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The SECRET Process Of Gaining B2B Customers.......Without Spending A Penny

I can't believe I am sat at my desk writing this.

The world is on lock down and we have the threat of a virus wiping out our economy.

I have been contacted by countless business owners over the last few weeks who are scared.

Scared of what the future holds for their business.

And I would be telling lies if I said that I knew what was going to happen.

But......what I do know is this.

The ability to gain leads and sales for yours or any business is going to be the most IN DEMAND skill in the future. 

And when it comes to B2B (business to business) lead generation, nothing trumps LinkedIN

Over 30 Million Companies Are On LinkedIn Right Now!

There is a problem facing every business owner right now.

Most are NOT doing any business.

We are living in a world that is frozen by a virus that has no known cure or vaccine.

But there are businesses that are doing well in this time.

Businesses that are actually not only surviving.....but thriving.

So, how are they doing this?

Some are obvious ones such as food delivery businesses and of course supermarkets.

Others you won't see so easily.

Video conference software, online education platforms and more.

I call this THE BIG PIVOT

Companies are going to adapt at a speed like never before.

You will see those that are currently doing business in a fading market jump into a new direction where demand is higher.

And here is where you come in.

  • Business will need leads for the new directions they go towards.
  • Businesses will need to promote themselves online (or they will cease to exist).
  • Traditional businesses will have to move online as traditional networking and trade shows cease to exist.
  • They will have to move their marketing to a platform where other businesses are.

And the platform for B2B business is LINKEDIN

But sadly......most businesses have zero idea how to use the platform in a systematic way that generates leads and sales.

The Secret Process Behind Businesses That Magnetically Attract Customers On LinkedIn

I am going to let you into a little secret.

Most people don't have a clue how to use LinkedIn.

Sure.....they might have gone on a course hosted by some kind of guru.

And they tried all kind of 'guru' tricks they were taught (but none ever got the phone ringing).

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Many business owners and marketers out there are using LinkedIn to drive leads and sales for their companies.

They see their 'in box' ping daily with leads.

And I am going to tell you exactly how they do this........right now on this page.

How Business Owners Use LinkedIn To Grow Their Businesses

It doesn't seem fair does it.

Here you are, with a great skill set, honest and passionate about what you do.

But struggling to get work.

Struggling to get paid what you deserve.

And when you do land a customer they don't appreciate what you do or the products you sell. 

You see, this happens in every industry.

E-Commerce, Freelancers, Small businesses, coaching, B 2 C and B 2 B.........every business model there is.

It doesn't matter what the industry is, there are businesses that are thriving and far too many barely surviving.

What you NEED is the EXACT PROCESS that shows you how to go from ZERO to HERO with your business.

And today I am going to reveal THE 3 SECRET TECHNIQUES that allow these people to gain the success that you deserve.

But first let me tell you how I discovered these secrets.

It Took Me 2 Years, A Lot Of Failed Attempts But I Finally Found A Proven Process To Get Leads From LinkedIn (Without Spending A Penny)

Hi, I'm Andrew Holland.

It's true....today I am known as the SEO and Marketing guy that has produced, created and generated over 1 Million website visitors to client websites and over 19 million client video views online.

And that's not all.

I was hired as the marketing trainer for the Chambers of Commerce, lectured on marketing at a prestigious University, worked with SIX FIGURE BUSINESSES and even been featured on huge marketing blogs such as Backlinko and I am ALWAYS at full capacity with clients.

In fact, today my greatest business problem is creating systems that allow me to be able to take on more clients. 

But it wasn't always like that.

In fact my turning point came in December 2015.

Sorry...We No Longer Need Your Services

I started my business in April 2015 by total accident.

In fact, my early beginnings couldn't have been more different than my life now.

At the tender age of 18 I joined the police as an Constable and spent the next 17 years doing a job I loved.

But I had an issue......around the age of 34, I developed Chronic Asthma.

I literally couldn't leave the house without struggling for breath.

And my life changed forever when a top Police Doctor was so concerned he told me that if I was to run around the block....I would die.

Needless to say, he sent me to specialists and my Asthma got under control but it simply wasn't compatible with being a police officer.

And I was told by the Police Doctors that I could no longer go out and patrol the streets again.

So in 2015, having done a bit of blogging as a hobby, I left  the police and set up my own PRO BLOGGING service.

And I managed to gain some clients immediately.

So I was happy........but that was short lived.

Because over the next few months all of the clients started to drift off (as they were struggling to pay me) and at Christmas I had just 1 client left.

The simple truth is that my business was about to crumble and I had just enough money in the bank to last me a month.

And so I did everything the experts told me to do.

I attended numerous networking groups.

I boosted a few Facebook posts.

I got more business cards and messaged people on sites such as LinkedIn.

But still nothing.......I was out of clients and nearly out of time.

