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welcome to traffic stampede

How to Generate Traffic Online

Day 1

"It isn't that hard if you have a plan"

Hi and welcome to day 1 of our epic journey.

Today we are going to lay the foundations for our traffic by talking about out plan.

Personally, I love it when a plan comes together.

Because plans really do matter.

And you will need an A Team style plan to generate tsunami levels of traffic to your site.

This is the major reason that most people fail to reach their goals.


Think about it for second.

In almost every area of life we plan if we want any levels of success.

You wouldn't build a house without a plan.

A Doctor wouldn't operate without some X rays and some tests would they?

Yet, despite this most people assume that people are just going to flock to their website without having a detailed plan on how they are going to attract visitors to that site.

So, before we start anything we are going to need a solid plan of attack.

A method of attracting visitors to your website that you can scale even further if you desire.

So, the first step in our plan to calibrate your business to get over 100,000 visitors over the next 14 days is going to be breaking down the numbers so we can reach this goal with ease.

So let's break this down.

The Breakdown

To get 100,000 visitors in the next 12 months you need:

Just 274 visitors per day.

This is the maths: 274 x 365 = 100,010

"Hold on" you scream

"I can't get that number"

Well you will be able to gain 274 visitors per day with ease after this course.

The tough thing, is of course, gaining 274 visitors every day and making sure that those 274 visitors are the right kind of people.

Our aim is to make sure that even on the days when you are stuck in bed sick from a bug you caught from your kids (or hungover if you had one too many shots the night before) that your website gains quality traffic.

And this is the magic, gaining those 274 visitors rain or shine and making sure they are targeted (otherwise you are wasting your time).

Remember this course is all about gaining QUALITY TRAFFIC.

It is super easy to gain poor quality traffic by the truck load.

No, we want and need high quality traffic.

So here is the first part of our training.

It is my personal method for gaining quality traffic to a website that you can scale upwards and beyond the 100,000 visitors mark.

And I call this method.....

The Sniper Method

The sniper method

The method we are going to use to grow your business website traffic is simple.

I call it The Sniper Method.

A Sniper is a soldier that shoots with precision.

They take out the right target at the right time, all from a distance.

Cool, calm and collected. 

They plan their missions, find their targets and lie in wait for the right moment to strike.

You are the Snipers of the internet. 

You are going to pick your traffic, chose it wisely and then go after it with the right weapons.

This is The Sniper Method.

A method of traffic generation that gives you maximum results for your time and effort.

So let's break down the numbers you need to reach that 100,000 a year visitors number into actual targets.

You need at least 200 visitors per day from organic search results on Google and just 74 from social media.

Or the whole 274 from Google (or whatever ratio you want, it doesn't really matter)

And don't worry if you are thinking "that guy is nuts only my mother reads my blog right now, how am I going to get 200 people to read it?"

This is going to be covered in the course. 

And again don't be overly focused on those numbers, I only use the 274 number as a guide. In reality some days you might get a lot more.


On days I don't get 274 people to my sites  I don't stress about it, it is simply the numbers broken down on a daily basis.

We are breaking our goal down into chunks.

You see we can break it down even further, you only need 10 pages on your site to gain just 27 visitors per day each.

Just 10 damn pages!

You see this was the first thing I learned from my early days of blogging, those little results all add up. 

Yes you might not have an article that gains 100,000 visitors per day, but do you really need one? 

How many loyal customers does your business need?

Most businesses do not need 100,000 visitors per day, they couldn't cope with the amount of enquires that come in, but if you want 100,000 visitors a day, a week or a month don't worry.

The Sniper Method can be scaled up to whatever level you desire.

You just work out the traffic you want and make the split, then realise how many people you need to attract.

But for now let's focus on getting your site ready for just 274 quality visitors per day.

Why We Split Traffic Generation Up?

Have you ever heard of Kate Ovens?

Well she is a petite blonde lady from the UK who does incredible food challenges on Facebook and YouTube.

This lady should not be able to consume the food that she does but somehow she manages it. (Check out the video below).

So, what has this got to do with you?

Well, I have met my fair share of bloggers and marketing managers over the years and almost all of them do one thing with spectacular regularity.

They get greedy and rush to get results.

Kate Ovens actually has some tactics behind her feats of eating. 

She tries to eat the meat first and leaves the carbs for last as they expand in her stomach.

