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welcome to traffic stampede

Day 7

Search Volume Is Business Vanity, You Need High Conversion And High Profit

Welcome to Day 7 of the Traffic Stampede: 14 days to 100,000 visitors course.

This is the end of the first week and we are pushing forward.

Week 2 will be where the rubber hits the road.

But today we are talking about search volume.

Why 100,000 Visitors Per Year Is More Than Enough

Depending on your experience you might be thinking 'hey I want 100,000 visitors a month, not in a year'.

To those people I reply 'do you really? Why?'

You can gain website traffic easily (as you will see in this course). 

My personal record for site traffic on one month (as part of a team) was taking a website from zero to 112,000 visitors.

We did this through viral traffic methods (I will teach you this next week). 

Now, the thing with traffic is this, quality beats quantity.

High levels of traffic are required when a business has one of 3 issues:

1. Their business model demands a high level of traffic.

2. Their website fails to convert.

3. Their profit margins per customer are weak.

If we take this bit by bit.

High Traffic Businesses

A business that demands a high amount of traffic is typically one that needs to be fed to keep going.

For example you might have a blog that generates a lot of traffic and so you place some Ad words or affiliate links on there to make money.

Well if the traffic goes down, your income does as well. So traffic levels are essential to maintain.

Or perhaps your business is a software or e commerce business, well to make more sales you need more customers, as such search volume is again key for growth and survival.

For those types of businesses, scaling The Sniper Method is key. 

Once you reach the required number you repeat the process (don't worry I will walk you through how to do this step by step).

And if you gain over 100,000 visitors a year already, fear not you will easily be able to double, triple and 10 x your website traffic.

Poor Converting Businesses

For those of you already gaining great levels of traffic but are converting poorly, well you have a conversion issue.

This is far more common than you think and also is an issue for people with little traffic too.

A conversion is where you take a website visitor and get them to take action of some form.

This is the area where most B2B businesses suffer.

They exist in a world where traffic levels are traditionally poor.

As a result when you add a poor converting website you will see little or no results.

Next week I will cover how to increase the conversion rate of your website, but for now realise that poor conversion is a business killer!

Weak Profits

And we come to the other huge killer that requires you to achieve massive levels of traffic, low profit margins.

You will remember our training on price.

2 white T shirts, one around £16 the other £1.85, the only difference being a logo.

If you have a weak pricing model you will find yourself struggling to make profit and as a result needing more traffic.

In the end you are going to be the mouse on the wheel

The Secret Recipe For Online Success

The secret recipe for success is...drum roll...



Yep, that is the ultimate formula for success and is behind The Sniper Method.

This is where 99% of SEO gurus fail. 

They just talk about high traffic numbers without addressing the type of traffic, the conversion rate or the profit margin.

Here are just a few areas that high traffic and low conversion/ low profit can cause havoc for a business, blog or website.

1. High traffic can cause high numbers of poor quality enquiries.

A lesson I learned when I installed a 'we will call you back in 20 seconds' plugin on one of my sites. I was inundated by low quality prospects that were eating into my time.

2. High traffic can cause a large number of customer questions, refunds and emails

Yes, just because you have increased sales it doesn't mean that you will have loads of satisfied customers.

With any business you will have a refund and customer email rate, it is natural, well more sales and traffic cause more enquiries, emails and refunds.

Refunds., questions and emails take up a lot more time than sales do, can you afford the time to deal with this if your profit margins are not great?

3. High traffic, high conversion but low profit equals stress!

Having low profits but high sales and conversions will be a road to high levels of stress.

I once worked with a client who had the most tiny, minuscule levels of profit, it was killing them. 

'Hey hold on, this is stupidity, high levels of traffic solve most issues'

I am not going to argue, high levels of traffic is an issue that most people wouldn't mind having.

But high traffic is nothing, you need FOCUSED TRAFFIC.

Traffic that matches your target audiences needs, thoughts, desires and wants (don't worry we will cover this later in the course).

Focused traffic is like intimacy, it helps your target audience to feel more comfortable with you.

However The Sniper Method is more than just a way to grow your focused website traffic it is a way to calibrate your online business before you throw a fortune at it.

And yes as we have discovered that fortune can be in your time not just money.

The Sniper Method: And How To Use It For Business Growth

Remember we said that if you just gain 200 visitors a day and just 74 from social media you will end up reaching your 100,000 visitors a year target.

But much more powerful is that once you hit the 274 mark you gain data.

Over 30 days 274 visitors gives you 8,220 visitors.

That is a healthy number.

But more so it is a number you can build, test and refine your offering from. 

This is where you can work on optimising your website copy for conversions, you can tweak your sales funnel and you can try to maximise profit, by upping prices. 

Because you have a solid amount of traffic you can get things right.

The way that 99% of SEO's, marketers and business owners work is to simply grow their traffic as much as possible in a fast a time as possible.

The Sniper Method works on stages. 

So, let's take this step by step.

How To Scale Using The Sniper Method

When I created The Sniper Method I did so after reviewing hundreds of websites.

What I discovered was that there are a lot of websites that gain very little traffic to individual pages but it adds up.

And I noticed a theme with some mega sites, they too were using this approach.

This is known as gaining traffic from long tail keywords.

I spoke to some of the website owners and they told me that while traffic was great, it wasn't gaining them the results they wanted on a sales basis.

The problem they has fallen into was something that many bloggers and website owners discover.

They chase traffic and not conversions and profit. 

However you are smarter than this.

The Sniper Method is all about taking things in stages.

Stage 1: Application: 

Start applying the Sniper method to reach your target of 274 visitors a day.

Stage 2: Monitoring: 

Monitor your sales and leads and use conversion optimisation tips to maximise this.

Stage 3: Relaunch:

Start another Sniper Campaign

Stage 4: Monitor:

Now that you have doubled your traffic you need to again monitor your conversions.

Can you maximise your conversions further? 

And this is how you scale, you give yourself achievable goals but make sure that you don't chase traffic or blog for the sake of it.

You do so with clarity, a plan and yes the results will come.

The Missing Ingredient 

By now I hope you will understand the method I am using (and you will be too).

It is a systematic way to grow your business online, not only your website traffic.

Because if you are like me and many others, you do not have an entire web team at your disposal and a budget to hire a conversion optimisation specialist.

No, that task is all down to you!

So, lets re cap. 

You don't need high traffic to skyrocket your business if the traffic is focused (hence the term Sniper)

You don't need high traffic levels to boost your income if your conversion rate is high.

And you don't need high traffic levels if you make a good amount of profit from each transaction. 

These areas are what most people never look at and why businesses fail.

Tomorrow we look at maximising profit.

You will learn about my £30,000 blog post, you will learn practical ways to boost your income online.

You will learn key tactics for generating more income from your business (no matter what business you are in) and the mistake most business owners make when trying to maximise profit.

Homework: No homework tonight people! Enjoy a glass of wine and watch some TV.

See you tomorrow.



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