Then Suddenly..........It All Changed And I Had More Clients Than I Could Handle

I admit I was starting to panic.

I had just got through Christmas and with 2 young children it had cost me a small fortune.

And with only a few weeks left until I had to close my business down this happened. 

I went from having virtually no visitors to my website, to having over 16,000 in a few months.

And that period of time saw my business grow to such an extent that I had to hire others to help me.

I grew an email list and people started to follow me online.

So.....what happened?

What caused this huge growth at record speed?

I discovered the power of Story Marketing.

You see.....In a world where 'so called experts' tell you to post on social media 3 times each day, to blog weekly, vlog and even start podcasts, there is a huge problem.

Because all this does is create more noise online.

Noise your potential customers don't want to hear or know about.

Instead.....people make sense of the world through STORIES.

And they want stories that can not only read but be part of.

It was this breakthrough that suddenly changed my life and business forever.


And This Is What Happened After This Breakthrough.........

After I discovered the power of Story Marketing I started to learn more about it myself.

And then continue to test and apply what I had learned both for myself and clients. 

And I had incredible success using this approach.

But I wanted to see if I could use it on the most powerful B2B platform of all time.......LinkedIn.

And sure enough the results started to come in.

I was able to write a post in just 10 minutes that could get me over 13,000 views.

And that was just the beginning.

My profile views started to rise at lightening speed.

And at times I was even getting leads in the space of 20 seconds after posting 

And my content started to trend almost every time I posted.

I also got a lot of interest from big businesses.......all for free.

Please Don't Think I Am Bragging........I Am Nothing Special

Let's look at the facts....a few years ago I was struggling to gain clients.

I was like every other type of freelancer out there........struggling to get attention, struggling to get leads and struggling to get paid what I deserved.

I followed the advice of the 'experts' and got nowhere fast.

But now I never worry about finding clients and I never worry about getting results for clients.

Because I Have A Proven Framework To Follow

As you know I have tested my process over the last 2 years and refined it so that anyone can both use and benefit from it.

You see, this is half the problem.

Most people don't have a proven framework to use on LinkedIn

Some days they post about their business.

Some days they posts about other businesses.

But mostly it is really boring content.

And none of it drives any sales.

The result is that they just create noise.

Instead, what you need is a proven process that will allow you to be seen as the best solution in your marketplace.

You need a step by step plan so you can start to gain leads from LinkedIn

And having spent the last 2 years using LinkedIn to generate leads with 7 figure companies that I have never even spoken to or met before, I learned there are 3 secrets that expert LinkedIn users deploy to gain leads and sales.

And these 3 secrets are precisely what my process is based on.

This is what most people do.

They create posts on LinkedIn and hope people read them

They hope that people check out their profiles.

They hope that people go to their websites.

They hope that they call or email their business as they need their services or products.

I call this 'hopeful marketing'.

What If I told you that I regularly gained leads and made sales from simple LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn posts are your weapons in rapid growth.

But there is a problem.

Most people think their content drives the sales process for them.......it doesn't.

What drives the sales process is your website.

Yes, your website is the key that people forget about.

Let me explain.

Have you ever seen that programme called Catfish?

If not, it's basically a show where members of the public have become romantically attached to someone they met online and have never met in person.

And in the show they go looking to see if the person they met online is real....and guess what, very often they have used the photos of someone else or lied about who they are.

Its called Catfishing....and most websites do the same.

Now, when someone sees you on LinkedIn, if they are serious about buying from you they will go to your website.

And when that happens the prospect will have 3 things in their mind.

The first is "can they help me to solve my problem?"

The second is "are they the best people to help me to solve my issue?"

And finally...."what do I do next?"

Most websites tend to answer the first question but they don't answer the second question and they certainly always fail with the last one.

Yes.......how often do we see websites with a simple 'contact us' button sitting quietly in the top right of a website or on the footer.

Your prospect is thinking.......

"What should I do, if I call them what will I say, I know they will put me through to a secretary or worse a call handling system and then I have to wait for the call back. And I don't even know if they will call back when I want them to......"

All of this is FRICTION and for that reason your prospect just presses the back button.

It's all too much grief.

For whatever reason....they saw your posts, met you at an event, saw your bio when you connected with them on LinkedIn and just for a split second they thought you were the one to help them.

And then they landed on your website and you 'Catfished' them.

Your promised so much.....and the reality of your website didn't match.

And that is why you need a Lead Generation system in place before you even start to create content that drives leads.

A system that when your prospect lands on your website that they instantly know you are for them, that you can solve their issue and they know exactly what the next step is.

But not only that........the next step is effortless on their part.

The best bit........creating a lead generation system isn't expensive. In fact it takes minutes to set up.

And once I learned this secret my business changed completely.

