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Day 13

Backlink Building AndPutting It All Together

Welcome to day 13 of the course.

Over the last 2 weeks we have learned so much about calibrating your website to 100,000 visitors and more.

And right now you might be thinking..."this is too much, I can't do it all".

Well, no one said this was going to be easy.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

This course has a very simple 3 part process to grow your traffic and online business.

Those 3 sections are:

1.Find Your Who

We spent a while going over this, choose who you are going to serve.

Who do you want to to business with? What do they stand for? What do you stand for? Who are you going to leave behind in your journey?

Be something to someone rather than nothing to everybody.

Choose your smallest viable audience.

2. Solve Their Problems

Once you know your 'who' you need to solve their problems.

Show them why they should listen to you. 

Show them why they should trust you.

Be the expert they are seeking and give them a reason to seek you out.

3. Make Them An Offer

Yes, this is the part that so many people never do.

They fail to make an offer or ask their website visitors to do anything.

They are too timid to ask people to buy or spend money.

They are too afraid to ask for money in exchange for a product or service.

The more offers you make the more people can say yes and if they say no you can figure out why and if needed fix this.

A Real World Case Study

I want you to see how this all fits into the real world of business.

Nerd Fitness is one of the best examples of this whole model I have explained.

Started by Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness is now a 7 figure business and as you can see he focused on 'nerds or average Joe's rather than the super fit. 

He provides free information and also charges a fee for premium content.

And the traffic levels?

Check them out.

Over 537,000 monthly visitors.

But he didn't start that way.

No the owner of the site wrote incredible content that solved his audiences issues.

Even going back as far as 2012  (use the way back machine an, internet archive to see this) we can see the types of posts that were popular:

As you can see all the articles and guides are mega helpful.

They literally help to solve problems for his audience. 

And this is the secret for online growth.

You just repeat the principles laid out in this course and growth will come. 

Backlink Building: Your Network Comes First

We have talked about backlinks in the course before.

They are basically votes from one site to another and as such they are a way for your site to become more powerful.

I do not want you to over think backlinks because I have an ethos.

If you take all the steps I have outlined in this course I believe backlinks will come to you.

I have seen this happen time and time again.

That being said we need to talk about how you can build them.

I won't go over this too much, not because it is not important but because others have done a far better job.

If you want an in-depth guide on building backlinks then there is no finer resource that this guide here.

And check out my free mini course on building backlinks by clicking here

However you can't gain backlinks unless your content is worth linking too!

This is why I have laid out the entire course to be all about solving problems.

And this is exactly how you should build backlinks.

A good backlink solves a problem for another website owner.

It supports a point they have made.

It helps to expand on a subject and it supports them as experts.

Now, like I say I know, if you do what I have outlined in this course, such as connect with others and create great content backlinks will come.

They come because people will look at the content and see how it fits in with their content and use it if this solves their problems.

But as stated, the guide linked to above teaches you all you need to know about building backlinks, but your focus should always be about solving problems.

One of the main focuses of this course is to build your network.

I stress this because if you build your network and help people to solve problems then you will find that backlinks come as a by-product.

Hell, I have had many people contact me and say they have linked to my articles or one of my websites just because they hold me in high regards.

Yes, there are ways to accelerate this process.

There are tactics you can use but if you have chosen your low competition keywords there is a high chance you will rank online naturally because your content is the best.

And that is why the goal of this course is to get you some easy traffic.

So, your focus should always be based on building your network first and then the backlinks secondly.

You will find that in the process of doing this the backlinks come without much work from your side.

Because the content does what it says on the tin, it helps to solve problems not just for your readers but other website owners too.


There is no homework today.

Instead I want you to revisit the lessons you have learned.

Start to look at your content and possible titles and imagine the future.

Imagine having that hugely successful website you always dreamed of and how your life will change.

Tomorrow is our final day and I am going to share with you my ultimate tools and resources that you can use to grow your website.

See you tomorrow.