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I get contacted every week by business owners who suffer with the exact same problem. 

No Traffic to their websites.

They have a website that they paid thousands for, they have marketing staff, they might even be running  radio ads, magazine ads and even going to trade shows.

But still nothing.

And perhaps you tried social media and even writing a few blog posts.

But look at your website and still nothing.

And even if you are getting a small number of visitors they never fill out the enquiry form or call you.

If this is aren't alone.

But it isn't like this for every business.

In fact, some businesses walk into the office and find their inbox filled with leads.

Without spending a penny on Ads (and let's face it, Google is cranking up their ad costs all the time).

So how are they doing it?

The Way Businesses Gain Leads 

It is tough being in business right now.

It used to be a case that you could spend some money on adverts.

Then the internet arrived and you could advertise cheaply on Google.

Then social media boomed and again it was pretty cheap to be visible there too.

But as they grew, the prices to be on those platforms kept rising. 

And so, people turned to SEO.

The only way to gain FREE traffic to your website.

But the landscape of SEO has changed.

In recent months we have seen Google deliver update after update that has caused a drop in traffic and rankings for so many website owners.

The problem is simple......Google don't want people leaving their search engine results pages.

They don't want you to click on websites, unless they are being paid for it.

In fact, more than half of Google searches result in no clicks to websites at all.

Google Has Changed.....It Is Now Time For You To Build A Website Worth Following

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For years I have been shouting from the roof tops about the power of SEO, and yes SEO is still needed.

But we now know that there is less search traffic available to us, SEO is extremely difficult and it takes a long time to see the results.

And it is often questionable as to what results you will gain.

This is the dilemma that many BUSINESS OWNERS now face.

But there is a solution.

A solution that will help you to drive people to your website.

A solution that positions you as the only choice for your customers.

A solution that has people coming back to your site and searching for you.

That solution is called content marketing.

Content Marketing Done The Right Way That Drives Leads And Sales

Hi, I'm Andrew Holland, the founder of Zoogly Media.

I have been blogging for over a decade now and my content has been read by millions of people and shared by over 200,000. 

And in addition to this my video content has been viewed by over 19 million people online.

But it wasn't always this way.

In fact, for a long time I struggled to create content that drove anyone to my website.

But all that changed with just ONE article.

An article that drove clients to my door in numbers I never dreamed of.

The Article That Changed My Business

In 2016 a single article changed the trajectory of my business and flooded me with clients.

You see, up until this point I was doing 'OK' but work came and went, sometimes I had just a bit of work on and other times I was flooded with clients.

But after experimenting with different content frameworks I hit upon one that worked and in the end, one article on generating traffic from Facebook, flooded my business with clients and gave me the security I needed.

And so, I started more experiments with content and the results continued to come in.

And since that day I have had a stream of clients that I have been able to pick from.

Yes, being able to say 'no' to clients that aren't the right fit for me was a game changer for me.

It allowed me to build a lifestyle that I love.

I now have a thriving business and my closure rate with leads is through the roof.

This has been the result of content marketing.

What Content Marketing Does For Your Business

There are 2 types of marketing that you see reguarly.

Direct Advertising.


Content Marketing.

In direct advertising you are asking for the sale, you want them to buy from you there and then.

The problem with this is you know that most people do not buy when they first land on your website.

Your customers are spoilt for choice.

They get to choose from endless numbers of businesses that offer exactly what you do.

And so, when you pay for an advert, people rarely get great results.

Not because the advert wasn't great.....but because the person simply wasn't ready to buy.

This makes advertising expensive. 

But there is an alternative and that alternative is called Content Marketing.

Content marketing is the process of telling the story of your business and showing your customers that YOUR BUSINESS is the right business for them by building trust and proof of your knowledge, experience and expertise.

People Hate To Be Sold To But They Love To Buy


It is a fact that people hate to be sold to.....but they love to buy.

You already know this.

And this is why content marketing works so effectively.

Because what it does is give your target audience a reason to come to your website without any pushy sales tactics.

You provide them with value and they will see you as the 'experts they can trust'.

You become the guide they have been searching for.

You become credible in their eyes.

And all of this comes through content.

It is this reason we created our Content Marketing Service.

So you can have content that is worthy of your business.

How Our Content Marketing System Works

Our process is a systematic way to grow your blog so that it brings in leads and sales

Month 1

Strategy - Dream 100 - Shareaholics

Month 1 is all about building the right strategy for your business. 

By examining your industry and competitors we will identify over 100 of the best websites and industry influencers that could make your blog grow overnight.

But much more than that, we find the 'shareaholics' that we know will readily share your content and supercharge your blog growth.

