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Customers; the simple truth is that when you run out of them you simply do not have any money coming in.

And this means you go OUT OF  BUSINESS!

So you need to have a process in place which gains you leads on a regular basis.

However, social media has given us a chance to gain business leads on a daily basis and today I will show you a cool way I gained a lead with just 10 minutes of work using the new Adobe Spark application.

Not only will I break the process down, I will show you the lead and timescale.


Here we go.

What Adobe Spark Is And How To Use It

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Adobe Spark is a new and free web based application by those folks at Adobe that allows you to create images and videos (among a few other things).

I first heard about it when I got an email from Kim Garst at Boom Social and a few days ago I received another from Kim (shown below) where she explains how she created a video using the platform.



As you can imagine with that kind of an opening I jumped on the chance to learn how to do this.

So I clicked on the link and saw a video that Kim had produced in 10 minutes using Adobe Spark.

So I thought I would also try my hand at using the tool.

Video marketing is huge right now, but it takes time and effort so if I can do it in 10 minutes, well I am Adobe’s forever!

Want to see my video?

Here it is:


The results?

Time Expenditure: To do the video was just 10 minutes (that included a phone call too)

Networks Posted: Linked In, Facebook and YouTube

Results: One Lead within 1 hour of posting

Now heres how I did it.

How To Make Your Video On Adobe Spark

Once logged into to Spark you will have a dashboard.

To begin just press the big plus button


Once you have done this you will have a range of options open to you which are all pretty self-explanatory


But if you are struggling for ideas click on the inspiration categories below the main icons to see what you can do.

Once you pick the video icon you will be directed to a new page which is white and allows you to title your video:

In this example, I am going from scratch and doing a video on this post itself:


Once you have decided on a title you need to click next and you will then go to a storyboard option page, I haven’t tried them all so don’t know all the differences, but you can pretty much choose what you want to say anyhow.


Once you choose the template (I have chosen to use ‘promote an idea’) you get to the magic.

Once inside your dashboard you will need to become acquainted with each aspect.


The major tools you can use are the Themes, Layout and Music functionality. You can also record your own voice which is excellent.

For the video I created I pressed layout


After clicking layout I will press ‘Thing + full photo’

This will then bring me a slide deck up that I can add photo’s and text to


After a bit of adding photos and images, you can start to have a full functioning video.

Once you have one you can nip to the top right hand and pick some music which is free to choose


Once you have picked your Music you can choose to download it

Some Issues

Although I think this is a  great tool you cannot remove the Adobe branding at the end of a video which sadly makes the whole thing look a lot less ‘business like’ in my view. Take a look to see what I mean:


To combat this, I downloaded the video to my computer and used Serif Movie plus editor to cut this part out.

I have used Serif for years so I am really quick with it. However, I know there are other video editors that can do the same job.

In serif, I upload the video then click on the link and select the multi-trim option to edit the clip


Once I am done, I export the film to a file.

How I Got My Lead In 10 Minutes

So, this is the good part you have been waiting for.

After I had created my video, I uploaded it to the 2 Video networks YouTube and Facebook.

YouTube was the first network that I tried, and I decided to try and use the video to rank higher in the Google and YouTube results as well.

A day later the results  look like this:


Now I know that this is not a competitive term but ranking on page 1 of Googles Video rankings for a video in a day is not too shabby when you consider that the term is dominated by PR firms.

Anyway, I chose YouTube because I could use it on LinkedIN as well.

I posted the video and shared to my network, and the post looks like this:



It didn’t take too long before I got this message:


To be honest, I have no idea of this lead will be a customer as it is early days but my mind is brimming with ideas to put the Adobe Spark platform to use in my campaigns.

What Would I do Differently

I wasn’t overly happy with the text on the slides, but it did only take 10 minutes of work and in addition I actually overshot the Twitter video length by 6 seconds (Twitter allows videos of only 30 seconds each).

However needless to say I was still really happy to get a  lead from just 10  minutes work.

The Adobe Spark platform is a very powerful tool that leverages creativity and I am very excited to try this out again.

So are you going to give it a try?

Let me know by commenting below


Andrew Holland


posted June 10, 2016

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