But that's not all........to be successful on LinkedIn you need more than just a lead gen system.

You need something that really makes you stand out.

Now here is the thing.

Just because they land on your website and you have a process all set up does not mean that they are going to do what you ask.

We are not selling dog food to hungry dogs here.

No, your prospects are smart, savvy people who have heard it all before.

They know they are being sold to when they land on your website.

And their guard is up.

So how do you get them to do what you ask?

How do you make them take the action that you want them to take?

Well you need to make them an offer they can't refuse.

You need to create an offer so powerful that it would be crazy to refuse.

And like I said earlier......95% of businesses only use a 'contact us' button.

So, just how powerful do you think it will be when you deploy an offer onto your website that makes not getting in touch feel like the mistake of a lifetime?

Now here is the best bit......once you have this amazing offer you can use it everywhere.

Emails, social media posts, your website.......even when you meet people face to face.

Yes, when I discovered this secret my diary was filled up with calls every week.

But having an offer they can't refuse is just another part of the LinkedIn puzzle....there is one more secret to gaining leads from LinkedIn I want to share with you today.

We here it all the time........'create great content'.

And yes, it's true.

But here is something that the 'guru's' never tell you.

'How to create great content for LinkedIn'

And this is the thing...........No one wants to tell you just exactly what great content is and how to replicate it.

This is the 'secret' that no one is willing to share.

So let me tell you how I cracked this secret.

For an entire year I kept track of some of the best performing content on LinkedIn.

And do you know what..........great content on LinkedIn is ridiculously easy to create if you have proven frameworks.

So many of the posts that I read were strikingly similar in formats and style.

In fact, I took the best content and broke down what format the posts were in and then I replicated it.

The result was I had a wide range of content formats. And when I use them I would gain leads and sales almost at will.

But not only that people genuinely loved what I wrote.

And it wasn't just likes.........my content was actually generating leads straight into my inbox.

And all of this was down to 10 minutes work a day.

Yes....just 10 minutes was all it needed to turn my LinkedIn feed into an inbound lead generation tool.

But let me tell you this.

If you tried to reverse engineer every posts out there it would take you years to find the patterns and formats that I did.

If you were to try and figure out how to turn your website into a lead generation machine and build a process and offer that brings leads to you.

Well........... it would costs you thousands to hire conversion experts and even if you did this the cost to deploy such things would be incredible.

No......times are hard right now for businesses and freelancers.

You don't need to spend a fortune.

What you need is to be shown how to harness the power of LinkedIn in the fastest time possible.

You need the zero fluff strategies and techniques that really do work.........

Introducing The Fast & Furious LinkedIn Lead Generation Course

Today you have the chance to join the BETA Verison of the Fast  & The Furious LinkedIn Lead Generation Course.

It is a course for people that really want to learn how to generate leads and sales through Linkedin.

I won't lie.......when I decided to create a LinkedIn course. I wanted it to be much bigger, longer and attract a price tag in the thousands.

But the Coronovirus had other ideas.

And so I am releasing this fast and furious beta version.

A zero thrills, no holds barred system that tells you straight, how to generate leads from LinkedIn.

In fact.........this is the exact system that I use day in and day out.

Make no mistake....this is a beta version because I wanted to use high quality videographers, hire a studio and graphic deisgner.

But the information inside is rock solid and will soon have you crushing LinkedIn and generating leads, sales and connections.

Is The Fast & Furious LinkedIn Course For You?

You might be thinking.....is this course right for you?

Well, I totally understand this, there are a lot of courses out there, so you need to make sure this one will be the course that makes a huge difference to your business.

And I know right now people are being careful about their purchases. So you need to make sure this is right for you.

So,  to help you, just read out the questions below and if you answer yes to any of them, this is the right course for you.

  • You are a small business owner and are looking for a way to market your business online and stand out from the competition 
  • You are a freelancer and want  to access a huge market place of potential customers....and have them contacting you.
  • You are a digital marketing agency and are looking for a method to generate leads for free.
  • You are a copywriter that wants to get the attention of potential clients with your words.
  • You are a web designer that wants to have more clients banging on your door.

  • You are a coach or personal trainer and you want customers coming to you, rather than you trying to chase them.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this course is for you.

So what is included?

Lesson 1

The LinkedIn Client Magnet System

In this lesson I reveal the system I use to gain clients from LinkedIn. Inside you will learn: 

  • The 5 step proven process that you need to understand in order to gain leads and sales. 
  • Discover why most business don't get many leads.........it is so simple to fix it will shock you.
  • ​Learn what to do only as a last resort (most people do this first and it is why they don't get more leads). 

Lesson 2

How To Optimise Your Profile For Leads

By the end of this lesson you will be able to turn your profile into a lead generating machine.