With the right strategy and the right people to share your content, your growth will come a lot faster.

Month 2

Conversion Focused List Building Content

Once we start to create your content, we know that people will want to know more about what you do.

In month 2 we build not 1 but 2 conversion focused content assets that people will gain in return for their email details. 

This means you can start to build your email list from the very first article we create for you.

And this means you are no longer reliant on Google giving you traffic. 

Month 3


With our strategy in place, our shareaholics identified and our list building assets created.

Now is the time to explode onto the scene with a RLL post. 

RLL stands for ridiculously long list and this tactic will see a huge eye grabbing post created and then promoted to those people itching to consume your content. 

Month 4

Be The Source

With our first post out of the gate and being well received, we also need to create something that will help us gain backlinks with ease.

Sure, we are not focused on SEO but links to still count and we need a way to get backlinks effortlessly.

Enter the Be The Source Post

A proven content framework that is designed to build links with ease and in this month we will create and deploy this content for you.

Month 5

The How We Did It Post

Your audience will be ready for more content now and it is time to strike with one of my favourite pieces of content...'The how I did it framework'.

This is where you showcase yourself as a business that delivers results.

And yes, the 'How I did it Framework' is a fast track to gaining clients that come to your website.

Month 6

The Step By Step Guide

Your audience will now be ready for each post and they will be hungry for more, so now it is time to teach them how to get results for themselves. 

In this post we are going to create a step by step guide. Because empowering your customers is a way to prove to them you are the experts they should trust.

Month 7

The Curated List 

Your blog is now shaping up to be one of the best in your industry and is making people jealous.

So we are going to start increasing the intensity with our content, roll in the curated list post.

The curated list is a strategically created piece of content that has the power to be shared by thought leaders in your industry.

Month 8

The Hero Post

This month we create the perfect post to showcase your business as the perfect choice for your customers.

The post that does this is The Hero Post.

The hero post takes a case study and turns it into a client grabbing machine, because it shows that you have helped others to achieve success.

Month 9

The Annual Guide

If you want to stand out in your industry then nothing says 'leader' like an annual guide.

The annual guide post format grabs the attention of everyone interested in your industry, especially customers. 

Month 10 & 11

The Learning Centre

We have saved the biggest and arguably best for last with The Learning Centre format.

This isn't 1 post, but up to 20,000 words of content delivered in 20 x 1,000 posts that break down your industry.

All compiled into one learning centre that sets you apart from the competition and educates your customers so that you stand out as the best choice for them.

Month 12

Closing Report

After 12 months of hard work we now need to break down what has been achieved.

From the beginning we look at your traffic, the amount of subscribers you have and how each post has impacted your business.

All this is delivered in a detailed closing report and of course, if you want to you have the option to roll into another 12 months of content marketing with us.

Who Is Boost Your Blog For?

Boost Your Blog is a systematic process of content marketing that is designed to establish you as an expert, build trust and authority in the eyes of your target audience and Google.

But that's not all.

Because our content is built on proven frameworks, you can grow your email list and also greatly increase the chances of turning website visitors into customers.

It is perfect for:

  • Web designers, marketing agencies and Facebook Ad agencies that are struggling to find the time to create great content for their websites.
  • Businesses that are in the B2B sector that want a way to stand out from the competition.
  • Business that are in the B2C sector that want to get more customers and show themselves as a trusted business that has invested in building their reputation. 



Can I cancel if I am not happy?

Hey, if you are unhappy we will try and fix the issue, however if for any reason you are still not satisfied you can cancel at 3 key points, after month 3, month 6 and month 9.


How long are your posts?

We focus on content quality and not length, but you will receive posts of over 2000 words each and often many more.


Why is it a set monthly fee when month 12 has no content?

The cost of our services is either £12,000 or £24,000 however to spread the costs for you, we distribute the payments over 12 months.

Some months will require more content, such as months 11 and 12, others less, but we are often writing behind the scenes, ready for later months and researching as well. 


​Do you add the content to our blog?

If your blog is WordPress based we will be happy to do so, if not then you will need to consult with a graphic/ web designer.


Do you design images for the blogs?

We are happy to add small blog custom graphics to your posts, you are also free to change these and order your own if you desire.


Do you guarantee me an email list, backlinks and more customers? 

No, we will provide you with the best content we can, using proven frameworks, however we can't promise that this will convert into customers, subscribers or links.

What Does It Cost?

Content only




  • Expert writers with a proven track record
  • 12 Months of content, each post designed to bring in traffic.
  • List building asset creation
  • Cancel at a 3 month interval if not happy

So What Now? 



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