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Did You Know That Over 1 Billion People Log On To Facebook Each Day?

Or what about the 300 Million Daily Users Of Instagram?​

And of course there is Twitter and LinkedIN which have a combined total of 533 Million Daily Users

Our Social Media Management Service Gives

You Results On All Platforms

Every day our team will find and also create great content for your social media channels to help grow your following online and also increase traffic to your business website.

How Does It Work? ​

Simple, you provide us with the details of your target market and service and we do the rest.

Ok so here it is in detail:​

Step 1: 

The first thing we do is review your social media accounts and your performance so far.  This starts with a detailed look at your current approach and see what is and is not working well for you.
We will then provide you with a detailed report that explains this and also proposes our strategy for your social media presence

Step 2: 

After we have agreed on a strategy for your business we set about deploying this for you and all you need to do is sit back and relax. We will post between three and ten times per day to your social media feeds, depending your business. This is done seven days per week!

Step 3: 

Each month we review and refine to see what is working and what isn't. Report on the results to you and also suggest where we can improve. 

What Results Have You Achieved?

Our clients have reached over 21 Million people in the last 11 months

A total fan increase of 418% with an 8,080% increase in Facebook fans

Check this image we did for our client Neil Adams MBE​:
​This one image reached over 45,000 people on Facebook and generated over 450 likes and over 350 Facebook shares. 
You might be asking yourself if your business is going to get that kind of traction online? The answer is 'possibly'.
Every business, no matter how boring you think that it is, has the potential to produce viral content. In fact, one of the reasons our campaigns are so successful is that we create them with virality in mind. 
As part of our content process we follow a scientifically proven framework to maximise the viral nature of our content and so far our work has been shared thousands of times across the internet,


£470 Per Month

  • 3 to 8 posts per day over 3 Social Media Platforms
  •  Content Creation and Curation Included
  • Page Management
  • Expert  Strategy
  • Monthly report

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How many social media channels do you allow?

Our service is for one business and we allow you to pick  3 platforms from Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Facebook

Do You Post Original Content?

The social rocket service is a combination of sharing relevant content from your industry and creating content your audience will love

We do this by creating white board videos, cartoon videos and creating memes that your audience will love.

Can I Decide What Posts I Want?

As the social media channels are yours, you are of course free to post whatever content you like in addition to the social rocket content however we will decide which content to publish on your page and which not to. You are free to review this at any time and if you do not like the content we are posting we will take your feedback on board and alter the agreed strategy as a result

Can I Have Videos Posted Daily?

Sadly we are not at this time able to create videos on a daily basis for clients, as such the videos we create and post will be at the discretion of Zoogly Media.

Do You Steal Content?

We do not steal or use other videos from different sources. Instead, we share them from within their own pages such as a Facebook  page or YouTube Channel. This complies with Facebook terms and conditions. 

What Results Can I Expect To See?

Every page is different and so is every business. Whilst some pages will enjoy fast growth due to the nature of the business and industry others will take longer to grow. We base our performance on the metrics within the platforms themselves. By doing this we can show you a clear return on your investment. We cannot guarantee an increase in sales for your business as so many factors affect sales.

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