For example, you will learn:

  • How to give yourself a professional profile URL is seconds.........this looks great if you share this online.
  • How to add keywords to your bio so you are found in LinkedIn search results.
  • The  2 minute method for finding keywords on LinkedIn to target your profile around.
  • The writing technique that get's people commenting on my profile all the time.............and much much more.

Lesson 3

How To Create A Conversion Focused Website

This lesson is going to really change things for you. It is a the process I use to gain leads from my website. explained for you to utilise easily and quickly.

  • The simple way to increase your leads.......this one thing is a hack I learned from a genius 7 figure marketer. 
  • How to instantly position yourself as the expert your customer needs
  • The ridiculously simple way to get clients booking meetings.......and much much more.   

Lesson 4

How To Build A High Value Network On LinkedIn

This lesson is going to teach you exactly how to build a high value network on LinkedIn.....in record time.

You will learn:

  • The simple rules to follow when building your network  
  • How to find your ideal connections in seconds
  • The piggy back technique. This single hack has allowed me to grow a quality connection base in the shortest time possible.  
  • The shareaholics technique. This technique was taught to me by a massive LinkedIn Influencer and it can double the engagement of your posts (and now it is nothing to do with engagement hubs)

Lesson 5

How To Create Killer LinkedIn Content

This lesson is worth the price of the course alone. My killer content frameworks that I use daily on LinkedIn......this will make writing great content a breeze. 

A few things I cover is........

  • The  structure I use to gain leads directly into my DM's.

  • A full video lesson on how to create great LinkedIN posts

  • The 21 post formats you should be using to gain rapid traction on the platform.

Lesson 6

How To Create Offers They Can't Refuse

In this lesson you are going to learn how to create offers that they would be crazy to refuse.

By using this process you will see people come to you and find you hard to refuse..

You will learn:

  • The 4 questions that you need to answer in the mind of your customer.  
  • The way to establish a high ROI in the mind of your customers (this is key if you want to make sales and not get haggled on price)
  • The 3 offers you can make to grow your business.......once you learn these you will be shocked how easy growing your business is.
  • The 2 things you can do if they turn you down....I have used this to salvage many a sale over the past 2 years.

Lesson  7

How To Reach Out To People on LinkedIn

In this lesson you will discover exactly how to reach out to people on LinkedIn during times like these.

Yes, an outreach lesson built for during the virus pandemic.

You will learn....

  • The 4 core methods of outreach . 
  • The question ask people in times such as these that will instantly get their approval.
  • The best way to get your foot in the door quickly.

But wait.....there is even more.



Over The Shoulder Writing Tutorial

You might be worried about not being creative enough or perhaps being a good writer.

Well don't worry I am going to break it down for you in this over the shoulder writing workshop.

I will teach you how to come up with creative ideas on the fly and learn how to find content ideas everywhere.

  • See how I find content ideas daily..........it is super quick and easy when you know how 
  • Watch as I use the templates I gave you to write a killer post for LinkedIn
  • Learn my tricks for adding power to your content. 

Please Don't Buy This Product If.........

Remember this is a fast and furious guide to getting leads from LinkedIn.

This is not a $2000 product with bells, whistles and PDF downloads.

The aim is simple.......to take about 2 hours of your time and leave you with the ability to gain traction on LinkedIn in the shortest time possible.

So, only buy this course if you are an action taker who wants high quality information.

If you are looking for movie quality visuals this isn't for you.

It's fast and furious, rough and ready and loaded with tips, tricks and strategies for you to use immediately.

What Does This Cost?

So, what is this course going to cost?

Hey...it's the apocalypse out there and people are struggling right now.

But that's not all.......this is a beta version of a course that I fully intend on making into a huge flagship course.

So if you buy today at this super low price....you will get all future premium versions of this course at no extra cost.

Yes, I know times are hard right now, I know times are uncertain.

So, for that reason I am going to keep this beta version of my course super cheap........ 

The price is just $27 and all payments are via pay pal right now.

If you don't have Paypal message me at andrew@zoogly.co.uk and we can sort something out.


Payments will be via pay pal


OK, so I could have done the whole money back offer and all that.

Well I am going to be honest......I doubt you would even dream of asking for a refund once you access this product.

But at this price I don't have the time to start issuing refunds, this product is a steal as it is, so please no time wasters or people doing the whole "Ill buy now and get a refund later". I have put this product as cheaply as I can so everyone can access it!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL......It is a beta course.


OK, so LinkedIn have not endorsed this product, nor can I say you are going to get flooded with leads using the techniques contained within this course.

Zoogly Media Ltd can not be held liable if you choose to implement any strategies contained within this course and you either lose money or you don't earn 6 figures.

I haven't promised you any of that....but you are getting my techniques and strategies that have worked for me. So please be a grown up....its a $27 course.

© 2019, Zoogly Media