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The SEO world is one of the most confusing there is. After all everyone seems to be an expert in SEO or to use its full name 'search engine optimisation'.  

The result is that no one knows who is or is not an expert in SEO or if a company you hire has the ability or credentials to get your site ranked higher and gain more traffic. No wonder people are dubious about SEO companies. On this page we will explain what we do at Zoogly Media and why we are SEO Experts. We will also tell you what you should expect from and SEO company and how you can get more customers and leads from the Internet for your business

What Is SEO? ​

​One of the first things you will need to know is what Search Engine Optimisation is, that way you will be able to define what you are buying for your company.

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of influencing natural search results so that your web pages appear higher in the search rankings ​for the keywords that you want to rank for.

 There should never be anything 'shady' with SEO. You are not trying to trick Google into giving you something that you do not deserve. This is about adding value to the web and making your business stand out. 

Ask yourself this, have you ever searched on the internet and found something that you weren't looking for or a page that didn't answer the search query you entered? I am sure the answer is  yes. This is what Google and other search engines are trying to resolve and as such they have over 200 factors that affect their search results.

No one wants to have to keep searching for the information that they want or need, so Google is investing heavily to improve their search engine performance. The better their search engine the more users it will have and this makes Google the number 1 search engine in the world. 

SEO Company: How To Find The ​Right One

SEO Services

Google the phrase SEO company and over 15 Million results appear. Google will arrange them on your behalf based on those 200 ranking factors and also dependent on your location and individual search history. It can be tough to pick a company when there is just so many to choose from. 

As a result, you need to choose a company that can help you to achieve the results you want. Therefore, you need to be both clear and realistic as to what you can achieve on your current budget.  We will discuss  what you should pay for SEO later in this article but for now, let us establish what kinds of SEO Experts and companies there are.

Black Hat v White Hat SEO

There are 2 terms relating to SEO that you need to be  familiar with and they are White Hat and Black Hat. They are pretty much as you would expect them, white hat SEO refers to doing Search Engine Optimisation in a way that will not get you penalised by Google and Black Hat SEO is conducting SEO that poses a risk to your business website.

Examples of White Hat SEO:  ​

​White Hat SEO will consist of 3 aspects.  

1. On page SEO:  This is work on your website content to ensure it has all the relevant keywords etc

2. Off Page SEO: This type of SEO is all about developing good links to your site from other sites

3. ​Technical SEO: This is centred around aspects such as site speed, user experience and design.

​White Hat SEO is the hardest to conduct because it takes time and effort. 

​Examples of Black Hat SEO:

​Black hat SEO can involve any one of a number of activities that Google frown upon. This might include:

1.  Buying links

2.  Stealing or even duplicating content

3. Spam comments on other sites

To help enforce this Google has over the years rolled out  several updates to its search algorithm and as expected many sites got hit and lost their rankings. If you stop and think about it, Google wants to get the best results for its users and therefore if your Search Engine Optimisation Company starts to promise the world in a few weeks they may be using a variety of techniques that could cause your site serious harm in the long run. 

In the video​ below Matt Cutts from Google talks about SEO and spam and this video will tell you exactly what good SEO is all about. 

​What You Should Ask Your SEO Company? 

When you start to look at SEO services for your business then you need to have your company goals already in mind. Dependant on your levels of web knowledge this may be as simple as telling your SEO that you want to have another 10,000 targeted site visitors coming to your site, or it might be "I want to be the number 1 Roofing company in my area".  For those of you with more knowledge on SEO, you might have a list of keywords or keyphrases that you want to rank for.  Either way, try and tell the SEO company what your goals are.

The first question after establishing your goals will be to then ask them "How are you going to help us achieve these goals?"

Remember our talk about black and white hat SEO. If any of the black hat methods are mentioned then it is time to leave. 

According to Neil Patel  one of the easiest ways to weed out a good SEO from a bad one is to ask them if they can guarantee a number 1 ranking for a major search term.

As Neil points out in his article,  no one knows the exact Google algorithm and as such it is impossible to say you will rank a site number 1 for a major search term. A good SEO will tell you what they are going to do for you in simple terms and then set about that task. Afterwards, they should provide you with a breakdown of what has been done. 

​How Long Does SEO Take? 

​If an SEO tells you that it will take about a week for your site to rank then that's when you grab your coat and walk out of the meeting. 

Good SEO takes time, especially if you are trying to rank for a competitive search term. A low estimate of 4 to 8 months is an example of ​a decent SEO timescale. 

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?​

SEO services can vary greatly in price depending on what they are doing for you. At Zoogly Media we have a range of pricing options however in 2011 Moz did a survey of charges for SEO services across the world and back then you would be looking at between $1,000 and $7,500 for a by the project payment and monthly retainers varying between $251 and $5,000 per month.

As we stated previously there are 3 basic types of SEO (On and Off page as well as technical) and your SEO may do one or all three of  these for you. At Zoogly we offer a tailored service for your business based on your goals and budget. 

