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A website is worthless unless it has been developed with SEO and conversion in mind. We focus on creating websites that gain traffic and convert those visitors into leads. 

Fact: To Grow Your Business Your Website Needs To Do More Than Just Look Pretty!

Our Web Design Process

We use a proven formula to ensure we gain results for our clients.

This 4 step method is designed to drive traffic to your website, increase search engine rankings and to increase the conversion rate of those visitors. 

Step 1:Competitive Analysis

We focus our strategy around your competition. We find out what traffic the top ranking sites in your industry are getting and how they have obtained their rankings. We then follow this with in-depth keyword research to ensure we have a plan for success. 

Step 2. Functional Web Design

Once we have a strategy mapped out we set about creating a high performing website for you. Our web design is focused on SEO, User Experience and Conversion. We build you a site from scratch that uses the latest technology which provides a combination of aesthetic appearance and performance, because a website needs to look good on both the inside and out!

Step 3. Digital Strategy

You now have a great website but that is not enough. You need this site to be part of an ongoing strategy. Before we release any web design we provide you with a 12 month digital strategy that will show you  step by step what you need to do next so that you can reach your business goals. 

Step 4. Ongoing Testing, Support And Training

We want you to succeed and to do so we ensure your site is fully backed up but that is not all. We include with every website 6 months of traffic generation training. Over the next 6 months you will sit down with us for 1 hour per month and we will teach you how you can gain clients and increase your web traffic. The cost of this is £780 and we include it for free!

We also include unlimited phone and email support​.

A Website Built With SEO And Conversion From The Start

When Zoogly Media was created we had one thing in mind; SEO. Our goal as a business was to increase the search rankings of our customers websites.
But there was an issue, almost every website we looked at was designed with little or zero search engine optimisation capabilities in mind.
Every client had purchased a website based on looks and while we agree that design is important it cannot come at the cost of performance.
​As a result we decided that the only way to fix this issue and to prevent people from spending money on websites that fail to deliver was to do them ourselves!

What We Include With Our Websites

Full Design Service

We have partnered with a local award winning design service to make sure we deliver a website that is both visually stunning and high performing. 

We can also offer optional design elements such as logo creation, photography and bespoke images.

Unlimited Support

If your website goes down or there is an issue you need action! At Zoogly Media we are known for always being a quick email away. 

We are able to quickly sort out any issues that you might have so that your website can be up and running in no time

Performance Monitoring

At Zoogly we care about your business and as such we offer a free performance review of your site to ensure you are making the most of your purchase.

Our performance review includes using heat maps to check customer engagement, SEO Audit, Social Media and Content advice to offer suggestions for areas that you could improve. 

SEO Enhancement

As SEO specialists we pride ourselves with delivering cutting edge SEO practices with every website. SEO should never be an after thought. As such you will be launched with a site that  has been enhanced for Search  Engine Optimisation

Site Back Up

Every now and again your website could crash. Be it as a result of something you have done or a third party such as hackers.

Once again we have your back. We ensure that all websites are fully backed up using a world class third party back up service

Traffic Training

Traffic is the life blood of any website and as such you need to  make sure your site gains high quality, targeted traffic. To help you with  this we include 6 months free traffic generation training.

This is one to one training where we will teach you how to increase ​your web traffic. The value if this alone is over £700 and we include it for free!

What Does It Cost?

Basic 3 Page Site

Suitable for most small business owners

  • Fully responsive website
  • Unlimited Support
  • Digital Strategy
  • SEO Enhanced
  • Traffic Training
  • web copy included

From £1000

Standard Website (up to 10 pages)

  • Fully responsive website
  • Unlimited Support
  • Digital Strategy
  • SEO Enhanced
  • Traffic Generation Training
  • Web copy included

From £1500 

So What Now? 

Get in touch with us via phone or email so we can discuss how Zoogly Media can help you to reach your business goals

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