How Veed Grew to 290,000 Monthly Visitors with Single Feature Landing Pages

I'm sure you will agree that, if a business can grow to over $400,000 in monthly revenue in 12 months, it's worth investigating how they did it. 

And so, in this content marketing breakdown, we're going to look at 

Veed has grown to 1 million annual recurring revenue and recently reported $417K in monthly revenue.

And in this article, you are going to learn:

  • How Veed uses 'Single Feature' landing pages to generate over 290,000 monthly visits to their site.
  • The backlink strategy they are using.
  • And how you can use the same strategy for your Saas, Service or E-commerce site.

Ready, let's dive in.

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What's Veed?

Veed is a bootstrapped video editing tool founded by Timur Mamedov and Sabba Keynejad.

It has gone from 0 to over $1 million ARR in just 12 months and has recently reported over $400,000 in monthly business.

And if we look at data from Exploding topics, we can see that the search interest for Veed has grown over 5000% in the last two years. 

And for good reason.

Veed allows you to do some amazing things with video, such as:

Auto subtitles

Create memes

Create social media videos

Audio transcription

And much more.

So how are they growing so fast, and what are they doing to grow so fast?

Let's break it down:

How To Get Massive Traffic With Single Feature Landing Pages

According to Ahrefs, we can see that Veed have a UR of 57 and a DR of 69. And they have over 35,000 backlinks from over 2000 domains. 

They're currently ranking for over 118,000 keywords and have an organic traffic level of 289,000 monthly visits.

Which equates to a value of $379,000 per month in equivalent PPC spend. 

That's impressive.

And when we look at their growth, it's even more amazing.

We can see that it started in 2019, generating a few thousand visitors. 

They then achieved a massive growth around 2020, and into 2021, they've accelerated to a huge 289,000 visitors a month, if not more. 

So how are they doing it?

Well, it's all about single-feature landing pages.

So, what are they?

What Are Single Feature Landing Pages?

What's a Single-Feature Landing Page?

When writing any kind of SaaS sales page, it makes sense to find out what the product actually does.

And, of course, make sure that those features and benefits are displayed on the page.

What Veed has done, is split those features into single-use landing pages.

For example, their tool has 100's of individual uses.

From video translator to video meme creator and much more

And they've created landing pages for all of them.

And also made great-looking and clearly-high converting landing pages as well:

This is a crucial part of their success.

Each landing page not only looks great; they have multiple calls to action and step-by-step instructions as well as an embedded video on how to use the tool.

And you don't need to create an account or use a credit card to sign up.

You might be wondering if the search volume is worth the effort that is required to do this.

Well, it turns out it is.

Take the term 'Youtube to Gif'.

This search term does 60,000 searches per month.

Or 'add text to gif'.

A term that does 16,000 searches per month.

However, remember that the secret to their success isn't just traffic. It's also conversion.

Each tool allows you free access without any credit card or account to do certain tasks. 

The result, each landing page serves as a funnel entrance for their business, and once people try and love their tool, they convert into paying customers.

But what about backlinks? 

Let's take a look at their backlink strategy next.

How Veed is Gaining Backlinks

To be fair to the founders of the software, Veed has tried a variety of ways to gain backlinks, (as documented by their founders).

They did guest blogging and even built a free tool that provides you with vertical videos:

However, 3 key actions stand out as to how they successfully gained backlinks.

1. Repeated Launches

The founders launched their product repeatedly on sites like Product Hunt. This is a really interesting tactic as every time they created a new 'feature', they launched it as a separate product.

2. 50/50 Content Production and Promotion Process

They also used a 50/50 process for their content.

If they spent half a day writing the content, they would spend half a day promoting it.

And by promoting it, they went to forums like Reddit where they received a lot of traction.

3. Software Lists Posts

The final strategy for backlinks is a really easy one if you have a software tool; be featured on software lists.

Now, this isn't rocket science if you have a software tool, reach out to the software lists such as "Best Online Video Tools' and ask to be considered for the list and even offer a free account in exchange.

OK, so now you have seen what Veed did to grow, here's-how you can model the strategies.

How To Create Single Feature Landing Pages

Creating Single Feature Landing pages is a fairly simple process.

Step 1: Break Down All of the Features of Your Product

I'm sure you'll know all the core features of your product, however, sometimes in the thrust of business, it's easy to forget all of the amazing things your business or product does.

So, head over to your landing page and give yourself a reminder of what your product or service offers.

However, not all landing pages have a list of features, simply because the copywriter may have focused on benefits. So, if you are trying to track down your features, a second place to look is the pricing page.

Step 2: Use Ahrefs to Assess Keywords

Next ,look at your keywords and to see what variation is ranking best.

This is key because you need to make sure you get the search query context correct.

For example, you might see a parent topic that looks great.

But in reality, when you look at the search results, they don't match what you offer.

Step 3: Create Your Landing Page

Once you have identified your keywords, you need to create your landing page.

Veed have a great landing page that has repeated calls to action and explanations about their product and over 1000 words of explanatory text.

Albeit I'll break down the Veed landing pages on our sister site Copywarfare another time. If you need a quick framework for writing your landing page, add the aspects below and, you won't go wrong.

  • A clear message that explains what the tool does/is.
  • Social Proof.
  • How you can use this tool.
  • Demonstration.
  • Anchors (what is the highest cost alternative option).
  • Education about the tool
  • Repeated Call To Actions.

Step 4: Promote Your Tools

In essence, by creating single feature landing pages, you have created multiple tools under 1 brand.

So, feel free to promote them all and do so repeatedly.

You can do this yourself or use a service like Spread The Word.

Spread the Word is both a list of over 400 ways to share your start up, and also a service that will do this for you.


So, there you have it, our breakdown of the success of Veed.

It's a fantastic product, and the founders have done great things.

So, now it's over to you.

Are you going to start using single feature landing pages for your SaaS tool?

Thanks for reading.

Andrew Holland

FREE 8 Ways To Double Your Sales 

Here's what you are going to learn in this FREE book

  • What You Need To Create To Have Customers Desperate To Call You.
  • What you need to bin on your website right now (because it's killing sales).
  • The powerful message visitors MUST see before they consider your offer.
  • The question that you must answer if you want leads and sales online.
  • And much more.

posted June 30, 2021

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