Traffic Stampede

welcome to traffic stampede

Day 5

How To Turn Visitors Into Customers


Welcome to day 5 of  our mission to calibrate your website to reach those 100,000 visitors.

Today we are going to talk about how you can turn those visitors into customers, but first a quick re cap.

By now you have identified your audience, the people you want to speak to.

You will have played around with those search tools.

You will have found using Quora and other tools the problems your audience needs solutions for.

Now before we talk about about traffic generation in detail (that is coming in the next 2 days) we must talk about turning those visitors into buyers, how this process works and how you can use it. 

Ready, let's do this

Case Study: Ash Ambirge

Ash Ambirge is in my opinion one of the best writers in the world.

In fact, this course was something she inspired me to create. 

I have purchased almost all of her training and would certainly go to her live training when she runs her next event.

So how did this happen?

The truth was that she was recommended to me by another course I was on, I landed on her website and boom I found her.

Her style of writing wowed me and I subscribed ever since.

After devouring her website content I immediately purchased one of her courses, and I loved it.

It was not too expensive at the time. 

And guess what, over time I have purchased every course she has offered and her eBook too.

She didn't pressure me into sales, she didn't hustle me into clicking some shitty link to another persons product.

I simply ascended.

She sent me an email and I purchased the product and I then looked for even more products.

That is it.

Second Sales Case Study: Mitch Miller

My second (personal example) of ascension is Mitch Miller

I was recommended to Mitch by another copywriter and since reading his free work, his Facebook posts, and his free training I eventually purchased his book 'Follow The White Rabbit'.

It was excellent.

And guess what, I recently purchased a course from him for $497.

And he didn't even have a sales page, he did it via a Facebook post and yes I paid.

And guess what....I recently purchased two other training's from him at $27 and $97. 

He has ascended me through his work. 

Now, many in the business world get way too anal about conversion rates and click through figures and pay too little attention to common sense.

Common sense tells us that get someone to buy a £3000 course or product, you will find it difficult until you have built some trust.

I mean have you ever just spent £3000 online after seeing just 1 Facebook post from the seller?

No, me neither.

It takes time to build up what I call certainty.

The Certainty Process

How certain are you that what I say works?

You are probably getting more certain as you read each day of the course.

You are probably thinking 'yeah, this guy makes sense'.

And you know what, after 14 days you are more likely to purchase my paid for training or services.

That is what this course is for, yeah I love helping people but this is part of my business model.

This course took months to write, thousands of words and it took me away from the things I love to do.

It has to pay off and it will, because this is part of my ascension model. 

But why don't people buy from you right now?

People don't buy from you for 3 reasons:

1. They are not certain about you.

2. They are not certain about your product.

3, They are not certain about your company/ business.

Take used cars, you go off and visit a showroom, you love the sales person, you love the car and then go away to have a think.

And then you mention this to a friend who says 'don't buy anything from them, if you have issues they won't help, they ignore your complaints'.

Well you will never buy from them after that, no matter how much you loved that car or how charming the sales guy was. 

So the job of your website/ blog is much more than simply to get them there and they buy right then.

Your job is to help to make them certain!

Certain that you can solve their problems for them.

How This Really Works

Let us say you are a plumber. 

You want people to hire you for things like fitting bathrooms and boilers.

You know, not the sexiest of media roles.

So how do you gain customers?

The first way is using SEO to get your site on Google, then you will also use Facebook to post images of your work.

You would then create content such as '7 Questions You Must Ask Any Bathroom Fitter Before You Hire Them'.

Then you might pay Facebook a few pounds to boost the reach of your posts to more people in your area.

You would also have a Facebook pixel installed on your website to re target those who read your posts.

And now you offer a cheaper service through your site, your Facebook and your ads.

For example you could offer a boiler service. 

The customer sees this and hires you for a boiler service.

They hire you, they like you, they become happy with that service.

And next you ascend them via an email or Facebook or in person.

You service their entire central heating or replace their radiators or whatever.

And finally when they want a bathroom fitting (your premium service), they choose you!

Because you ascended them and they are certain about you.

They recommend you to others and your business grows!

This is how businesses grow online!

Through ascension. 

This really is the ultimate way to grow your business. 

It is that simple (simple but hard work), others call this a value ladder but words matter not, it is how you apply this that really matters.

If you think about it we see this type of model everywhere, from the local car garage that offers a 'free winter car check up' to the Facebook Ads company that offers a free PDF and then a low priced training course followed by a high price course and even a physical one.

This is what we call an ascension model.

So this is your next step, write out what your ascension model is going to be. 

You don't have to have 5 steps right now.

You can have as little as 2. 

But write them out.

So let's say that you are a photographer your lifetime client funnel might look like this:

1: Free content that solves customer problems (they are struggling to take photos themselves) This could be a series of articles or a single article, videos or anything else.

2: A portrait offer (maybe a prom dress package)

3: A family portrait offer

4. Wedding photographs

5. Repeat business/ referrals.

If you think of how this might work, you would perhaps get the job of doing the 16 year old daughters prom dress portrait.

Well guess what, the family might want a portrait doing as well while the kids are still at home.

And then that 16 year old girl is going to grow up and get married, guess who she will choose as her photographer, the one who the family knows and trusts. 

And that is just one potential ascension model for a photographer.

There are numerous versions.

Homework: Write Out Your Ascension Model 

So now you get to look at what your ascension model can be.

Have some fun with this, you might not be able to fill out 5 steps.

It might be that you can only think of one service or product you can offer right now.

But just get thinking about your master plan of sales dominance.

Tomorrow we are going to talk about pricing and search volume and how that can affect your business model massively.

After all, there is no point spending all this time and effort getting traffic and turning them into customer for no profit.

See you tomorrow.