business and to do this requires a deep understanding of SEO not a mere working knowledge.

Not only will your content be great but it will be designed with lasting results in mind. Our certified SEO experts will build SEO within the article itself so it doesn't rank for 'one phrase', instead your article becomes a traffic magnet for multiple search queries.

3 Revisions

We always aim to please on the first try but no one knows your business or your customers as well as you do. 

And because of this you might want us to change or tweak a few areas to reflect your business or customers views. To ensure you are happy we include 3 revision periods to make sure the content is 'bang on'. 

Up to 3000 Words Of Content

When it comes to content that ranks on Google 'size matters'.

As such with our basic power page service you have up to 3000 words of content included as standard.

Google wants users to have a deep experience and this comes with in depth content, so our 3000 package is a gift for search engines and also human readers.

What does it cost?

We know that every business is different and as such we have created 3 levels of service to better serve our customers.

The 3 Service Levels


* 1 hour consult

*SEO Structuring

*3000 words of content

*3 x revisions 

COST= £1000


* 1 hour consult

*Keyword research

*Stock images

*SEO Structuring

*5000 words of content

*3 x revisions 

COST= £2000


* 1 hour consult

*Keyword research

*Custom images

*SEO Structuring

*Custom Coding

*Up to 10,000 words of content

*5 x revisions 

COST= From £3000


Will a Power Page get us traffic right away?

Power Pages are designed with 2 purposes, 1 to rank on Google and 2 gain social media shares. This is the aim of a page, however the success of any Power Page will determine on things such as your audience size and their levels of engagement.

However a good tactic is to boost your power page to your target customers using Facebook, this will ensure you generate traffic right away.

With a business that has a good social media following we have known power pages to have thousands of shares in hours.

How long does a power page take to rank on page 1 of Google?

Power Pages are not a guarantee for rankings however they are strategically designed to get them and have a far higher chance, which is better than the 'publish and pray' approach that most people have to content.

There are over 200 different factors that go into ranking a website and a Power Page can never rescue a bad website.

That being said we have known power pages to rank on Google in 3 months, others have taken longer. A lot depends on the 'power' of your website and the competition for the keywords you are targeting.

We also have a full SEO service should your website require a more comprehensive review.

How does a Power Page help me to gain leads?

Have you read anything online today? Was it amazing? Did it help you? 

Most people would answer that 'yes' they read something, but 'no' it wasn't amazing and 'no' it didn't help.

A Power Page is different, it answers the issue your potential customer needs an answer to. 

Let's use a real world example:

I need a new bathroom and I have no idea how to order one, how much they cost or what type of order I do things.

Do I need a tiler first? Or should I just buy the  bathroom first and worry about fitting it later?

So if I go online and type 'how to design a new bathroom' what article do you think I will spend time reading? The long one that answers all my questions or the short 500 words?

And which company will I thank for making my life easier and am more likely to 'sign up for their free online brochure'?

I think you know the answer.

Content matters and great content connects a business to their consumer in ways an advert never can,  great content builds trust and positions your business as THE expert in your field.

Will I need to promote my Power Page to gain links?

Power Pages always work best when partnered with promotion and link building campaigns, however we have also seen Power Pages rank and gain traffic naturally without a single backlink or promotion.

What results have you had?

We have used Power Pages for a range of clients in numerous industries directly below this you will say a range of case studies as a result of the varies services we offer.

Our case study on Neil Adams MBE shows the use of Power Pages.

Power Pages were created by world famous SEO specialist Brian Dean. They helped him to grow his online business to of $1 million in revenue.

Power Pages work, plain and simple!

So get the ball rolling and click the button below to get yours!

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More About Us

Zoogly Media was founded by Andrew Holland in 2015.

We are located at Keele University Science Park in Newcastle Under Lyme (Just outside Stoke on Trent).
Andrew is also a mentor and trainer for the Chambers of Commerce in Digital and Content Marketing.
Zoogly provide web design, digital marketing and SEO services in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and throughout the world.

What Makes Us So Good?

Zoogly Media is not just a business that talks a good fight. We have come up through the trenches. 

We have written articles that have ranked on page 1 of Google and delivered thousands of social media shares and website visitors for our clients.

In addition we are certified experts in SEO and are graduates of the world's best content marketing and SEO Courses.​ We believe in providing an honest an ethical approach to Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation that will deliver you results. 

So What Now? 

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