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Day 8

Maximising Profit Through Pre Framing and Funnels

Howdy partners 

It is day 8 of the Traffic Stampede: 14 days to 100,000 visitors course.

And welcome to Westworld.

The place where your dreams become reality, your wildest fantasies happen and you can be the hero you always wanted to be.

That is until all the robots go wild and kill everyone.

No, I haven't lost my mind.

Digital marketing is pretty much the same as Westworld.

Except rather than robots, the creatures helping us to play out our dreams are Google, Facebook, Twitter, get the idea.

Because on the internet these creatures run the show, we are simply there for the ride.

And yes, they don't play nice, they can turn on you and even attack your business.

So you need to maximise profit at every opportunity.

And this is what we are talking about today.

How we can increase your income through your website.

But first a quick recap....

We need focused traffic + high conversion + high profit.

That is how we will grow our business and yes unfocused traffic, low conversion and low profit will kill our business there and then.

So first a little case study.

Stop Worrying About ROI

ROI stands for return on investment.

So you spend £10 and make £15.

And this is what most business owners will ask for when I used to pitch my services "hey what's the ROI of SEO?"

Because people hate risk.

They are worried about loss.

When I first started to sell SEO services I used a little formula that took into account things like conversion rate and increased traffic.

But suddenly it dawned on me when I wrote a single blog post that gained me thousands of pounds in work.

I could do loads of great SEO work and they got no leads from it, then I could get canned and then a lead would come in and boom it generates £100,000 in work and future referrals worth far more.

They would gain and I would lose and worse still, they would not realise what actually got them the work, my post.

A single blog post once took me 20 hours to write, and by my estimation of the price I put on my own time (I don't have an hourly rate but this is what I feel my time would be worth), that blog post would have cost £2000.

That is roughly what I should have charged someone and yes it generated (I calculated this the other day) £30,000 of work.

The £30,000 wasn't direct.

I gained £10,000 off the back of me placing the article in a group on Facebook.

The rest came as a result of the post being read by organic visitors.

And that is just the results of that post. 

My blog articles have opened doors for me, helped me to get ranked online and gained me loads of social media shares.

And I know it has helped me to grow my business. 

People call me and say 'wow, loved your work, I really like your article on.....can we talk about you doing some work for me'.

Yet, very little of the work I have gained has been a direct result of a single post.

 Because they all compound to give my business results.

Yet a client wouldn't think that.

They would be like 'hey that post you wrote for me on xxxx hasn't helped gain us leads'.

And back in the day I would have been sacked off the writing or SEO job.

And that is the issue why most businesses fail at marketing, they look for ROI on every activity.

Growing your website is what is called brand marketing. 

It is not direct advertising.

Direct advertising is a marketing activity where success comes when the prospect takes a direct action.

Brand marketing is the telling of your story, the connection with your customers in a non sales basis.

So, stop worrying about ROI.

There might not be any that you can directly attribute to each task.

You can't measure brand marketing as if it were direct advertising.

It doesn't work that way.

But, we do need to maximise our profit from our brand marketing efforts and that is where a funnel comes in.

Funnel Creation That Kicks Ass

A funnel or sales pipeline is how you can grow your business and profit from the work you are doing for your website.

And there are loads of ways to build a funnel.

You can use online software, you can use ads, you can write it down or build one out of your mind while on the phone to a client.

All a funnel really does is create a path for your client to follow.

When I found a funnel for my business, things changed dramatically for me.

I found I could charge more, gain repeat business easily and of course retain clients for longer.

So I am going to give you the secret to creating your funnel and why all this ROI stuff is a waste of time.

I am going to teach you the best kept secret in marketing.

And I am going to teach you for free.


Here it is.

All a funnel needs to do is one simple thing:

Pre-Frame Your Value

OK so let me unravel this mystery.

Lets talk watches.

How did Rolex become such a brand?

A brand that can charge far more than anyone else for watches?

A brand that just by wearing it shows you have money and success?

In truth Rolex very carefully aligned itself with success, it made the first waterproof wrist watch that was worn by a swimmer trying to cross the English channel.

The Rolex watch has been to the top of Everest and even to the bottom of the ocean.

It is deemed the best.

A watch that is built to last.

A watch worn by explorers, achievers and even James Bond.

And that process has pre-framed people to understand the value of a Rolex,

They are statements.

And this is still a type of funnel.

When a person first learns about a Rolex they do so in casual conversation.

I learned about it from my parents when walking past an expensive jewellers, I was told 'ooh look at those Rolex watches, they are the best watch in the world'.

And so, when I see the adverts, meet successful people with one on their wrist, that view is re enforced.

The result, Rolex watches are the best and the best is worth more money!

That is the Rolex funnel.

They don't need fancy software for this, their funnel is a culture of its own.

But you are not a Rolex.

