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We are a performance focused Local SEO Service based in Stoke-on- Trent, Staffordshire. 

Our goal is to get you seen, drive traffic to your website and help you to connect with more customers 

SEO That Works

SEO (search engine optimisation) is often over complicated by many people for their own gain.
At Zoogly Media we believe in providing an honest and ethical approach to SEO and deliver a solution that gets results. 
Our  Local SEO services are focused around a distinct 6 stage process that will give any business the advantage over it's competitors.

Stage 1

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis​

Stage 2

Local Site and Content   Optimisation ​

Stage 3

Citation Building And social ownership

Stage 4

Content Creation​

Stage 5

Content Growth

Stage 6

Final Site Report

We start by taking a detailed look at your market to see just what 'keywords' both your own site and others are ranking for. We then provide you with an in depth report that details our findings and our strategy.
​From this point we will begin our strategic ranking process that is designed to give your results effective results in the fastest time possible.
Using a combination of on-site optimisation, local SEO strategy, citation building, content creation and social ownership we take your website higher up the rankings!
By the end of this SEO process your local business website will be achieving higher rankings in the search engines and you will also be gaining more traffic and brand visibility.

What Does This Cost?

We are transparent about pricing because we know what it takes to get the job done. As such our level 1 local SEO service has a fixed price plan. We want you to know what the costs are upfront!
We also know that no two industries or websites are the same, as such​ our process is designed to ensure you have nothing to worry about. 
Stage 1 of our Local SEO service is a detailed investigation into your current website, your market and competitors​. You will receive a hard copy professionally designed report [packed full of our findings. 
If we do not  feel that our basic local SEO service will meet your needs we tell you and also explain what it will take for your site ranking to increase.
​At this point you are free to walk away: We have zero contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Local SEO Service Package: Level 1

Our plan to get you ranked higher in most industries and circumstances

A 6 stage service that is designed to increase your search rankings and traffic.

  • We will provide you with 6 bespoke articles written by our expert copywriters for your site
  • We will optimise  all your social media profiles for you.
  • Link and citation building
  • On-site optimisation
  • Competitive analysis and industry research included
  • A professionally designed high quality (hard copy) report  delivered in month 1
  • Cancel at any time: We do not hold you to a contract!

£500 / month (for 6 months)

No Contracts, cancel at anytime

More About Us

Zoogly Media was founded by Andrew Holland in 2015.

We are located at Keele University Science Park in Newcastle Under Lyme (Just outside Stoke on Trent). Andrew is also a mentor and trainer for the Chamber of Commerce in Digital and Content Marketing 

How This Will Help Your Business To Grow

At Zoogly Media we make your business visible to the right people.

Using a combination of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Creation and Social Media Marketing we grow the traffic coming to your website and build you an army of lunatic followers who go crazy for your business. 

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      We are based in Newcastle Under Lyme which is a small town just outside of Stoke On Trent in Staffordshire England. However, we are able to work with any business no matter where it is located in the world

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