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If you wants to rank on Google for competitive search terms you are going to need backlinks...LION is an outreach and link building service that uses GDPR & Google compliant techniques to build your website high quality backlinks.

Hi, I'm Andrew Holland, the founder of Zoogly Media.

It’s true… today, I am known in the UK as the SEO guy who has delivered his clients over 1 Million website visitors, over 175,000 social media shares and countless page 1 rankings on Google that give my clients leads, sales and position them as industry experts.

And for the first time ever, I am taking the techniques I have used for 4 years to build my clients high quality backlinks and making this available to you as a service. 

LION is a truly power system of building links that will see your website soaring up the Google rankings.

Not All Backlinks Are Equal

I started building backlinks way back in 2010.

And I did everything they told you NOT to do.

I purchased links from the internet, I used online tools to generate spammy comment links and yes, I hate to admit it, but I even used services on Fiverr.

But all that stopped on 24th April 2012 when Google rolled out their Penguin update.

Suddenly entire websites were wiped out online because they had engaged in shady link building tactics.

And from that day on I swore never to risk my websites again.

The result was that I developed a range of tactics to build backlinks and I sought out the best training in the world for link building.

And since that day I have been able to generate links through a combination of hard work and innovative techniques.

Links that deliver my clients long lasting results.

For years I only used these link building techniques for a handful of clients who used my full SEO service STAMPEDE, but now for the first time I am taking these powerful techniques and making them available to you.

LION is the outreach and link building service that treats your website as if it was our own.

Link Building Done The Right Way

Link building has never been tougher and for that reason we offer a wide range of optional support services to build a link generation service that meets your needs.

We offer services such as content strategy, content creation, PR link building and manual outreach to make sure your website stands the best chance possible to gain the backlinks you need.

For this reason, we build you a bespoke link building strategy and price based on the individual needs of every client.

Our Core Link building Packages

Link building Strategy

You might want to do the outreach yourself....but aren't sure how to set about building your links.

Our link building strategy service tells you what to do without us actually doing the outreach for you.

Manual Outreach

For those that need the links and already have the content on their site, our manual outreach service is right for you.

Using only the best outreach methods our team will work hard to get your content infront of the right people.

Content & Outreach

Zoogly is known for producing content that attracts links like magnets and our content & outreach service is the ultimate way to secure high quality backlinks.

Your site will receive content that wows readers and makes link building a breeze.

Who Is LION For?

LION is an outreach and link building service for businesses of all sizes and agencies looking to outsource their link building.

It is NOT for anyone looking for niche edits, PBN links or guest posts.

We only use the highest quality methods to gain genuine backlinks for clients.

Prices start from £1000 per month. 

So What Now? 



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