We need a faster way to achieve this process for your business and this is what we call the funnel.

A way of pre-framing your worth.

It never is or has been about sales.  

A funnel is about profit!

Pre-framing For Value

Pre-framing is essentially using marketing to control the opinions a person has about you before they read your sales message.

We have looked at T-Shirts before but let's talk cars.

What do you think about a Rolls Royce?

A would guess you put them in the luxury car market wouldn't you?

A Rolls Royce Ghost will set you back around £237,600.

But did you know that Rolls Royce is owned by BMW and that the Ghost is built on the same chassis as a BMW 7 series.

However the BMW 7 series costs around £68,000.

That is a huge difference for what is really the same car apart from the looks and interior.

Yeah there are some small engine differences but not the amount that you think.

Now, the question you might ask is....'how do I achieve the same results?' 

The answer is education!

People buy from who they know, like and trust.

And guess who people like and trust more.....educators!

Yes, people that increase the knowledge of others and help them to move closer to their goals.

And to do this you will need to get your prospect on your email list. 

Because email marketing really is the best form of marketing because it ensures you develop a relationship that pre-frames your prospects prior to the sales message.

So let's look at another case study.


Backlinko is one of the best SEO training blogs on the internet and I am featured on its pages as a case study of great SEO work.

But a few years ago I had never heard of Brian Dean (the founder of Backlinko). 

So what happened?

Well I discovered Brian Dean and saw his website.

He immediately had me with his offer of free tips (at the time I think I signed up for a free guide on keyword research), and of course I saw that he had been featured on sites such as Forbes and Inc. 

The home page of his website had this on there, so I was immediately pre-framed.

And over the course of several months he sent me emails packed with information and links to articles on his website.

The result was simple...I was pre-framed.

And so, when it came to the sales email he sent about his premium SEO course (£3000) I purchased without a seconds thought.

And you can do the same.

If you remember your value ladder or sales funnel that we talked about the other day. 

Well getting them to buy from you is a lot easier if you have pre-framed them.

So, how do you do this?

Well there are a lot of ways but I want to keep things simple for you.

My suggestion is to offer the customer something that will get them onto your email list.

It might be a free PDF guide, a video course, a brochure....whatever you like.

But once on your email list you are going to send them emails of value.

If we recall earlier in the course on day 5 we talked about creating your accession model

And it looked like this:

If you recall we started with free content.

Now free content doesn't have to be on your blog because we need to use social media to get attention (more on this later in the course) but you don't own the social media pages you have.

You merely use them with permission and if Facebook or another channel took that permission away you still need to be in business.

For that reason you should always try and get people onto your email list.

This is by far the fastest and most organised way to pre-frame them.

But once on your email list what do you send to them?

We will cover this next.

Emails To Send For Pre Framing

Email 1

Ok so you have created your guide/ offer to get them onto your email list.

After that is done the first email you should send is 'did you get our guide?'

It staggers me to this day how so few people check their spam filters when they sign up for things, but it happens.

So a quick email that covers this and also tells them what to expect over the next few days will be fine.

I sent you one of these out when you signed up for this course.

Now you will see I have laid out a 5 email process, feel free to do more or less.

It all depends on your offer and your business. 

Email 2

The second day I would send out a case study email that shows the desired result that your service delivers.

For example, it might be 'How Josie lost 5 stone in 6 weeks with our fitness boot camp' or 'How Our Clients Saved £250 When Using Our Services'.

You get the idea. 

You can place this case study on your website or give them a PDF, it is up to you.

This is great for pre framing because they get to see the results of your business in real terms.

Email 3

Day 3 or email 3 (you can send them every other day if you wish) is about getting them back onto your website so what you should do is send a a link to one of your best blog posts.

The idea behind this is that they self educate and again see you as the trusted educator.

The reason it works is because when on the blog they are likely to explore and read your other posts.

This is a good thing.

Email 4

Ok so now we are showing another client case study today.

This really is showing them the results you have obtained for others because we want them to think about what your service or product can do for them. 

We want to inspire hope but also pre frame them that you can deliver massive results

Email 5

And finally email 5 is a special offer just for them.

This can be a low or high priced item depending on your industry and how much perceived value you have built. 

If you sell a online course that is not ready yet (or the doors for the course aren't open) then you could give them a final free guide or link to a blog entry.

In these circumstances you would then email the person every time you release new blog posts until the time for your course is ready for sale.

But ultimately this email is about getting a sale if you have products or services that are ready to go.

I think a discount or special offer works best but again this is your choice.


OK, so today's homework is simple.

Think about the lead magnet you could use to get them to sign up to your email list.

Next think about what case studies you could write.

And finally what low price offers you could make at the end.

Tomorrow we start what you have all been waiting for so patiently, the traffic boosting process.

Over the next 4 days you will learn my traffic boosting secrets that will change the game for you.

See you tomorrow.