Traffic Stampede

welcome to traffic stampede

Day 14

You Made It

Well done, congrats, yaaay, ye ha...

You did it.

14 days ago you were a newbie, not sure about how to grow your empire and now you have the recipe for success.

And honestly it all comes down to everything you have read here.

This course is a launching post.

The 100,000 visitors is all about focus.

Get your first 100,000 visitors and if you need to then you can scale to beyond this.

But....I know from working with countless business owners and websites that 100,000 focused visitors is usually enough.

It is enough to build a profitable business if you get your pricing right.

It is enough to create a life for yourself that you will enjoy.

A life out of the rat race.

A life of creativity.

Ok, so to help you on your quest here is a list of the tools I use online that I can't do without.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is my go to choice for everything WordPress.

It doesn't matter what your current theme is on your website I know at some point you will hit an issue and that issue will mean buying more tools, more developer time and of course giving you more headaches.

If you are serious about your online business then build your site with Thrive.

They have a range of tools such as content builders, Quiz builders, sale page builders and many more and they are all compatible with each other.

For this reason I urge all of my clients to choose Thrive.


Stencil is my go to tool online for images.

I really couldn't live without it.

I can create e book covers, Facebook, Instagram and other images in seconds.

It is loaded with quotes so I can create those popular Quote posts that people love.

It also has millions of free images you can use for your posts. 

Ultimately it is amazing.

Check it out here


I have mentioned Ahrefs a lot in this course.

That is because I also use this daily but be warned it is not cheap.

Having said that they also have a lot of material online to help you to get the most out of this tool.

Google Docs

I live on Google Docs most of the time.

It is easy to use and free.

So if you are using or paying for Word, perhaps it is time to change.


Grammarly is my favourite tool to make sure my content doesn't suck.

Its actually free (there is a premium version).

But now that it works with Google Docs I highly recommend you using it there too.


If you are in the freelancing business I suggest that you check out Milo as it is a great place to learn more tips and even get more work.

What To Do Next

By now you will have a good list of content types and formats that will help you to go viral, to be read and shared by communities and of course to rank online easily.

Now is the time to start to create that content.

Creating high quality content is tough, damn tough.

It takes hours of work to get right, then edit it and of course to promote it.

But this approach is by far the best way for your business to grow online.

You should aim to create a new piece of content each month.

That way your site will grow each month.

And remember this is just the beginning of your website growth, once we hit this mark you can grow even bigger.

There are many other techniques and tactics to grow beyond the easy traffic and focus on taking down those bullies of Google.

But that is a whole different course!

The End But Not The End

So we have come to the end of our course.

And now is the time to apply all you have learned and start to create your epic content.

See you soon.