You want to grow your business and people keep telling you to focus on SEO, Content marketing and Social Media.

You might have even tried a bit yourself and possibly paid a company to do some for you.

But each time you never saw any real growth, you never saw much engagement and you just ended up with with the belief that this 'won't work for your business'

Whatever the case may be, if you have ever considered using social media, SEO and Content Marketing to grow your business, you need to pull up a chair because you are about to learn how we can sky rocket your business.

What We Do For You

Our main objective is to get you attention.

It is said that money is the oxygen of any business and without it you cannot survive for long.

If money is the oxygen, attention is the ability to breathe, and unless your business can take in gulps of attention you simply will not be able to survive amongst ever increasing competition. 

This is where we come in, we are able to gain your business the attention that it both needs and deserves.

The tools of our attention grabbing trade are simple:

Content Marketing


Viral Marketing

Social Media​

​So What Does Good Attention Look Like?

In the modern business landscape you need to be seen, found and heard, but we know how tough this is. 

​The only way to get the attention you deserve is for you to create engaging content that connects with your target audience.

And this is our job, to create that content.

Depending on your business needs we can either look after your social media so you increase engagement, fans and followers, or we can create epic SEO focused content that increases your both the viral traffic and organic traffic to your website.

Or perhaps you need to have your whole site SEO looked into so that you can climb those rankings like a ninja scaling a castle wall.

Whatever your situation we know how to get results:

About Our Company

The brains behind Zoogly Is myself, Andrew Holland that's me to your right (or above or below if you have one of those funky mobile devices) 

Ok, so here is the deal.

​Zoogly Media came into existence because we are passionate about content creation and SEO.

I am a certified expert in content marketing and SEO and I care about delivering results for our clients

Zoogly Media
I am proud of our client results (we do have a lot) and also the work we have done, so here is just a selection: 


Neil Adams MBE is the voice of Judo and a former world champion and a 2 x Olympic medal winner

We created a blog for Neil and also manged his social media presence

In a matter of months, we had delivered 40,000 new visitors to his site, gave him page 1 rankings for search terms that get 65,000 searches per month and ranked his videos on YouTube at the top of the search page.

Facebook page growth of 13,000 Fans​


Defence Lab are a global fitness and self defence brand. Their spokes person is Liam Neeson.

We achieved a 40% growth of their YouTube page

In addition, via written content we delivered an extra 13,000 website visitors to their business​.

We have also ran their Facebook advertising campaign reaching over 250,000 people​

Make Your Switch

We were asked to work alongside another agency to support the content creation for fitness site Make Your Switch. This is a celebrity backed business with TV doctor Hilary Jones and others involved.

We achieved over 1000 Facebook shares for our long form 'power page' article on swimming fitness

World of Martial Arts Television

​World Of Martial Arts Televsion

​Our client is a martial arts website, using both social media and written content we have:

Grown Facebook page from only 238 likes to over 24,000 in 11 months

Created viral videos seen by over 700,000 people​

Created web content providing 90,000 site visitors​

Our own marketing

Our own marketing results locally have been incredible, with our viral video being seen by over 120,000 people with over 9,000 reactions, comments and shares in just 5 days​.

This lead to shares from the local council and mentions via local MP's​

​Our content has been shared by leading experts and we have received thousands of website visitors 

Muslim Network

We were again requested to assist another agency in creating  viral content

This article was created for the Muslim Network and gained over 1,400 Facebook shares alone, generating thousands of website visitors.

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