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Welcome To The Traffic Stampede: a FREE Content Marketing Training Course to Help YOU to Generate Your First 100,000 Visitors


I'm Andrew Holland, founder of Zoogly Media.

And a thunderous welcome to Traffic Stampede

This is a 100% FREE online course with over 10,000 words of educational content awaits you.

All of which you can access on this page.

This course has been designed for business owners who are looking to gain more sales from their website, for marketing managers who are trying to grow their companies website traffic and for freelancers (or bloggers) who are trying to grow their income.

In short, it is for anyone who wants to understand how to grow a profitable web based business. case you were wondering.

Who The F##k Is Andrew Holland

I am going to try and keep this brief but that is me up there (albeit a far slimmer version of myself).

Now I am not that important in all this, it is you that is going to be doing the work.

But here is the low down.

I am a self taught digital marketer and SEO expert and yes I was a police man for 17 years.

Sadly I developed chronic life changing asthma in around 2014 and it turns out that criminals don't like to stop running or fighting you so you can have a blast on your inhaler.

My career and my health no longer were friends and so in 2015 I left the police and started my own marketing business.

I have absolutely zero real world qualifications yet in the last 3 years I have achieved:

  • Over 1 Million organic website visitors for clients.
  • Numerous page 1 rankings on Google
  • Over 175,000 social media shares of my work
  • Over 10 million video views for clients
  • Hired as the marketing trainer for the Chambers of Commerce
  • Featured as a case study on Backlinko (the worlds best SEO Blog)
  • Worked with 8 figure businesses.
  • Delivered training for Natwest Bank
  • Guest speaker at various business festivals and events.

Needless to say I haven't done too badly for myself and it is all down to one thing, the ability to market myself and my business. 

Marketing is one of the most high leverage areas you can use to grow your business.

Because in almost every other activity you will undertake in your business you will spend time and money and get little back.

Marketing helps you to make money.

And we are going to tackle one subject, getting your business website or blog past that 100,000 visitors per year mark and beyond.

But more than this it is all about making your business profitable.

Here are just a few of the things you are going to learn on this course:

  • The Sniper Method and how to use it to grow quality traffic to your website.
  • The 5 laws of online writing: If you get this wrong your traffic is never going to stick.
  • How to turn your visitors into paying customers including case studies of how people turned me into a customer!
  • How to price for success so that all of this work is worthwhile.
  • The Secret to maximising profit that most businesses fail to understand.
  • How to create a content plan that kicks ass online
  • The secret ingredients of going viral online and getting others to talk about your work
  • The exact method I use to promote my content (and how to create your own promotion engine)
  • And much more.

And it is all free!

How To Use This Course

You can access all lessons of the course instantly by clicking each link below.

However, the course is designed to take at least 14 days to complete.

But you are free to work at your own pace, it's totally up to you.

And, if you have a question.

Let me know by emailing me at


And if you are ready, dive in.

The Traffic Stampede Course

Day 1

The Sniper SEO Method

Day 2

Get Focused: Who Are You Leaving Behind?

Day 3

How To Write For Both The Web And Real People

Day 4

How To Find Your Audience's Problems 

Day 5

How To Turn Visitors Into Customers

day 6

How To Price For Success

day 7

Why Traffic Volume Is Traffic Vanity

day 8

How To Maximise Your Online Income

day 9

How To Grab Those 100,000 Visitors

day 11

The Promotion Engine: The Secret To Content Promotion


Backlink Building (and putting it all together)

Day  10

How To Create Kick Ass Content & Go Viral


Paid Traffic & Boosts (And How I got 1 Million Video Views)


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