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A Content Writing Service That Is Designed To Place You On The First Page of Google

Are you fed up with working long hours, constantly trying to write quality articles for your customers and get more traffic to your website?​

​Do you keep reading articles from others and want to create content like theirs but you are stuck for time and ideas?

Well it's time to chill out, and take some much needed rest because your content creation problem is going to vanish with our help

Hi, I am Andrew Holland, the founder of Zoogly Media. Our aim is to create you content that connects with your audience and increases your web traffic.

We have written over 1000 articles for websites and generated 1000's of social media shares and website visitors

So there you are, it has been another long day at the office and you still have another 20 emails you have to respond to in-between cooking dinner and sorting the kids homework.  

Already that huge bottle of Pinot Grigio that is sitting ever so snug in the fridge is whispering to you "drink me and all will be well".

Then you realise that you have once again not written for the company blog​, you think 'oh it can wait' but then you start to remember the company goal of increasing web traffic, you recall how you committed to keeping your customers entertained and informed through great articles each week.

With cast iron courage you put the wine down and quickly sort the kids homework before sitting down behind the computer (yet again) to craft a masterpiece of web writing. 

Finally it has been completed, you look down through your weary eyes and see that the time is now 1 AM and you need to go to bed.  You are exhausted and you need to be up at 6 AM to get ready for work. 

You are shattered, your fingers hurt from typing and your eyes are strained from squinting at the screen.

All because someone told you that your business needs more content!

Does that sound kind of familiar?

Are you putting content either on the back burner or are you ignoring it all together?

Did someone tell you on a course 'write more content for your blog and you will get more traffic'?

Well if they did you are not alone and Zoogly are here to help you. 

The Only Type of Content Writing That You Need

​Yes, writing content can help your business, but it rarely does.

The only time content helps your business is if it serves two areas.

The first is social media shares.

The second is SEO.

​Yes, some content can help your business to connect with your audience, it can answer a question but often this type of content is best placed on your website, not on your business blog. 

You need to create content that gets people sharing and talking about your business and content​ that is found by potential customers when they search on Google.

That type of content that can do this is called a Power Page and let's look at how this can help you;

    What's A Power Page?

    A Power Page is a piece of content that is strategically designed to rank on page 1 of Google for a desired search term.

    A power page will contain both great written content but also on page SEO optimisation to help you to rank above the competition. 

    But wait, there is more

    You need people to be able to see your written content from the 'get go' rather than wait for Google to rank the article. ​That is why we use The Science Of Virality to ensure our content gets shared on social media, generating you traffic from day 1!

    Each article we produce is done so with tender loving care because we know that every piece of content has the chance to deepen your relationship with your customers, land you clients and show the world you know what you are talking about!

    We didn't wake up one day and decide to be content creators. We have studied this like an artist and we have learned from the masters themselves

    ​We have taken and graduated SEO and Content Marketing Courses Including:

    ​Brian Dean's SEO That Works

    Neil Patel's Quick Sprout University​

    SEO Click Minded​

    Neil Patel's  Advanced Marketing Program​ and many more!

    And we deliver the goods, check out the data!

    By March 2016 our clients articles had received over 6,000 verified Facebook Shares alone! That took place in just 8 weeks.

    Or another client received over 30,000 site visitors in 3 months to their brand new site!

    ​And take a look at our success over the past few years with over 300,000 page views!

    The Simple Truth Is That You Need To Be Able To Create Longer Content To Rank On Google But Creating Long Form Content Takes Time And Energy


    According to industry data, the content that is most likely to be shared, linked to and also ranked on the first page of Google is in excess of 2400 words

    ​The trouble is, creating great content at that length is really difficult.

    That is unless you hire a full-time staff member, and even then just how much do they know about writing for search engines and humans?

    But don't worry there is a way you can generate huge amounts of traffic to your website and start to rank on Google for your key phrases

    Digital content creation

    Rapid, High-Quality Content At An Affordable Price

    A service designed to get you traffic!

    • Zoogly Media will craft you original long form content designed to get you ranked on page 1
    • Every article will be created with SEO in mind. Our aim is to get you ranking for search phrases
    • Every article will aim to be the best for that topic
    • We will conduct all the research for you, all you need to do is sit back and relax
    • All keyword research in included in our service. 

    Zoogly Media is a small agency. We only ever accept a very small number of full-service clients at any time and if you are reading this page we may have a vacancy right now

    However​ if you have read this far we know you are serious so we have made our pricing strategy as simple as possible for you. 

    1 Power Page Article: £1000

    Here is what you get:​

    A Power page article designed to rank on page one of Google

    Full SEO research done for the article​ (by certified SEO Experts)

    Written by expert writers​ using proven content frameworks and viral tactics

    All you need to do is contact us and we will start the process of getting your site increased traffic​

    So, rather than rushing to get that article done for your blog, why not hand it over to the experts. We are here to take your website to the next level, get people sharing your content and helping customers to find your business.

    If this sounds good then please get in touch so we can help you.​

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