How Much Does Content Creation Cost? ​

The idea behind content creation is quite simple, you are creating content for people searching the web. However despite this being a simple concept so few are capable of creating the type of content that both real people and the search engines will love.

Good content will cost between £100 per 1000 word article and upwards of £1,000 for an exceptional ​piece of content that is over 3,000 words long.

For a truly great piece of content, it would not be unreasonable to pay upwards of £3,000 as you will have custom coding,  custom graphics and images made. This sounds like a lot of money to pay a one off fee but when that article or content is generating thousands of site visits per month for years on end it is going to be worth it. 

Do You Need SEO? 

Any business needs to understand the possibility of a return on their investment before they invest in SEO and they need to decide if it worth the money they will spend. In the end, a lot of this will come down to the amount of money your company can invest in your SEO budget.

The best way for you to decide if SEO is worth it to you will be to look at the search phrase volume for your keywords. To do this you need  to go to the free Google keyword planner tool and click on get search volume box.

seo services

Once there you need to search for keywords related to your business.  Depending if this is a national, local or International business will alter what you need from the results. Luckily Google has a filter option so you can search for your customer base. If we look at using the phrase roofing and target the area of Stoke on Trent we see the following:

SEO services

We see that there are just 10 searches for the phrase roofing per month in Stoke on Trent with an ad bid suggested at £1.58 per click. This  is the price it will likely cost you to get a click on your website from using Google ads. 

Given that there are just 10 searches per month it would be easy to think that SEO is not worth it, but you have to consider how much a customer will spend on a new roof. Perhaps in the region of £2000, therefore those 10 searches are worth a lot more money than you first thought. 

However please realise that this is just one search phrase there are lots more, so let us go back to the keyword planner and ​look at other keywords.

This time, I go to the find a new keyword section and  actually load the top ranking website for my area into the landing page area and then I add in the filter fields all the areas where the company can work. In this example, we now see a lot more keywords returned.

As you can see there are now lots more search phrases you can try and target including 'Roofers Stoke on Trent' which has a £3.74 ad bid. This is the beauty of SEO, you can start to target all these phrases by having a specialist work on your site and to get it ranked for lots of different searches.

Wouldn't I be Better Off Just Buying Ads?​

This is a really good question and yes buying ad space on Google is a very good method of gaining leads and traffic, and Zoogly Media actually advises you to do that as well. However organic results that appear in the search engine pages are still highly effective. In fact, 70% of  the links that search users click on are organic results. Just ask yourself what do you click on when you are searching the internet, is it ads or is it the top organic search results? I  am willing to  bet that most of the time you click on the organic results. 

What Services Do Zoogly Media Offer?

I hope  that you now have a better understanding of what SEO is and if you need it for your business. In truth great SEO takes time and effort but it is almost always worth it.  

Based in Stoke on Trent , Zoogly Media will start with a free strategy session. In this session, we will assess your current market share and tell you what affect SEO can have on your business. 

After this we will  recommend a one of our services for you or design a  specific service package for your business needs and budget. At present we offer:

On Page SEO

Off Page and Technical SEO

Content Creation

Video SEO

Social Media Management

Web Design​

​Each of our services have a variety of levels and prices to suit any budget. 

Why You Should Choose Zoogly Media

Founded in 2015 Zoogly Media is a Limited Company based in Stoke on Trent. 

What makes Zoogly unique is that we focus not on just doing SEO, we focus on helping you to reach your business goals, and to do that we work closely with our clients. 

We ensure our clients have our personal emails and  phone numbers and we are available 24 hours a day to handle any social media or SEO issue that your business has. 

We give all our clients a free strategy session to show you areas of growth. After this, we will develop a plan to help your website to grow and implement this for you. 

Each month we will track our efforts and provide you with a detailed report showing what we have done ​for your business and what the results have been so far. 

Zoogly Media SEO Results

​We have been ranking websites for a long time and have generated a lot of traffic so let us look at just a few of our results. 

Page 1 Ranking For a Search Term With 65,000 Monthly Searches​

We took one of clients,  Neil Adams MBE and helped him to get a page one ranking for the search term Teddy Riner which gets 65,000 exact searches each month.

Local SEO Result: Page 1 Rankings ​

At Zoogly we know our clients want to get page one rankings and as such we always try and do our best  to achieve them and so far we have never missed a target we have aimed for. 

This includes both local, national and International ​search results. 

Using our unique strategies we are able to quickly focus on getting the results you want and target those search terms. 

A Focus on Conversion ​

Getting ranked is only half the battle of SEO. When a customer lands on your website you need to be able to convert them into a lead or even a customer. As such we use a combination of design and advanced lead capturing techniques and software to maximise the potential for conversion from every site visitor you have.

So to learn more about how we can use SEO to improve your business please email and arrange your free strategy session. 

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