She also has little sips of water along the way to break down the food.

And she just keeps eating.

Marketing managers, business owners and bloggers who fail to grow website traffic do so because they are in a rush.

They only want to target searches that get around '100,000 searches per month' (we will learn how you can find search volume later in the course).

They only want to create content that goes 'super viral' and breaks the internet.

In essence they try and wolf those 'big meals' down as quickly as possible.

Instead the right route to success is to move carefully and slowly.

To build up your website traffic bit by bit.

You want to approach this task like Kate Ovens eats a meal.... methodically and in stages.

This is how you are going to grow.

Anyway I wanted to use the Kate Ovens example because this is the most vivid analogy I could think of.

So, for a little distraction enjoy this epic video, make sure you watch it because I want this to stay with you throughout the course.

We are going to reach our goals one bite at a time.

1000 True Fans

Have you ever heard of the 1000 true fans theory?

If not don't worry because it is pretty simple but I want to explain it to you because again this is fundamental to understanding that huge amounts of traffic are not needed to succeed online, just focused, quality traffic.

The idea of 1000 True Fans is that if you can gain 1000 true fans you can earn a great living.

You can read full details of the theory here.

But in essence a small and dedicated customer base is all you need to enjoy success.

And that is today's homework.

You need to figure out how many customers you need to make the money you want. 

If you are a blogger or a business owner this is the single most important fact that you need to establish. 

Because while 100,000 visitors per year sounds great, none of it matters if they don't buy and you need a percentage of them to buy from you to make your living.

And that is exactly what you need to figure out, how many people do you need to buy from you to earn the money you or your business desires.

Because unless we do this, everything else is pointless.

This was my first major mistake as a blogger and business owner  I didn't have a plan to make money (although my blog did end up giving me a business).

So lets get specific.

If you are an interior designer and you make £1000 per client and you want to earn £50,000 this year.......well you need to convert just 50 clients from those 100,000 web visitors. 

That is a 0.05% conversion rate, and I am damn sure you can do that  after this course.

But you need to nail this figure down before we begin anything.

Top tip: If the figures are not working out for you try increasing your prices.

But What If I Sell Locally?

I get it, you have a local business that sells to local people.

But what if that local business became a national or even international business? 

We live in an era of global shipping, hell even Amazon are going to start flying products out with drones soon.

So you are a small wine seller, can you sell online? Yes.

You sell gift cards, sell them online.

You teach children's Martial Arts, sell online lessons.

Even if you are a butcher you could sell online by shipping food.

But you can't sell online unless you have traffic. 

You need attention and The Sniper Method will give you that.

But even if you don't want to sell online, this course is packed with the same information you need to grow sales through your website/ increase leads.

So don't worry it is all here.

FAQ Time

I know by now you might have questions.

Here are some common ones and answers.

Question: How Long will it take To Reach 100,000 Visitors

Answer: As long as it takes you to do the work required. I have sites that  generate 100,000 visitors and ones that don't.

All are going through the Sniper Method.

What I teach here is the same methods I use.

The issue is that every conversion you gain will bring you work. 

So for example this site you are are now on is 3 years old and each time I make a sale I end up with work (which is great because that is the goal of the website). My conversion rate is super high and as such my free time is far less than it once was. 

But I am still on the Sniper path with this site. 

On another site I own has far more traffic:

This website has been enjoying the Sniper method of SEO for a long time (as you can see), but the truth is that the site was built when I had far more free time (instead of now when I am a father of 2 and running full time digital marketing agency).

So in truth it will take as long as it takes.

Everyone is different and every niche is different.

My view is don't stress about it.

As long as you put the work in, results will come.

Question: Will this cost me money?

No, the aim of the Sniper Method is to give you FREE traffic.

Sure you can pay for traffic (which I will talk about later) but this is a 100% free traffic course, you might want a few of the tools I suggest but they are optional.

Question: I need more traffic than this, can I scale it?

So if you have a huge need for traffic, yes you can scale this.

The formula is really just a break down of what you need to do to grow and yes you can grow far larger than this, but the 274 is a great starting point.


OK so this is day 1 (and we have 13 more to go).

Today's homework is simple you must  work out how many sales you need to survive in business, from there calculate from out of 100,000 what % does your conversion rate need to be.

You can use an online calculator to work this out like this one

If you have any questions head to the Facebook group and ask there.

Until tomorrow.